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  1. Been away a long, long time (10+ years)

    Maybe but probably encrypted.
  2. Been away a long, long time (10+ years)

    Right. Damn I've been away for a while.... I knew that.
  3. Been away a long, long time (10+ years)

    I honestly couldn't remember what I had in them. I know one of the last messages to my friend was about getting my gear stolen in PVP though. These characters were literally from back when we first made this game and when it's entire population consisted of 7 people on average standing around a single wagon in the middle of the desert.. As to contacting radu, I'm curious as to how because when I look up that member in the forums, the only name comes up as radu123 (a no- post account)
  4. And coming back to find I don't remember much of anything about my Log-in info. I know I had 3 characters, named "Kamigato" "Guybrush" and "Kami" But I don't remember which ones were defunct, and which one I was using last. I only managed to log back into the forums because (Miracle upon miracle) my log-in data got transfer over to my new computer after upgrading, but I have none of my game data. I actually don't even remember my password for the forums so I'm wondering if someone could help me out there. The Email Address that I used to sign up this game/forums is so old that I can't even get back into it. Trying to recover it using recovery tool but I haven't used it in so long, the questions it asks me it are so out of date, any answer I give is invalid.
  5. Then Maybe that means the NPC's Dialogue needs to be refined. Anyone ever think about using VOICED Conversations? Or just use more Interactive Chat Options. People are less likely to Read a Dialog if there's three Pages of Text for every Chat Choice. Instead of having the NPCs try to explain the Whole story And how to play the Game all in the same Text, Let players choose what to read and when to read it. Also, with the Case of the Tutorial NPC, maybe there shouldn't be just One NPC to explain everything. Maybe a series of NPCs would work better. Like how the Tutorial NPC tells the Player to walk around Whitestone and Touch the Counter in each Tavern (Acually, It's been a while so I don't know if this is still the Case.) Instead, how about an NPC in each Tavern that tells the Player something a Little new. Sure, it may take the Player a little longer to do that Quest but at least the Player won't be standing at the Tutorial NPC for half an hour trying to Skim through page after page of Text so they're actually be saving time and it gives that quest a little bit more purpose. P.S. I'm glad to see this Post still alive after so long though I'm sad to see that not much has changed in the game either. This game needs less talk and more People willing to make changes.
  6. Unrealistic.

    I don't know much about this idea. I just want a Lucky Rabbit's Foot!
  7. Opera is free!

    This is kind of Ironic. Opera's Gotten so Popular that it's gone Free? Anyone else notice how funny that is? Usually something starts out free as bait in order to Lure as many people in and then, Clinch them by Going Pay, making them keep paying to use their Services. You know, Like Microsoft! These people obviously don't know the Proper Business order of doing things.
  8. whats your religon?

    The only problem with your example there is that "Origin of the Species" Isn't needed to Prove Darwin's Existance. Darwin was just a Man who had a "Theory." He wrote his theory down and Published it for all the world to read and then to determine for themselves the Validity of it. His whole Existance is not defined by one book, although that one book is the only thing anybody ever associates the Name Darwin too. See, Darwin Existed. There's really no Question to that. His book doesn't Prove he existed. He wrote a Book Because he existed. But, If he never wrote that book, it doesn't mean that he never existed. If only means that, most likely, we even wouldn't even know he existed. "Origin of the Species" is not Darwin's only Proof of his Existance. I'll ask you a question. If the Bible was never Written all those many years ago, could you know for any certainy that you would even know who Jesus was today? If Jesus was God then yes, you would. All Truth is Absolute. Without the Bible, God would still be God and everything we know from the Bible would still be common Knowledge. If Jesus was not God and just a Man who did good work, then chances are, we'd never even know he existed if not for the Bible. See my Point? In Christanity today, the Bible is the only thing that does confirm Jesus's existance. If he really was God, Then Bible or no Bible, Jesus would still be God and we wouldn't be here having this conversion. I agree. But discovering what that Truth is is why We are all Here. Not "We" as in those of us on this Thread but "We" as in all Life everywhere. Also agree. Assuming, of Course, that we Know all Possible Possibilities. Then, one must ask oneself, "Can I personally Disprove all Impossible Possiblities?" and as well as the Question, "Am I truly looking at each possiblity with complete unbiased and unclouded eyes?" When disproving the Impossible, you must first Prove that the Impossible really is Impossible and that you're not just Deeming it to be Impossible because you personally fail to prove it possible. Which is how I have lived my life. But Believing in something and Knowing something is not the same thing. You must make sure that what you are believing is truly real and not a lie disguised as a Truth. There is nothing in this world that can't not be Doubted but there is nothing in this world that can not be Proven to be Real or Fake if only you persue the Truth yourself! Faith may help you carry on but only Reason can give you a Destination! Very good Questions indeed. But only until we learn more about the Nature of the Universe can we begin to understand the answers to those questions. We could just forgo the the whole Discovery process and just accept what we're told but then we'll never really know for certain, will we? Personally, I question even the Theory of the "Big Bang." I believe that there may be something More that we haven't yet discovered and Jumping on the Band-wagon with those for believe in the Big Bang may be a little premature; Much like those who Thought that Earth was Flat just because it "appeared" that way from the distance. But I won't completely Discount the Idea either. Only Time will Tell. Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. But, if you're Wrong, What have you Gained? One can live their whole lives in the Shadows and Never know it and Still be perfectly happy. They say "Ignorance is Bliss" and suppose it's right but it's hardly Desirable. One doesn't Need to be Religious to be "kind, compassionate, charitous, and moral" and these Virtues are well worth persuing as long as you do so, not because a Book or other Person tells you to but because you believe that it's best for you. Also, mind you, One doesn't have to be "kind, compassionate, charitous, and moral" to be Religious either. Everyone is entitled to live their own lives however they see fit, as long as they do not Negitively affect the Lives of others; Which Really is the Root of my Point. Let everyone Live there lives how they see fit and, as long as they do not Harm others and as long as they live their Lives to the Fullest, Then they should be allowed to Persue God as they wish, If they wish! But that's a problem with Religion. It doesn't follow that Ideal. No matter why it does it, even if if has the Best of intentions, it can't not stop trying to Intrude on the lives of others and thus, Does more harm them good. People end up Fighting more with another's viewpoints more then they do with the Forces of Good and Evil in their own Soul. To me, Organized Religion is an Instution formed by Human Interest that can not stand the thought of others not following Their Views. And this is how Wars start, not from the wishes of God but from Human nature. I believe that part of Living a Full And Happy life means, not only to persuing Virtues but also to Persue Knowledge and Wisdom. Sometimes this means that Faith comes up as Less important and we have to set it aside temporarily in the persuit of something More.
  9. I really like the Tombstone Idea. It's a Little Different. I'd much more prefer a Body Left over but that's been done do Death (no Pun intended) but I think a Tombstone gives the same idea and a certain "Flair" that this game needs as well as is a little more accurate then just a bag. And Seperating a Player's death Spot from an Animal's is something I'd like to see. Animal's shouldn't leave behind Bags either. We should have to Search the Animal's body for a drop. That way, not only would a player who comes across a dead Fox have to look to see if it's killer left anything there but it's also gives a touch of realisim that player's really would appreciate during game play. Besides, clicking on the Corpse of your kill is far easier then clicking on a deadbag buried under it! I hate trying to manuvear my screen just to find the Bag to click! And adding in Curses and such to protect Graves would be an interesting twist! But I think that a player (the one who died) would have to plan on that before-hand. Curses don't come by easily and diseases are only present under certain circumstances. It would bring a new item or skill into the game. If a Player wants to punish their Killer or any Bagjumpers (or Gravediggers, in this case) they could carry a special Talismen with them that'll put a curse on their Body at the point of their death and if anyone (including themselves) were to come along and open it, it'll curse them. Diseases should be a little different. A disease should only be aplied if the Grave was opened after it had been setting them for a while Or if the Player had died with a disease already on them. Interesting ideas anyway. I wonder what the Devs think?
  10. Carry Capacity

    Nah, this wouldn't help matters much. No body needs to do all that much walking if they can just stand there and hold as much as they want. But, one thing I do wish is for a little "Manuvering room" in our Inventories. It's reallly when you with draw all of your needed items and sit down to Work and suddenly you can't Make something because your inventory's full. I mean, it's the same Materials so we should be able to use the same amount of room we have to do what we need to do. But it's because how the current system works, that an Item is created first, then the Materials used in it's construction is removed. Unless this has been addressed in the last update. I haven't checked yet.
  11. whats your religon?

    Oh, .... Well... Got a Week? One's own Phiosophical Views of the world is literally Like "Explaining The Meaning of Life." If countless Philosophers haven't been able to explain it, you can imagine that one's own views would be equally complex. But, I can Point just a few simple Philosophies by which I live my life: 1. Question everything that is commoningly excepted as fact. Usually, when a people simply excepts what they're told unquestioningly, they reside themselves to believe anything as long as it's comfortable. All too often, people will take just what we're giving and never ask for something more! 2. Never completely doubt Anything that I can not personally Disprove. I'd be a Fool to Totally discount what someone tells me just because I may not like what they have to tell me or that I have not yet found out the truth of it one way or the other. I'll listen to anybody talk about anything so long as they're wiling to back what they say up with something Substantial. 3. I agree with Shakespear on the assursion that "They are more thinks in Heaven and Earth then are deamt of in our Philosophies." We don't know everything. We Can't! So we have no right to make silly claims to the Existance of something (whether Factual nor False) when we don't know. But just because we Don't know doesn't mean that we can't find out for ourselves or die trying. If there's a God, we should have the right to Look for him/Her/It ourselves and we shouldn't be critized (or Worse) for wishing to do so instead of just excepting what we're told (or, in some cases, just what we want to hear.) 4. Never be afraid to Challenge your Assumptions and admit you could be wrong. To question Everything means also to question one's self. You never realize the many Lies you've been told and the Missunderstandings you've known until you Know that you aren't always told the whole truth. Even your own Mind will sometimes tell you things or keep things from you because it's believes it's doing it for your own good. That's because we all grow up with people like that, who will Lie to you and Tell you only what they think you need to know. What they don't understand is that this will always end up doing more harm then good. 5. The Truth is the Truth And Nothing can stay buried forever, so long as we're willing to dig. To me, the Truth (whatever that may be) regarding Anything is ours for the Learning. There may be those who will Lie to us and hide Truth from us every chance they get in their desire to keep it for themselves. But, to me, If God truley did design us, we are Meant to Question and Search this Vast Universe to solve the many Puzzles that are layed before us. Even if God did intend for it to be so simple by just Telling us the answer to one of the most important Riddles he gave us, I don't see how God could Fault us for saying "Stop. I want to figure this one out for myself." But, if God didn't intent it to be so easy and Does desire us to solve it ourselves, then I really don't want somebody else to come and tell me the Solution to the Riddle, expecially when they can't or won't tell you how they came about answering it. That's like somebody else giving you another Riddle to solve just so you can believe them or not that their answer it correct. And in the Meantime, the original Riddle is left unsolved because we're distracted with another riddle. Don't trust another person when they tell you that you should stop trying because they've done it For you. Basicly, I look at it this way. If God wants us to know the Truth, he will give us every reasonable chance to discover it ourselves. That means any Path you take, so long as it's not Based on Lies, Corruption, Or Malice (or any form of Negitivity that will cause us to become lost) and so Long that we pursue it with a True Passion to Learn the Truth, That path will still Lead you to the same Truth. Just because we don't follow a specific Path that somebody else who came before us followed doesn't mean that we won't find same end. Maybe we won't make it in the same Fashion or the Same condition or even at the say time but the Truth is still the Truth and, in the end, it will always be the same Truth. Well, those are just a few Viewpoints that I live by and even a few reasons as to why. At least, they're one's I've been going by during this thread. This doesn't included my views on Love, Politics, Humanity, Money, Justice, Cooking Recipes, Etc.! On a Good day, I could possibly go on for hours (and a few of my posts have!) about just about anything! If there's any Topic in perticular that you're interested in, just ask. Perhaps the Arise of a Religion wasn't what they had in mind. Someone could of got the idea that by crushing a Heretic in the Name of their Religion would strengthen their control over the people but first they need a Scapegoat. How they chose target is debatable. They could have starting the Rumor and Jesus (as a young boy) just happen to have been at the wrong place and the Wrong time OR, as a Young Boy, Jesus could have be an agitator who had his own Beliefs that differed from the Doctrine and they decided that they would make an example of him. Either way, their own Lies and Rumors spread like Wildfire and, although they still got the Pariah they needed, they also got a Movement that took on a life of it's own. Not Saying this is True! Just that this is a possiblity and is plausible. Another Worst case Scenario: Jesus was a Cult Leader who managed to convince countless people to follow him and do Anything for him, even after death. We all know that the hold a Person can have over others is very strong and by the Faith that those people can have in that person, they can be so devoted that even a Failed Prophecy wouldn't stand in their way of trying to fulfill it themselves. After all, it would only take a small number of "Devoted" to convince the rest to continue on and even, out of Fear, Belief, or Desperation, attempt to claim the body afterwards in the attempt to regain the Delusion that they devoted their Lives to. Again, not saying it's true but We've all seen this exact Scenario play out again and again countless time and for centuries so we know it's possible. It's not so much that it "Unbelievable" but rather, not reasonable. There's just so many questions left unanswered; So many contridictions; So much that just doesn't make since to so many. Though the Bible could be true, If it is is true, it would be much more widing accepted if it didn't sound so much like a Story-book. For all the "Miracles" that Christians Praise the Bible as all the "Proof" that they need, Those same Miracles are exactly what Make it sound like a Book of Fables. If those Miracles could be confirmed and the History Told in the Bible was Attenticated, then would it sound believible but until then, that's what the Bible will even be: A Book of Might-of-Beens, Could-of-Beens, and Should-of-Beens. It requires too much Blind Faith in something that isn't Self-evident. If Jesus was God, I don't think he would really Need a book to confirm it. Why would he? God should confirm the Bible, not the other way around. I just believe that, if you pursue God, you should be able to find him Anywhere. Then, if you're still interested in some old book, then should it be given any Credit. But that's just my thoughts on it.
  12. whats your religon?

    Quite Right that I will. ^_^ First, I'll say that I really don't "Deny" the validity of any such claims because, As I've said many times, I don't really know if any of this has really happened or not. Like I've said, I only had a "theory" that Jesus never actually made the claim but, again, this is just a Theory, not a provable fact. I have good reason to doubt it but I do not have any Facts to prove otherwise. If I was to just deny it based on my personal doubts then that wouldn't make me a whole lot different then those I've spoken against. But a Few thoughts. Your Reasoning is sound when you present your facts in such a Context. The only issue I've noticed is that there are many Assumptions in your reasoning, other then the obvious one of whether or not Jesus Rose from the grave. Such facts are only truly valid if you go on the Assumption that they actually happened (or Didn't, as the case may be.) Assumption #1. The Assumption here being that Jesus really did Make these Claims. Think about it. Only once you assume that Jesus was both Sane and he really did make these claims does this Assumption become valid. But on the Assumption that my Theory is correct and that he either did not make these claims Or others made these claims and he just "allowed" others to believe him, One must question whether he did Rise from the Grave or was this another Story just passed on through the ages. Another Assumption, founded on the first assumption, is that since He Did rise from the Dead, he cannot be just a Martyr who simply allowed himself to die for his own reasons. Also, by all Defination, Jesus is still a Martyr, regardless of the true reasons of why. He died in the name of his cause. What was his Cause and What was his plan though, is up for Debate. Assumption #2. Again, founded on the First Assumption. Only by assuming the first to be true does this point become valid. But one must remember that such a Claim has only been "Reported" to have been made by Jesus by another who may or may not have been the one to actually be the one to Write it down in the first place. When Jesus was to have made such a Claim and too Whom he Made them much must be validated first before they can used as a Valid Proof of the Resurrection. Again, assuming the first to be true.... But, on another note, There could have been many reasons, not all of which are all that Noble. Petty Jealousy and Envy on the part of the current Religion Regime who saw their hold slipping away, for example. After all, We all know the Power and Might of the Inquisition and how they held control over the Hearts and Minds of the People using Fear more then actual religion. To Arrest Jesus on Political Grounds wouldn't have suited their needs since they wouldn't have been able to use him as an example of their power. Whether or not he actually Made the Claims really wouldn't have mattered to them. They would have used any excuse. BTW, it was technically the Romans that did the arresting, on the order of the Church. The Roman Government only allowed it to happen for their own Agenda. This doesn't actually support your argument. Another Part of the Story. Can you prove this actually happened besides what was reported after the fact. After the Fact being, this story wasn't told as it was happening. It was only reported Long after these events occurred, Possibly Many, Many Years down the road. Can you say for a Fact that the one who wrote this story got it exactly correct? Can you say that the one who wrote this story even lived during these times? As it has been reported. On a Side note, The Story of Joseph of Arimathea is one of my Favorite Stories of the Arthurian Myths and Legends. It was he who, after the Crusification, took the Chalice from which Jesus Drank from during the Last Supper and the Spear which the Roman Soldier Thrust into Jesus's Side and Brought them to Britton. (Actually, the true story of Joseph of Arimathea is actually very long and very complecated. Britton was not the first place he went.) There are many stories that have grown up around these event over the last 2000 years. Some, I'll admit to be rooted in History as actually happening. Others, I can not say for a fact that they happen exactly as they are reported to have. That's true. The Legion was never even Heard from again. No one knows what happened to them. It's been speculated that (and told as Fact, in Many Churchs, including mine) that they Ran away in Fear when an Angel opened the Cave. But there are many issues I have with this story. First, an inaccuracy. My Church always tought that an Angel (I forget which one) Rolled the stone away and then entered the cave to resurrect Jesus. When the Remaining disciples and Mary came latter, the Angel was still there and told them that Jesus has Rose. But if he was the Son of God and, by all acounts much more powerful then he was before, why did he need an Angel to help him out? Also, where did he go immedantly after he rose? I was always tought that the first people he met was some beggers on the road and that wasn't until several days later. Also, What did Happen to the Legion? I really think that they, of all people, would of been the first to tell people of what they saw. But they disappeared! No one could ask them what happened. Belief is not Proof. Like I said, much of this story was told after the fact. Although I will give Paul's Work a good deal of Credit, as is it one of the few, creditable Personized records of the time, I cannot give it total faith as it is still just one man going around, asking other people about what they knew. Have you ever listened to a Group of people who all witnessed an event tell a Reporter their story of what they saw? Well, I have. There's always discrepancies. Often, blantant contridictions between two or more tellings. But that Reporter never tells their readers the Discrepencies! They alway take the Parts of the story that They reason to be most creditable and That's what they reconstruct the events with. People Often must do the same thing. They remove anything they don't personally believe and try to construct the truth by filling in the gaps with their own reasoning. If Paul had many other people who also wrote their own reports of those events that confirmed Paul's telling, then I'd give him much more credit. And that's assuming that what you read today is really an unedited version of Paul's Work. Thus we come Full circle to that Nasty Little Word: Assumption! We, as a people, assume far too much to be true when we really want it to be true. But that's no way to actual discover whether or not there's any truth behind it. No record at all, in fact. The problem here is that, by excluding the Assumption that Jesus did rise from the grave, we don't completely know what actually happened at that cave. For all we know, the Legion place to guard the Cave could have been Christian Sympatizers. Or They could have been so paranoid that the story was true that they high Tailed it out of there the moment the Pharisees' Back was turned! What's this? More Assumptions? Who says he would have resisted arrest? How can you know what was going through his mind? Maybe he felt he didn't have any choice. Who says he wasn't planning on being a Martyr the whole time. Led a rebellion? What do we know about Jesus? At least, What do we understand most about him, dispite what we're told? Jesus was a Pasifist! Could you imagine him picking up a Sword or leading Troops? Sure, he took a whip the Money Changers in the Temple but did he once shead the Blood of another? I mean, he might have been angry and wanted to teach them a Lessen but I doubt very seriously we would have promoted war! And who said he wanted to be a Hero? All we can ever do is Speculate as to his motives; Once we exclude all Assumptions, that is.. How long was Barabbas being held by the Romans? How long was he Fighting? What was he fighting for? How was he cought? And, although I personally know the answer to this, what did he do after he was free? Again, Who said Jesus was trying to be a Revolutiony? Maybe Jesus didn't subscribe to the same moral and Philosophic views of the other Leaders during that day. Maybe he had his own beliefs in how the world should be changed that didn't match the view of others. Again, We don't know. We can only Speculate. Maybe he didn't personally agree with the current Laws of the Church. Maybe, much like myself, he didn't agree with the Church's beliefs in what is and is not a Sin. Maybe his over all plan was, in fact, to change how the Church was running things! And again, this is all Assuming that all of these things Actually Happened. Did he Claim to be the Son of God? Did he openly critize the church? Did he take it upon himself to try to change the world? Well, did he? Not entirely true, my friend. "in order to believe that Jesus Christ was NOT the Son of God, one would have to prove" This is a Slippy-sloap to walk along here, Where Belief is determined, not on Proving something but rather to disprove something else that, in all rights, cannot be either Proven nor Disproven by normal means. With such a Philosophy, you advocate Belief in something just because you can't prove otherwise. What About the Belief in aliens? Does your reasoning hold true that because we can't prove that they exist, they can't possibly exist? What about a Second Gunman on the Grassy-Knoll? Just because nobody has yet proven it to be false, Must we all assume that it must be true? You can not put before us a Challenge to Disprove something that can not be Proven either. I could (as well as any other interested party) very easily put before you enough doubt as to the validity of these points and you can put before us all the reason you need to believe these points but in the end, there will is be no actual Proof of it eitherway. By trying to Disprove these points, you do not ensure Validity of your Ideas as all you do is close one door of Doubt and leave many more open. Belief comes from, not only proving your beliefs to be true but also from disproving all other beliefs that are contrary to yours. You must prove for yourself whether or not something is true or false, and not take the words of somebody else is they are true or not. So rather, that is why the challenge is not to disprove but rather to Prove! What you of should said is "In order to Believe that Jesus WAS the Sod of God, one would have to prove that: - The Resurrection had happened. - The miracles he performed had happened. - The disciples all voluntarily dedicated their lives to the death, to preach something that they knew was True. - He had claimed to be the Son of God, despite the religious authorities who wanted Him to be crucified for blasphemy. - He was politically, socially or morally-motivated in his ministry, In addition to is Divine Motivations. Only until all these point's are proven as fact, beyond reasonable doubt, can one believe that Jesus was be the Son of God and that all the Stories we've been told is true. By Proving these to be Fact, you inevitably Prove all other Contrary Ideas to be false. But to Disprove something is not the same thing as Proving the contrary to be true. P.s. I think my spellins getting better.
  13. whats your religon?

    Now THAT'S how you perfectly state good reasoning! You can't argue with any of it. .......Which kind of puts me out of work....;D But I'm perfectly fine with leaving this off there.
  14. whats your religon?

    Jrritter, I can't say anything that those before me hasn't already said but it doesn't matter cause you said you won't respond. But I'll leave you with a thought. You said: But if the Potter gave the Pot the Ability to Question, won't if be a Failure on the Potter's part if the Pot he designed did not use the very ability the Potter gave it? Even if the Pot used it's given Gift to determined if the Potter was really real, then the Pot would still be fulfilling it's Designed Purpose! I personally believe that we were given our ability to reason to aid in the expansion of our existence. To Not use our God-Given gift to learn Everything for Ourself would, in my eyes, be a Sin against God and God's Design for us. Well, there you have it. Take it as you wish, if you do read this. Arnieman, Well, first off Constantine was not actually Roman. He was, I believe ......... Turkish or something around that area (my memory fails me here.) Also, He did not actually commision his translations until After the Holy Roman Church Split apart, with Constantine heading the .... um ..... Other one (again, I can't seam to remember the name but it had Orthadox in it.) Second, little question but when exactly do you believe that the Bible was offically Completed? There is actually a huge gap between the point in which the New Testiment leaves off of actually Historic account and the point in which the Completed Bible started circulation. Added to the fact that the New Testiment Was not "Being" written as history was occuring (meaning that it wasn't written for many, many years after the Death and Return of Jesus.) This means that taking the Death of Jesus as an accurate historical point from which to measure the Age of the Bible is not entirely accurate in itself. Now, taking account that during the time in which the Holy Roman Empire ruled all of Europe and most of the Mid-East for a good 500 years before Constantine's Rule, and the fact that for this time, the complete Bible was never translated into Latin, the Church itself was the only Entity that even had a complete Copy of the Bible. The common citizen could never even read it. They only knew what they were told. It was from the Church that Constantine got any Copies he used. Aside from his own Agenda that he may or may not have had, it cannot be said for certain that the Copies that he used were, in fact, the originals because there were no one to say otherwise. Of course, not counted the Jewish, who had their own copy of the Torah, which contained the Complete Old Testament. But, if the Jewish prejudice really was as strong as you may think, it's unlikely that Christian's would put all that much faith in using the Torah as collaboration of the Bible. So, again, Proof is really up for grabs here. Other then the Dead Sea Scrolls, which was only discovered resently (and, of those we are able to read, are not a complete copy of the whole Bible), there really isn't a true way to determine the Work's authenticity without a Lot of research and many, many years of study. In fact, we may never know. The only thing we have is Faith. Faith that it's still accurate and Faith that it has survived 2000 years of War, Corruption, Prejudice, Fires, Natural Disasters, and basically the Worst of Mankind. I don't know about you but I can't have that much Faith. And Shouja, Your Contribution is exactly what a True Discussion should be. More Questions instead of more Biased Conclusions. I can't go too much into all you're posted so I'll respond to this. As for the three Choices that explain The truth about Jesus: As Far as I can tell, Jesus wasn't Insane. Of his most basic Teachings, they were entirely correct from a Moral aspect. He actually Knew a little something about what he was talking about. If he was insane, he hid it very well and his Teaching's still hold true even today. So they aren't not Flawed. Even a Madman can have one valid thought as well as a contrabution to make. I too subscribe to the idea that Jesus himself never Claimed to the Son of God but other's just claimed he was. Or, maybe he did (or just let people believe he was) but not as to purposely decieve people. Something that often runs through my head is the idea that, in this day in age, the common people have very little in the princibles of Hope, Honesty,Honor, or Empathy. People no longer Care too much about people around them and for the rest of the world. It could have been much the same 2000 years ago. Maybe he was just trying to give people something to Hope for! By first taking on the role of Hero, then as Martyr. Though, it can be said that if that was true, although he had the best of intentions, he is responcible for the worse Crime in human History. Creating the very thing that swept this world, leaving behind only Corruption, Distruction, Fear, and Dispair. But, that's only a worst case Scenario! Actually, this isn't exactly false. It's just that it's only only Side of the Story that has been told around the world. See, there was Something that happened some 5000 years ago that did cause a great Tidal Wave to wash over 2/5 of the world. Now, I'm not saying that by some Divine introvention couldn't have advised Noah to rescue his family and all of their Live Stock (as in, two of every animal from Miles around) and thus Saving his family and quite posibble becoming a very rich man (because he was the only one left with much of his wealth aboard his ship). But, because there are Tells of the same Flood at the same time in all four corners of the Map and the fact that there is proof that much of Earth's Civializations Still survived the Deluge (although just barely), I'm led to believe that Noah and his Ark is just one of many Tellings of the same story. And don't get me started on my theories there. The Afterlife is one of my man reasons for my questioning. There's just way too much that isn't explained in the Bible, much less then just that what is is highly questionable.
  15. Toolbox

    Actually, I thought of this too but I had a slightly different idea. How about Tool Belts? Now, get this. First we need a new item, a Tool Belt, that when worn opens up a additional 5 Inventory Slots (seperate from the normal slots). These slots can only be used to put our tools (items with that classification). As long as we wear these belts, those five tools are at our disposal. Only problem there is that I don't think the game's designed to have Items within Items like that. Of course, if such belts were added, it would be nice to add other useful belts, such as a Potion Belt and an Essence Belt. They would be able to hold any amount of five different items. Hmmm..... Maybe not. Bellows I believe. Well, it would be nice but vials and Sandpaper is 2 of the things they don't want us to be able to make cause it enables us to poor money out of the economy. They have their reason it's like that. If we could store vine, it would make Potion making much easier. They don't want that.