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  1. Ros- rarity

    well then remove em from the el shop or make them 100$ each on el shop imo they should be removed from the game but i mean that would make a lot of people mad
  2. Ros- rarity

    yeah thats cool too
  3. Ros- rarity

    that is the point... then people would actually RISK losing their stuff in pk
  4. Ros- rarity

    I think that the rarity of a ros should be increased so it is like 1/10000000 chance to get a ros even though they are really rare atm they are not rare enough...
  5. El item stats

    wow 81 rostogals!?
  6. Me and my RL Friend Locked

    my post will probably be deleted cuz it is the banned forums but i would like to say that Lethal and promoz are two different ppl in real life
  7. i need to know how to make the siggy

    don't you already have one?
  8. Siggy/Avvy

    do i get the prize or no?
  9. Siggy/Avvy

    here is my entry
  10. Another siggy and avater thing

    here is the avatar
  11. Another siggy and avater thing

    avatar too? ok
  12. Another siggy and avater thing

    ok here is a real one Sig Avatar
  13. pink floyd's syd barrett dies

  14. Three word story