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  1. Most of us have been playing EL long enough to have seen a few additions and changes to the game. Which ones have been your favorites- ones that really improved the game for you and invigorated your desire to play? I've been playing for a long time, so my list is on the long side (more or less in chronological order): Pay to play races The addition of C2 Hydro Crowns Summoning Stones Special Days Lenny Archery What about you? What did you like? scaf
  2. Ent can we have our own game update section pls

    If you want to at least know when a pk update happens, you can sign up for pk gossip's twitter account: pk_gossip, and you'll get tweeted on server reboots. scaf
  3. Troggle, Google for trade bots

    I'm surprised that many bots ignore rraisa. I find rraisa to be the second most useful bot in the game. When I want to buy something, the first thing I do is ask rraisa- what is the alternative? I've had poor luck on 4, and pming 190 bots looking for a widget is not realistic. I know that there are websites with available wares, but I, for one, prefer to stay in the game. As far as how rraisa was originally introduced... I think that's true, but that was years ago, and it was a case of poor judgement, not malice- people feel better when they let things go. scaf
  4. Gossip has a couple of new features that are going to be helpful to players that don't speak english. Players can tell gossip their language with the following command: /gossip set language XX where XX is: HR for croatian hrvatski CS for czech česky DA for danish dansk NL for dutch nederlands EN for english FI for finnish suomi FR for french français DE for german deutsch IT italian italiano NO norweigan norsk PL polish polski PT portuguese português RO romanian română ES spanish español SV swedish svenska (If you speak english well, there's not much point in setting your language to a secondary language that you speak- it just makes more work for Gossip.) Then, you can communicate with players that don't speak a language that is common between the two of you with the following two commands: /gossip chat playerx bla, bla, bla.... (this will immediately send playerx a translated PM) or /gossip tell playerx bla, bla, bla... (this will send playerx a translated message the next time they're on) These communications do not need to be from or to english- someone set to swedish can talk to someone set to spanish. The translations aren't perfect, but they're close enough to manage a conversation. Gossip needs help translating a set of instructions to post in the various language forums here, as well as translating the instructions she gives in-game. If you speak one of the listed languages at least as well as english and have about 20 minutes to donate to Gossip, please leave a response below, or send me a gossip message, and I'll send you what you need to translate. Thanks, everyone- this is in Beta, so if you have issues, please go ahead and gossip me. scafativ
  5. New engine test (terrain)

    Flawless, 72 FPS, NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT 512MB Right-click-and-drag is great fun.
  6. Interest in twitter for PK server

    Ok, so here's a question- what's a reasonable threshold for Gossip to twitter an invasion? Some options are: A GWIS Warning A #IL reports one or more monsters? A #IL reports ten or more monsters? A #IL reports 100 or more monsters? (like on the main server) Suggestions please? scaf
  7. Interest in twitter for PK server

    Gossip has a twitter account in which she announces main server special days / major invasions / server updates on Twitter. If you aren't familiar with twitter- it will forward those alerts to your cell phone via SMS in US, Canada, UK and India- more countries coming soon, presumably. Is there an interest in having Gossip provide a similar service for the PK server? Are there other events on the PK server that you may wanted tweeted? If there's interest, Gossip will get it set up over here too. If you are personally not interested, don't bother posting, because who cares if you're not. Scaf
  8. Help with invasion warnings

    If you type "/gossip set loginalert yes" gossip will warn you about you an invasion when you first log on from then on. scaf
  9. Don't miss that special day or big invasion!

    Boy does that seem to be ripe for a scam. What prevents a cell phone carrier from spamming its own customers and then charging them for that? Or what prevents a ex from sending lots of SMSs to run up your bill? You can send SMSs via email to most carriers, so you don't even need a phone to do it. I never heard of charges on incoming SMSs... seems crazy. Scaf
  10. Dvarium

    I hope that it isn't only harvestable by dvarves then... Scaf
  11. Gods of Eternal Lands

    What do you mean by "gossiping" a god? scaf
  12. The main server requires Port 2000. If you think about it, since you can play EL on a modem, it's pretty lean on bandwidth. scaf
  13. One most worthy people!

    Just to be clear here- Rumors are both public and attributed. Anyone can read recent rumors by just typing /gossip rumor. Messages and admirations are considered private and can't be easily queried, but can be queried if Radu asks me to do so within 7 days. It's certainly not "monitored". Lastly- while I take the privacy issue seriously- it still isn't wise to exchange bag coordinates, passwords, bank accounts, or anything else like that, on gossip or even through email! It's just not a smart thing to do. scaf
  14. One most worthy people!

    Well, Vanyel, you've posted two two links that are quite different. In the first, which is a misleading snippet that's out of context- as I have admitted before, I exercised extremely poor judgment. I acknowledged that immediately, apologized for it, and made assurances that nothing of the sort will happen again. That was a year and a half ago. Regarding the second post- have you actually read the post? What about it makes you uneasy about using Gossip? At the time, I was compelled by rules to keep old messages. Radu relaxed that to a 7 day period, after which delivered messages now get deleted. More importantly, I began encrypting the stored messages, as an added protection, which is more than most email systems do. Gossip has taken and delivered over 185,000 messages, and has stats on many thousands of players, without a single instance of someone complaining about a breech of confidentiality. That, on top of the hundreds of private emails addresses that she uses to send out thousands of emails every week. So- if you don't want to use Gossip, Vanyel- that's fine. If you want to bring up issues from years ago- that's your prerogative too. But don't infer that what goes to Gossip is anything less than private- never once has anything private been revealed, not even in the incident that you bring up from years ago. Not even then. Scaf
  15. Lottery

    Well, the lottery occured this week without an issue- Gossip noticed, sent the winner a message, and posted it on el-cel.com. I guess last week either there were no ticket buyers, or Gossip missed the announcement for some reason- she's been drinking again. scaf