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  1. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Sorruin jopa asentamaan EL:n ja ajattelin logata etsiskelemähän vähän kunnon kyberiä mutta eihän toi clientti inahtanutkaan. Varmaan liikaa graffa-asetuksia tälle koneelle päälle eli kaatuu kun yrittää logata sisään...En saa edes muokattua asetuksia, ei tallenna niitä eikä anna käsin el.iniä runkata. Huonon möivät.
  2. Anybody feeling nostalgic?

    Truu PKing http://koti.mbnet.fi/lelldar/testiser.jpg Shiny Tc-client http://koti.mbnet.fi/lelldar/titlongs.jpg Peaceful potting http://koti.mbnet.fi/lelldar/train.jpg One of the earlier invasions http://koti.mbnet.fi/lelldar/invasion4.jpg Mighty clops (and a famous shemale around) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/130/cyc6.jpg/ Gangbang (I'm not in there) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/43/egomatrixfightde0.jpg/ These are only 3 or 4 years old, I guess. Abusing Taking advantage of game features. http://imageshack.us/f/535/elscreen145.png/ Custom clothing didnt come to an end with the tc-client. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/35/elscreen063.png/ Please share more old pics if you have any, I've lost most of them
  3. Titanium Long Formula

    Is any monster drop this sword at these days except ice dragons? Red and black dragons. Cyclops DONT drop them anymore. FCW/MCW DONT drop them anymore. And i can't recall feros ever dropping them, they certainly dont drop them anymore.
  4. Banana Serp /Ice and Fire

    I agree, the ice/magic/fire serps do really need a buff considering their price difference compared to thermal is small but the difference in usefulness is huge. 20 ice/fire/magic damage sounds a bit too much IMO (would be better than thermal in some cases), but maybe 15 of each would be fairly balanced. Their base damage is also slightly smaller, maybe it should be changed to match thermal, too.
  5. Haidir passes

    Never, I haven't used any yet and I'm not planning to. My grinding and xp addict days are over and dailies just give me something (less boring than LO/yeti/trice) to do.
  6. I'm selling book of tit serp of ice. Auction lasts for 3 days from now on. Start price 30k BIN 60k I'm also selling used steel cuisses or trading them+some gc for new ones. I'm BUYING books of iron broad of ice and steel long of fire give me an offer if you have any of those for sale.
  7. password protected hyperbag

    I love the words "hyperbag scamming". Oh and NO to the idea, if you dont feel comfortable using hyperbags or are afraid of losing the bags, dont use them, it's not that hard.
  8. fluffys really do exist

    This is where fluffy rabbits are from
  9. Action Points bar in HUD display

    Yes, I totally agree with this, there's plenty of space for this with higher resolutions.
  10. Even though I'm past the range now I still support the idea. Especially before 130 (or 135) atk you can't do much in pr0 instance so it'd be great to have an instance to go to at those levels.
  11. Book of Serpent Sword of Ice (auction)

    I assume he means LWD buys the book for 50k. I'll offer 55k. (When does the auction end btw?)
  12. Book of Thermal Sword

  13. MoM

    MoL chance is 5% to heal 25 hp, 5% to give 5 mana sounds decent.
  14. Tit serp of fire is also a common book and useless(but tit serp of ice/magic books are rare!). Even if modable tit longs existed you couldnt make them, same for serps so I like your idea.
  15. PvP instances

    Korrode's idea sounds better to me as well in overall, although both have good points. Disadvantages in your idea: -Allows OP'd teams(and not many would like to fight them so it wouldnt increase PK that much). Wouldnt be that different from KF then imo. -Different guild for PvP instance seems totally unnecessary to me and makes it harder for especially GMs, not eveyrone has a bot to give their guild to if they want to go to instance. Advantages: +Top lists would be nice but possibly useless(PKI top list didnt work out that well) +Different games would be nice ?Rewards, would they be big enough for long fights to be profitable or at least break even? Korrode's idea: +Randomness, it makes instances more balanced, especially if everyone will be close in strength as Korrode proposed. +Practical if you dont have to wait ages at npc for everyone to get ready(like in normal instances) or leave your guild just to find out someone in your team/opponent's team is afk. ?Length of instance, would it be too short with just 1 life each(as i understood from the description)? ?Everything allowed, would it turn into bitching about OP engineering/ranging? You can't choose your teammates though so either team could be OP'd then.
  16. Exp Bonuses

    I do not like the original idea. $$$ already has a big effect for fighters (buying items from shop and selling for gc or directly buying gc => buying PPs which is basically the only way to get stronger at very high levels). Of course i'm not impliyng that every PP buyer buys them with RL money but that is possible and much faster than earning the gc ingame. 50% xp bonus in a/d would be too high and compared to the current system(where reaching "competetive PK levels" does take very long indeed) that would still be the case and it'd also require plenty of money to reach highest levels as some people training a lot would constantly buy the bonus XP and therefore it'd be even harder for those who don't buy to catch them. Instead some of Korrode's suggestions would make much more sense and wouldnt require to spend even more $$$ to PK(PKing is already expensive and some of the best Pk-items are already bought with $$$: thermal and some part of spam weapons and armors also come from shop). EDIT:Typo
  17. I'm auctioning Inorganic removal stone for a guildie. Starting price: 700kgc BIN: 850 kgc Increments: 5kgc Auction ends at 6 PM GMT 15th of april. No private bids accepted, post here or ingame and I'll post your name and offer here.
  18. Auctioning Inorganic removal stone

    Auction ended(EL forums clock +3 GMT * Time Now: Apr 15 2011 09:00 PM) CAESAReK won, PM me ingame.
  19. Auctioning Inorganic removal stone

    About 2 hours left until the end of the auction(6 PM/18:00 GMT).
  20. Auctioning Inorganic removal stone

    Wloczykij PMed ingame that he offers 705k.
  21. Infinity trying to Lure in zirak

    No it isn't, not even the one after that(Senzon), this Infinity is some polish guy(I'd guess Wifon but not sure if he is Calsonic or Infinity nowadays).
  22. Armor choice

    can you list all the reasons this is what people use? (the mage robe pants) i think they are.. 1.CutU perk 2.mana 3.so they can use mirror or nmt cloaks now me myself without any armor/clothes have 272 mana witch i should have added so 2 is done, and i have nmt and mirror perks so 3 is done witch means that all i need is the CotU perk, so is it still better to use mage robe pants or is the added armor better and just use CotU cloak and if it is what cloak should i use? I agree with what Miix said, COTU cloak is a good choice with NMT perk and I think it'll be cheaper than mage pants in the long run too(and you get the added armor bonus from cuisses). If you use mage pants you could use warlock or BP but both have limited usefulness for you.
  23. Armor choice

    I agree with BD being the best compromise for PKing, radio rapier/scythe are used much more at kf than thermal serp(+ti shield+rdholam+mage pants naturally). Actual difference between ida mail+greaves and bda mail+greaves is 3 rad prot and 7 cold prot and I think rad prot is more significant for PKing. As for changing armors I think it's too much trouble for PKing and waste of valuable slots. You should also notice that damaged ice dragon plate has 13 armor vs bd/rd 14, damaged id greaves 5 vs. damaged rd 6. And, as an added bonus BDA set is considerably cheaper so it's also a good choice for instances although I think RDA is slightly cheaper and equally good for instances. Specifically for instances you might also want to consider bronze cuisses but whether or not extra 0-1 armor is worth 19 EMU is up to you(definitely not greaves, maybe plate in some cases but it has some negs). Also degraded bronze armors have considerably worse stats than new. If you just want to buy one set though I'd recommend getting BDA set. EDIT:Miix serped my post, took too long to check damaged armor's stats etc
  24. Felk's mule services

    I'm offering a few muling services to fund my mule leveling. Right now you can order these items: Gypsum 10gc each [0k IN STO] [MAX ORDER 10K] Wine 1.3gc each [0 IN STO] [MAX ORDER 50K] Leather 5gc each [0 IN STO] [MAX ORDER 50K] Please allow me a few days to finish orders and I'll only accept maximum of 3 orders at once(so if there are already 3 and you order something I'll only add it onto my list once I've finished a previous one). WORKING ON ORDERS: 1. 2. 3. FINISHED ORDERS WAITING FOR DELIVERY