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  1. Click Walking Bug

    After the update I had an issue where if my screen left from being the standard view of my character in his environment to any other view (chat mode, map, the flicker when switching from full to window mode or back) then I could no longer click to move, I had to use HOME. I uninstalled completely and re-installed. I still have that problem. Running: WinXP Home SP2 AMD Athlon XP 2000+ running at 1.66ghz 256MB RAM with 32 shared to my onboard Savage Video I can provide whatever else you need to know. I had NO problems before the update, and normally little bugs don't bother me that much, but this one is REALLY annoying. I can be reached in a fairly expedient manner via email at goliathcobalt@gmail.com otherwise, just reply here and I'll check back every so often. Sincerely, Goliath Cobalt, aka bonca_boy
  2. System Specifications

    I was thinking that we could all post our systems specs here along with any comments on quality of game performance and average FPS. This would help give the developers a sort of guide as to how the game reacts with different system configurations and not just the system specs of the people who are having a problem. After all, it would give you a better set of "controls" when trying to locate a problem. I figured the following would be pertinent: Operating System (OS) CPU Manufacturer (and Mobo if known) Amount of RAM Video Card being used Internet Connection speed/type Display settings Other information that may be relevant (anti-virus programs, firewalls, etc) If there's anything else you guys can think of please let me know. Also, I was thinking that a cross post of this to the General Chat area would allow you to get more people's attention than just the programming forum, I just didn't know where else to put it. OS: Windows XP Pro SP 2 CPU: AMD Sempron 2200+ 1.99ghz (I'd have to look up the mobo info) RAM: 512 MB Video: Sapphire ATI Radeon 9600 256MB RAM Internet: Cable connection through router on home network Display: 1024x768 32 bit single monitor Other: Generally good performance (a little lag every once in a while) average FPS when in a non-crowded area is about 100FPS, in a crowded area (storages and such) about 60FPS
  3. Forum Bug

    The forum keeps forgetting me. With the old forums, I'd never have to log back in. I have to log in every day I visit now.
  4. Timestamped logs

    Couldn't figure out where to post this one. Is it possible to timestamp the chat log?
  5. Ati(?) click/walking bug

    btw, I'm running Windows. Though I did have a problem with a walk click bug (check bug forum) on my old computer with an S3 integrated video
  6. listen to me.

    In reference to Entropy's post: Why do people feel that they need to pick one MMORPG, or hell one game of any genre, over another? I play several games of the genre in many genres and I like them all for one reason or another. Do I have a favorite in each of them? Sure. Do I abandon the others because of that one? No. My two cents
  7. The Pope

    I am an atheist, and as such I didn't not view Pope John Paul II as a person of great personal importance to myself. I do however feel that he has done a lot to bring tolerance to the Catholic religion and in that I am glad. May he have died in peace and may whatever might exist for him be pleasant.
  8. Ati(?) click/walking bug

    For what it's worth, and it may not be worth much, but I'm using an ATI card with zero problems. I may have misread this thread, but perhaps the drivers are either A) out there or not available for an older card and as such may not ever be officially released for those cards?
  9. New Microsoft project:

  10. A Player-based representative council

    Besides, from a programming and development perspective, the 7 categories given better describe the focus points that are needed. The four types of players helps define the target audience that development can shoot for and attempt to mold the game for, but does not accurately or in a detailed manner represent the areas that the developers need to focus upon to improve the game as necessary.
  11. Experience chart

    care to post a link here to those topics?
  12. Regarding the forums

    In the section of Entropy's post that I quoted, he mentioned that most major successful MMORPG's don't have official forums, now what I would like to know...which ones? Runescape: http://forum.runescape.com/aff/runescape/i...9569/index.html RYL: http://forums.ryl.net/ EVE Online: http://myeve.eve-online.com/ingameboard.asp City of Heroes: https://boards.cityofheroes.com/ubbthreads.php Everquest: http://eqforums.station.sony.com/eq Anarchy Online: http://forums.anarchy-online.com/ WoW: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/ and that's just the beginning. So far the only major MMORPG's that I haven't been able to find a forum for is Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot. And while both are major MMORPG's on their own, I don't think they qualify as "MOST". I feel that when you remove the forum, you're doing the community a injustice. When you say it's not even debatable, it's even worse. And yes, I realize that even though you SAID it wasn't debatable, we're debating it. Why? Because the forums is an integral part of our game play. Sincerely, Goliath Cobalt
  13. Click Walking Bug

    How many people here are using either older video cards or integrated? I've found that the integrated video on at least two computers doesn't like it very much. There might be a relation to the capability differences between what an integrated vid and an actual AGP can handle that is the core here. I just got a new computer with an ATI RADEON 9600 and have had no problems.
  14. Cheating allowed? Or, no trading from same IP?

    Ok, just how are you gonna make getting a neg perk harder? Right now you have to have an OA level of at least the number of pick points you would receive anyways...or am I missing something here?
  15. Make EL run faster!

    prolly an integrated S3 savage DDR...that's what lots of them have
  16. Random Spawns

    I think the "delimited" random spawn idea was a good one. I also thought it was pretty cool that while I'm typing this, 14 people are viewing the topic...damn.....
  17. game trouble help plz

    Well, this may be fruitless, but here goes. There used to be a program called AIDA that detected damn near EVERYTHING about your system. However, it is now called Everest. So google for Everest and d/l that. Then you'll know where to go for your drivers.
  18. Click Walking Bug

    Not I, I ahve S3 Savage DDR Integrated Video (soon to change to ATI though)
  19. How about making it where rings of tele where a little more specialized. Examples: Ring of WS City (teleports to WSC) Ring of WS Lakeside (Teleports to docks) Ring of VOTD City (duh) Ring of DP Corren (get the idea yet) And make it so that you only have to research for the making of the ring for the general map (WS, DP, VOTD, etc) but that you have to be AT the particular location to make that ring. Could open up PK map rings too. You'd have to sit in a PK map while making them. Could be useful for getting your bag back and such. Sincerely, Goliath
  20. How to walk

    This is in the bugs section of the forum under a couple of different threads, one of which is "Click-Walking Bug" if I recall what I named it. Sincerely, Goliath
  21. New punishment

    Well, is the game ever really dead? I've noticed there's roughly 200+ people everytime I get online. And since it would be "in game hours", even if they did shut off the computer, they'd still have to wait out the rest of their sentence when they came back. So even if PL was absolutely barren of other players...you can only walk around PL for so many hours before you're bored. And do you dare leave your comp alone and get slaughtered if someone DOES come by?
  22. Selling guild maps

    Where is the CO map?
  23. Rings of specific teleportation

    Same coords for each ring of the same type. Just more types...also the crafter has to be AT that location (no necessarily exact coords) to make the ring. So a person making a Ring of WS Lakeside would have to be in the lakeside area of White Stone to make it, but it would teleport you to Lakeside instead of WSC, etc etc etc
  24. Congratulations.

    I've seen a lot of MMOG's come and go. There are two primary things that kill a game. Lack of progress, because new things keep people interested. And burnout by the developers. You guys do a great job with this game, but don't burnout on us either.
  25. A Card System

    God, why am I getting this creepy feeling I get every time I walk past the Yu Gi Oh display at work?