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  1. Harvesting sapphires in PV watching sunrise

    Wow nice! Love sunrises and sunsets =)
  2. Spectators

    True, that would be great.
  3. Spectators

    I love this idea. That would be awesome.
  4. Selling some stuff

    Selling: Iron Plate - 20K Iron Cuisses - 10K Iron Greaves - 10K 10K coal - 25K post here or pm me ingame ~Em0tion
  5. Selling some stuff

    Everthing sold =D
  6. Retiring from Neno hunt 'thanks' to Morath

    Everyone who hates Morath click on: My group
  7. Neno

    Make it so the teleport to range spell doesn't work within 5-7 steps of the Neno
  8. Retiring from Neno hunt 'thanks' to Morath

    This is totally unfair on behalf on the EL community Morath. Pull your bloody head in! What were you gaining other than 50K (which can be easily done in a good days work)? Nothing but more people hating you. As this was my first Neno hunt ever and I was excited to seeing it getting brang down by my fellow commrades, it shocks me a great deal that such a stupid, d******* of a man can do such a thing!!! You have just ruined the fun for everyone, not to mention the gc put into this for caltrops/mines. All I can say is that the EL community and myself shake our heads at you. Thanks for ruining my first ever Neno hunt. ~Em0tion P.S The only other time I will ever do a Neno hunt ever again is if Morath isn't online. Just my two bobs worth.. EDIT: Spelling mistakes
  9. Selling some stuff

    Sorry...already sold =/
  10. Quote of the week submissions

    [cooldudes12 @ 6]: hobobob36 was added to your ignore list! [Nocturne @ 6]: ya ty for announcing it to us all [Nocturne @ 6]: because we reeeeeally give a fuck [Cyrus @ 6]: +1 noc [Em0tion @ 6]: +1 Cyrus [hobobob38 @ 6]: +1 em0tion [Quesar @ 6]: You see a Leonard (alpha) [KriXuS @ 6]: -1 quesar [Aislar @ 6]: +1 quesar [hobobob38 @ 6]: +1 spam [Cyrus @ 6]: -1 hobo [hobobob38 @ 6]: -4 cyrus [Em0tion @ 6]: +1 to Cyrus for starting the whole "+" thing [Nocturne @ 6]: +1 nocturne [Cyrus @ 6]: \o/ Then after awhile.... [KriXuS @ 6]: +10000 for KriXuS [Cyrus @ 6]: -10001 krixus [KriXuS @ 6]: I am at 0 then [Cyrus @ 6]: ;p [WiFi @ 6]: no -1.. add it up [hobobob38 @ 6]: unless he added the +1 spam [KriXuS @ 6]: I said -1 lenny that means I get a +1
  11. Vote for the next monster!

    yeah, Neno's graphic is awesome I picked nasp but casty as 2nd
  12. *BA*

    *BA* (Bloodied Angels) is an all-rounder guild that takes pride in all of our members. We are a close-knitted family. We also does honourable PK, but not to the point we make enemies over stupid shit. We include everybody into our ranks, except bjs, scammers, serps, troublemakers, etc. (A whole list of this is listed on our guild forum). *To be in the guild, you don't have to fight. We need an unlimited number of: Friendly people!!! If you would like more info about joining *BA*, please contact me inagme (Em0tion). Please feel free to browse our guild forum Guild Forum Link Thanks =) ~Em0
  13. *BA*

    Thanks Jeditotalwar =) and say hi to HOLY for me.
  14. *BA*

    Updated our info =D
  15. New and updated trade bot list

    Hi, New bot is Sandalphon at NC, coords are 164,154 and I'm the owner. Thanks =)
  16. Selling random stuff.

    - 4 iron sword @ 250gc each - 1000 silver ore @ 2.5gc each Total 3500gc Cheers, Em0tion
  17. Question

    Hey, I am wanting to get a trade bot for my guild and the el community to use. But im currently under a no alts or sharing rule. Does this still apply to bots? ~Em0tion
  18. Glacmor daily

    Same here with goblins..several times actually...
  19. Question

    thanks heaps Wizzy =)
  20. Selling Binding stone

    Selling Binding Stone pm me ingame for price
  21. Day of Rare Drops A day where creatures (Non-aggressive, Aggressive & Invasion) all have an increased chance of dropping their uncommon/rare items that they sometimes drop. I hardly come across enough of the mobs rare drops and I really want to get the feeling of "oh, a rare drop! cool!" What do you think? ~Em0
  22. Large Spider Daily Quest (NPC : Serpa)

    I did that daily as well..and I only had to do 29 and I was thinking "wtf?" so yeah..and I definately know that I didn't kill any large spiders after talking to Haidir and before talking to Serpa.
  23. Physique Removal Stone

    "Em0tion found a Physique Removal Stone" Starting bid: 10K Increase amounts by: 1K Bin: 15K Ends on the 22nd, Saterday @ 8:00pm GTM +10 pm me ingame for offer or post here. Ty ~Em0 EDIT: Changed current BIN price lower EDIT2: Changed the date