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  1. Unbann ip

    Hi, since many years now i can't play EL because i cheat one time. But i understood what i have done. Now i promise to not do that again. Please can you unbann my ip. I would not do something forbidden one more time. Give me a second chance please.
  2. Ip banned

    Hi my char "Neolitte" and my ip was banned since more a year and half now... I wanted to know if i could be unbanned...just my ip, please. I'll not do this again. I promise you. I really understood. Thanks for your time..
  3. Unban Neolitte

    Oh my god if you want invent something but i never doing that...
  4. Unban Neolitte

    When i have cheat? I have just writte the password of my char but i don't remember him so i write many password i knew and you say i want to hack another account....
  5. Unban Neolitte

    Hi, I've got my ip ban since 11 months. Now i ask to you today for remove my ip locked and my char Neolitte because i want to play this game. I know I've not follow many rules but if you can give me one chance please. Thanks you, Good bye
  6. IP BAN

    Hi, I got IP ban since 6 months. I Know i not follow the rules but i want to try again please. If you can unban my IP and my char Neolitte please. Now i know the rules Thanks you