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  1. bought shyhermit for a freind

    First, to give everyone something to talk about, I do talk to WR and we are NOT "together". We aren't even friends on FB, so everyone can eat their opinions, as they do not support, nor hinder, the truth. Irrelevant, but necessary. Secondly, I believe WhiteRhino deserves every ounce of karma he gets. If the emails are true, it's plain sickening. Seems to me that laws have been broken and I would never condone that behavior, whether I was "with" or "away" from him. I will say I was told of these paypal transactions. Shyhermit supposedly paid him to "run around" in game for him (buying/selling via tradebots). He mentioned something about buying a character and a bot but I pretty much don't pay attention anymore... if that says anything. This whole thing is just... plain... sickening. Anyway, guess we will see when the truth does come out.
  2. bought shyhermit for a freind

    For the record, I am not "with" that "slime of a person". I have not been on EL to read the rumors and know what I have been doing. To be frank, only I know the truth as far as my life goes and vice-versa with WhiteRhino and his. Some of us make an honest living and lead honest lives. I have been banned on EL bots due to "guilt by association" and I still play, when I can, in stride. I have no use for the immature drama or crime especially. I have never once scammed or made the attempt. I just don't cry over BS.
  3. bought shyhermit for a freind

    Hmm, I was just sent a text message to "look at forums" and sorry I did. To be clear, I received a $20 payment via paypal and was told "didn't know what to do with the extra." I have/had no idea where it indirectly came from (direct source stated above) and frankly I never asked. Please do not assume I am WhiteRhino or the other way around. I am a separate person and I stay out of his business, though I am not surprised that there is, yet again, controversy as far as he is concerned. All I can do is shake my head anymore.
  4. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    Thank you for responding. I have logged in again, having the same problem with not being able to withdrawal from storage. I can remove other items in the same category, just not items such as: pickaxe, leather gloves or certain capes. One thing I noticed is these items are also hosted by sir_odie on custom clothing... but I'm able to withdrawal other items that are custom'd. Still being able to use the problem items on an alt makes me think it's not an uninstall/reinstall solution, but I can try that.
  5. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    I get the message "you have not seen what you have in that category" when trying to withdrawal some items from storage. They will not come out of storage, but when I log on an alt on the same phone, there is no problem.
  6. Starting bid: 500k gc Bid increment: 25k gc Buy now: 750k gc Auction ends: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 5:00pm EST
  7. Auctioning Titanium Serpent Sword of Ice

    I don't know anything about this but I do know no scams were involved with the acquisition of this weapon. Nevertheless, the sword is still up for bid...
  8. Seriously!? All this just because 1 person was inconvenienced by having to add 1 more #ignore? No, sorry, it's criticizing and questioning the owner/developer of the games judgement for making a decision. Do we seriously have nothing better to do than cry over what we cannot control while having no business offering an opinion in the first place? Sounds to me like something personal...
  9. I just bought the Macbook Pro. My OS is OS X 10.8.2. It has been about 10 years since I've owned a Mac and I'm having trouble finding my EL folder and it's contents. When I log onto the game, this is where it says my files are: Your personal settings and logs will be saved in /Users/purplehaze/Library/Application Support/Eternal Lands/main/ This doesn't exist! Mine is: Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Eternal Lands But the EL folder is empty... Did I do something wrong when I downloaded or unzipped the game? Thank you for any help, PurpleHaze
  10. Files not where they're supposed to be.

    Oh, wow! Sulla, thank you for the advice. I found my logs and the "main" folder I was looking for and, yes, I was running into issues with the "Library" being invisible for some reason. Thank you kindly
  11. attilathehun

    I moved in April... wanted to clear that because I HAVE had other players on my IP address before, but not this one.
  12. attilathehun

    Whiterhino moved to my house a couple weeks ago. I was told that he informed Aislinn of this... [17:54:57] [PM from WhiteRhino: [PM to Aislinn: im moving tomorrow to michigan me n purplehaze will be on same ip can we still pvp etc?]] [17:55:12] [PM to WhiteRhino: oh?] [17:55:18] [PM from WhiteRhino: [PM from Aislinn: as long as you aren't sharing.][PM to Aislinn: i had to clear it b4 i did trade or switch ip:)]] That was so we could be cleared to still interact. Then he was given this Attilathehun character just yesterday. He tried to have Aislinn lock the whiterhino character, as he knows he is on restrictions. Aislinn never replied and so he gave Whiterhino away. He (Whiterhino) is no longer using this IP address, nor does the former owner (Attilathehun) have the password anymore. I am PurpleHaze in game, cannot log in due to changing my password and mis-typing or something. Will have to wait for radu to fix that. Also on this IP is _Savannah_ (my RL daughter) and Soldier (My alt that I'm hoping to level to become a bot). As far as I know, there are NO other characters currently using this IP address, other than WhiteRhino and AttilaTheHun of course.
  13. Creatures

    Very nice and thank you!
  14. More Day stones

    Hmm... I agree that it would be nice if more special day stones were made manufacturable. And of course, it's a good idea to not be able to use a bad day removal when someone uses a special day stone. As far as I know, the only special day stones available are 'good' though. Maybe the bad day removal will just not work for certain special days. I understand being able to utilize a so-called 'bad day' for benefit. It would change the routines of the other players, making them carefully plan around the new day approaching, if they don't already.
  15. New clothes

    With amber orbs to grasp
  16. Fix PM mechanism

    I've found that you can click people who're online from your buddy list but, yes, I can understand how embarrassing it could be to send a PM to the wrong person. Nathan, are you referring to adding a type of "stop point"? If there were players Bone and Bones, you could type (/Bone*)? I agree this is a good idea.
  17. 80-100 instance

    Last night, our group tried to enter the Advanced (80-100) instance and it wasn't even an option at Ilie. We were wondering the same thing. All of us were level-qualified, in a channel higher than 1000 and met the time requirement. Rather disappointed, we did #help_me in game, reached a nice, friendly mod, but he wasn't able to find an answer for us. We wondered if maybe it was erased when the "Instance for the pr0s who want to farm" was implemented. Boy am I glad someone else noticed this
  18. 40-60 invance

    Gosh, if only they had invances when I was those levels. I have to say that when my a/d were below 60, I absolutely loved doing the capped invasions (the ones I could actually participate in). Only thing is, I too understand the difficulty with being new and broke. Weapons and gear are important variables in fighting. I suppose if more players had confidence of the others' intentions and could trust they would get their items back when they died, they'd be more inclined to enter? Being a "from scratch" (no prior characters) Eternal Lands player, It's very hard when you have to learn by trial and error from the ground up, unlike starting over (already experienced). I am no pro or anything, but I would love to help if I can. If I don't have the answers, I will try to get them. I wish you guys luck and hope for some fast-leveling level 40's to improve your success rate!
  19. Need advice please

    Please forgive me if wrong thread; I use forums mainly from mobile and do not know of a specific thread for this type of issue. The "Help" topic seemed more about connecting issues. My daughter (_Savannah_) and I (PurpleHaze) both enjoy playing EL. Savannah is 9 yrs old, has finally chosen her EL career & needs guidance (heck, so do I). As I can only help her with advice, being on same IP, we make every conscious effort to not break the game rules. I DO NOT trade with her & it had occurred to me that both of us trade back & forth between the same people. If some of the items being traded are the same item or of comparable value, is there any way to avoid being suspected of cheating? I can imagine how this can look from an Admin's point of view, but imo, 'cheating' would be deliberate (with knowledge & intent) rule breaking. We're tring to avoid this. We are not troublemakers & I do not fully trust the intentions of everyone I associate with in game. With my <100% confidence I fully understand rule 5 anyway, I'd feel terrible if I ruin the game for Savannah & vice-versa. Any advice would be helpful & humbly appreciated.
  20. Need advice please

    Thank you ALL for the info. It is situations like this that remind me there are still ppl willing to go out of their way to help others in EL. I love this game and frankly, I wasn't confident I get an honest or non-sarcastic answer in game. I will be heeding to the suggestions posted here.
  21. Need advice please

    I appreciate the reply I can understand but can't justify taking the risk since that IS against the rules, right? I guess what I mean is the Mods don't HAVE to believe that we're 2 different people. I had a scenario yesterday where three of us went to train in summoning arena. I had just made 3k life ess but Savannah and the other player had none. I gave the other player some of mine & suggested to Savannah to go buy some. I was afraid the other player was going to give her what I just gave them. That would look very suspicious. If I hadn't known and Savannah just thought they were a gift, that could have meant a death sentence for the two of us. I just don't know how to NOT raise red flags...
  22. invances, invasions and special days

    I like being able to utilize our own strategies, the freedom to learn by trial and error, while PARTICIPATING in the invances. I love the idea about making the invances automatic; not random, but similar to the instance, rather, in that each player has their own limitation (accrued hours). I think more people will accept this or the idea that they are pre-arranged (scheduled) and advertised as such. Maybe that way, there is no finger-pointing and if one misses out, they accept it as part of life. I am grateful for the opportunities I had to participate and when I miss one, life goes on. There are plenty of other ways to level.
  23. about sunnyd

    Omg, I recently discovered forums, had NO idea there was a thread for Tammy (sunnyD). Just want to say I love you, girl, my bff in EL You will forever be in my heart. It's been a month now and not a single day passes without a tear and a smile for you. May you Rest In Paradise!