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  1. Old Ban

    Well thank you for the reply, I'll just keep checking back in to see.
  2. Old Ban

    Just thought it would be worth a quick try to see if it'd be worthwhile to ask for a old character I miss playing back? Dinosaur, I know i screwed around with him right after I got him and shouln't have. Would it be cool to get him back, to play with occassionally?
  3. Unban possible?

  4. Unban possible?

    Well....yea I did lol but nah Id just like the benefit of playing legally again, have some fun here and there, can promise wont trouble any of you with issues to deal with. Wont even know im here, ghost mode.
  5. Unban possible?

    Not really trying to give a tone to my comment just a reason.
  6. Unban possible?

    Hey, was just wondering if it could be possible to have my ip unbanned from EL I think its been close to a year now I was kicked out. Just as a small reminder BMX giving BriteEyes his char to get a new one, and then a former buddy of mine I do believe tipped you guys off I was screwing around with the rules and all. I think that whole situation was kinda malarky since he was just jealous of all sorts of things I had at the time he couldnt get and pissed him off enough to try his hardest to get me banned. Anyways.....was just a thought I have free time here and there so if I could it'd be great if not oh well, would kinda suck though seeing as how I saw all sorts of different characters that messed up weasel their way back in.