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  1. Dumb Things To Think About...

    Yes, but you won't be able to see it. Because you buy the wrong kind? I always use square meat. Because a round box is way too hard to make. Very likely. There are more than one 911 operator working. Someone needs to be able to answer the phone when he/shee goes to the bathroom. Because your freezer was too cheap to put in a light. My parents freezer does have a light. It would ruin the show. Goofy was meant to be a rat, not a dog.
  2. Minor, But Effective

    Do you have reasons for not liking the idea, except that *you* don't need it? Like, any bad things about it? Do you see any reasons why it shouldn't be done, even if others like the idea? What I'm trying to find out here is whether your "don't like it" should be more like "don't care" or "no way".
  3. Cd

    It should. I have had /usr/local/games/eternal-lands readonly ever since ~/.elc got implemented.
  4. Whats Ur Real Name?

    Is this poll for the guys only?
  5. More Siggy Problems

    Well, seems there is lot of things that this forum can't handle, it can't even display old threads as read, even when we've read them plenty of times and posts disappear all the time, even answers to direct questions from mods. Good thing EL.com page works better then, maybe you should hire the same people to fix your forum...
  6. Vote for game of the month on mpogd.com

    EL will never win without cheating. PS: If anyone disagrees, prove me wrong. Next month. It's too late to not cheat in this month.
  7. Minor, But Effective

    SDL generates some kind of focus event. It's the one that was suggested to use to prevent the DirectX bug (EL stealing ICQ messages). It will require extending the protocol, but apart from that shouldn't be hard to do.
  8. Would You Be Interested In A Blog Plug In?

    I vote yes Why? Because my no vote was deleted, apparently I'm not allowed to vote against Entropys ideas.
  9. CVS Compilation errors

    Tabs? Oh, nedit is a graphical editor? Then it doesn't use stdin That's why it works. It wouldn't work with vi or other tty editor (unless the author played tricks with reopening /dev/tty). Looks like you're missing OpenAL
  10. Problems Maintaining Connection [SOLVED]

    Resolving the hostname is only done once - before connecting. There's no way it could cause a ping between 2 and 29 seconds. (At least not as long as EL uses TCP. A sufficiently creative programmer would be able to make it affect the ping with UDP, by doing a DNS lookup for every packet, instead of saving the reply).
  11. Forum Problems

    I have the same problem, and I have firefox set up to delete cookies when I close it - I.e. cookies have been deleted lots of times without helping.
  12. More Siggy Problems

    I'm trying to put a link to my guild in my siggy, but it keeps getting changed to http://www.eternal-lands.com/ Is there a bug in the forum software?
  13. People of USA, watch out

    Reminds me of a story in an english textbook back in school. A man get's pulled over by a cop in the UK. Man: Yes? Officer: You're driving on the right side of the road. Man: Of course I am, do you want me to drive on the wrong side of the road? Officer: You ARE driving on the wrong side of the road. Man: But, you just said I'm driving on the right side of the road. Officer: Yes, right is wrong and left is right. Man: Actually, I don't remember the last line, I don't think there were smilies in textbooks
  14. Map Suggestion

    With a wraith inside?
  15. Strange Message.

    It's all of them, but I don't recall seing it after it was made so that the chars automatically walk to the correct place. Entering houses used to say "stand in front of the door" or something like that as well.