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  1. One Last Chance?

    Dear Aislinn, I'm fully aware of why you banned me, and will therefore not waste my time or yours by attempting to justify what I did. All I will say on that particular matter is that I apologise servilely. You'll be aware that I subsequently changed both my character and my IP (several times) not just to avoid the ban, but also to make a 'fresh start' and more constructive approach to the game.I have realised that on my first few accounts both me and my brother where stupid and was probably a huge burden upon the moderators again for this I apologise.I'd really like to leave the problems associated with my previous char behind me so I neither want or expect you to reinstate him. However, given my apology and assurance that there will be no further issues, i 'd be grateful if you'd give consideration to unbanning PhysX I know I will be really lucky if you do, but I believe that I do deserve another chance, I have changed, there will be no more scamming, luring or even bag jumping. Me and my brother will no longer be a strain on you and your team (moderators). We would do anything for one last chance on this game, even if it means having a "no alt" restriction (as an example) or anything. I am sure we can also sort something out? Like say we have to be 100% honest and constructive ingame and the time we become a strain upon your team again. You can ban us for good and we won't attempt to try and come back either. Thanks for your time and thanks for any reply I get (good or bad).