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  1. Post your jokes like these one's ;)

    I have three things to say to this. 1. HolyDragon was considerate enough to offer to remove this joke, seeing as it possessed potentially offensive content, so for you to ask me stop being offended is really irrelevant and none of your buisness. 2. This is a joke thread, if you have a problem with me being offended either pm me or post it in the abuse forum. 3. You really have not said anything meaningful or worthwhile that supports your statement that I am "boring". You have merely claimed that I am "boring", which tells us all that you are immature, and that whatever does not amuse you, you scoff at.
  2. What Additions Should Be Made To The Magic Skill?

    A combat adaption of this spell might be 'teleport away'. Casting this spell on an opponent would send them to a random location 5-15 squares away. Probably would not work in pk, though.
  3. What Additions Should Be Made To The Magic Skill?

    Fair enough. Wizzy, I note how you mentioned 150dmg harm spells, but how effective would you say magic is in combat for the average joe magician? And do you think there should be improvements to the skill? Do you think magic should be expanded to more domestic uses? Could you please elaborate, Nathanstenzel, on how specifically it would affect a/d training. I imagine that you mean casting the spell beforehand, entering combat, and then healing as you fight. Perhaps this spell would only work when the caster is poisoned?
  4. What Additions Should Be Made To The Magic Skill?

    In addition to that, something like an antidote spell would be interesting. Some may say that this will cause a unbalanced relationship between potions and magic, but I think such a spell would complement each skill nicely. Potions have a quicker effect, though a higher cool down, in some cases, and do not draw on the user's immediate resources (hp, mp, reagents, etc). However, a spell may fail once or twice before casting and draws on the caster's immediate resources. That sounds neat. The only place that is meant for magic pvp is the Tarsengard Magic School, but that place is kinda small. If we could get an arena for magic pk/pvp in somewhere like DP (All that empty desert is going to waste) that would be cool. But what would stop warrior types from using it? High penalties on fighting effectiveness?
  5. What Additions Should Be Made To The Magic Skill?

    No proplem. You are "Forgiven" lol. However, since you have not played in a while, I am sure you must have noticed things regarding magic that others may have missed. Any thoughts on improvements? One random idea: Verbal input spells. Type a spell and let it go. Chances are that most people prefer the mouse, though...
  6. What Additions Should Be Made To The Magic Skill?

    How do you mean there are not any mages? I though the whole point of this thread is that there are mages and they SUCK! If you are saying what everyone here already agrees on, then please don't wast keystrokes and say something constructive. Can you please elaborate on "die instantly"? Are you saying that the only possible use for magic is 1hitKo spells? You mention that there is a good spell in the game. Ummm, okay, I guess EL is now the only fantasy rpg with a single good spell. Summoning is also a separate skill, and while extremely relative to magic is not entirely relevant here. Mages should be independent of summoning. About the "torches" as you call them. Currently, there is a feature that summons a small campfire, the frame rate tester. This casts light fairly successfully, but it does not follow the invoker about, and if too many are called the game becomes buggy. The reason we need mage lights, as I shall now call them, is twofold: 1. They will increase visibility at night. 2. They will look awesome.
  7. Post your jokes like these one's ;)

    Actually, I do find it offensive (I am Presbyterian). Not that I don't believe God has a sense of humor, but I think it stops at being sacrilegious. Thank you for your consideration. Also, this topic may be redundant, because I started an identical one several days ago in this same forum. Why not merge the two, but instead stick to jokes of a less religious nature?
  8. Blonde Jokes, Pirate Jokes, and Boyscout Jokes!

    Darth Vadar Jokes! Darth Vadar walks up to a storm trooper and says, Do you have any chapstick? On the beach planet of Hah-Wy-E, Darth Vadar asks the lifeguard, May I borrow your sunglasses? An Imperial Guard is making his rounds when he sees Darth Vadar gazing at a small slip of paper. He walks over and says, The big guy finally letting you go, eh buddy? Darth Vadar glances up, surprised, No, he says, This is a coupon for a tanning saloon... Darth Vadar starts patting his pockets and pouches, searching for something. The Emperor looks over, concerned, What are you looking for? Darth Vadar replies, I can't find my inhaler.
  9. Blonde Jokes, Pirate Jokes, and Boyscout Jokes!

    Three men are trapped on a desert island. A djinn appears to them and says, I will grant you each one wish BUT, you must jump off that cliff *points pale blue finger at 500ft drop off*, and I will grant your wish before you hit bottom. The first man is none to bright, so he charges off the cliff edge yelling, Diamooooonnnndddsss.KERSPLAT! He lands in a huge pile of diamonds. The second man is not the brightest bulb on the block either, and he leaps into nothingness yelling, Gooooooollllddd. KERSPLAT! He lands in a huge pile of gold. The last man was, in fact, fairly intelligent, and well aware of the definition of 'kersplat', but he also knew he was gonna die anyway, unless he got rescued, which was quite unlikely, given the fact that the three men had been living there for the past decade or two. So, deciding to go out with a bang, er, kersplat, he chose a wish that he liked the sound of and was just about to jump into air, when he tripped on a rock at the edge, and fell down shouting, POOOOOoooooooooooopppppppp. Landing in an enormous pile of dung with a KERSPLUT! The man lived happily ever after in a beach house made of gold and diamonds.
  10. What Additions Should Be Made To The Magic Skill?

    Fine ideas about elemental attack spells. But what about other, less direct attack spells? A blind spell, that reduces the enemy's perception, might be nice. A slow spell, though goodness knows we walk slow enough as it is. A sleep spell, which probably wouldn't work on thing like gargoyles and ethereal creatures. Curse spells, that temporarily reduce stats, as well. I'm with Saxum, the point of this thread is to think up ideas to bring mages up to speed; we're the ones who are disadvantaged and understated right now, we need to balance ourselves, never mind about warriors and rangers. As I previously pointed out, we have a limited selection of equipment designed for mages, and absolutely no books for mages.
  11. What Additions Should Be Made To The Magic Skill?

    I shudder at the thought of using 9k for just one spell, even high level players would only use such a spell rarely, seeing as there are far better ways of using EFEs. Fair point about frying yourself when using it up close, however. Perhaps if you are in a certain range you take half damage? Magic also needs some more equipment. So far we have one set of robes and two staffs (I'm not counting all of the armor that increases mana, because none of it is very...mageish). Currently, I'm working on a possible Suggestion for more staffs, but some other items would be nice. For instance, how about some Apprentice Robes?
  12. It seems to me, that this is more than likely to be implemented in the near future. However, it will be used, not on a level by level basis, but by paying cash for the extra storage space. Many other in-game benefits operate this way, extra gold, trade bots, guild maps, you name it; all of it is payed for with real life currency. I am most skeptical that extra storage will be any different. Still, it is an intriguing idea, for I expect at the higher levels (I am only level 30 myself) more storage space will be required, necessitating this addition .
  13. What Additions Should Be Made To The Magic Skill?

    Why not be able, for a hefty fee, be able to switch which branch of magic one follows? Because one thing that alot of people have said they like about this game is that you can be whatever you want to be. Currently, the only thing that restricts how good you can be at a skill is something we call nexus. All right. Fair enough, no magician classes, I have been duly convinced of that. But if you examine the book page of the game guide you will note that there is not a single book dedicated to the direct enhancement of magic. So, how about a compromise? A new book tree is created, with knowledge to enhance attack (Sorcery, see my first post), to enhance the more defensive magic (Wizardry), amongst others? There could also be books of elemental magic as well (eg., Book of Advanced Fire Bolt, Book of Advanced Frost Strike), which would, of course, enhance the basic elemental magic unlocked by sigils.
  14. Quests

    Have you checked your quest log to make sure you started it? Can you tell exactly what stages you have gone through?
  15. the new Novac quest

    I had a similar problem with the tutorial quest. I had to harvest White Asiatic lily, but I had harvested several hundred lilies without receiving credit before I logged off in disgust. However, about a week later when I logged back on, the problem had fixed itself, whether this was due to the developers attention or not is beyond me. Perhaps if you run out of options you can wait it out.