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  1. Live Stream Event

    special wepons and armours ?
  2. PK Contest Saturday April 20th

    what is that gmt please ?
  3. Control Rosto Prices

    i find 3 -4 ivans is enough to cover price of rosto i know all do not hunt or fight but this works for me
  4. mortos invasion

    who won mortos single man invasion last night
  5. New client binaries for testing

  6. Renewing EL website

    i like this idea
  7. Global Irilion Invasion, 03/02/2017

    was fun thnx van maybe we could have a land mob theme one time (so no flying mobs) cheers
  8. Money for invasions

    i dont see a problem with making a time limit if not cleared by so many hours uncap it and your invasions are fun and i do appreciate them hawk boy
  9. Money for invasions

    i still by what said
  10. Money for invasions

    as an outsider looking in maybe it would be an idea like the invances are give a time limit to clear if not maybe uncap it then it doesnt affect any others who may want to go to that map it will prob stop any problems with mobs not getting cleared
  11. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    i vote yes
  12. s2e for hydro

    so what benfits do pro fighters get for removing hs to go red drag or hydro cave if the market will just rise for se2 and iron ore btw im not hs but dont see why i need to go there at the moment unless it helps the community and they dont seem to care ?
  13. s2e for hydro

    why not make a new day stone no drops day that would make hydro run fun
  14. don't trust "to whom it may concern"

    well i trust brusu it is a sahme when you think your helping new players and then they do that ,we kicked guildies for far less