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  1. Harvestables sale

    I'm interested in iron ore, message me Yggdrasill in game.
  2. Now that Rule #5 is Gone..

    Hi All, I used to play this game a year or two ago, was not amazing at it but did enjoy it. I just noticed that Rule #5 is now gone. I never thought about having another character, but now I have three questions: 1) What effect do you think this has had to the player base and the community? 2) What recommendations would you have for me if I were to get another character to assist my main? What's the fastest way to level that new character? 3) Does everyone walk around with their alternate characters now? Thanks! Interested to see if I should come back!
  3. Advice for Newb Instance

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering how I could be successful for a Newb instance, meaning what build should I work towards to be a great fighter that can assemble a team and fight in the newb instance. Example: Attributes / Armor / a/d / etc. Thanks Also, other instance levels (almost pro and pro) would also be appreciated if you have any opinions on good "builds" for those instances.
  4. Horray for Penguins!

    Portland Library: You are in Portland insides [34,138] Book of Titanium Molding Book of Titanium Mining Crystal Processing Book of Titanium Smelting Sword Construction Book of Iron Molding Thanks again! Edit: Also!!! White Stone Library You are in White Stone [202,71] Book of Steel Axe Construction Disengagement Ring Building Moon Medallion Building Book of Iron Axe Construction Book of Potion of Feasting Book of Potion of Summoning
  5. Horray for Penguins!

    You are in White Stone - Grahm's Village [125,129] Books: Book of Potion of Physique Book of Titanium Mining (x2) Book of Titanium Molding Book of Steel Axe Construction Moon Medallion Building You are in White Stone - You're in White Stone City [108,694] Book of Titanium Mining Titanium Short Construction (x2) Book of Steel Axe Construction Book of Iron Axe Construction Titanium Long Construction Thank you! I <3 Hyper Bag Scavenger Hunts!
  6. Happy Earth Day!

  7. Extra critical chance

    Just to add to this. I was fighting ferans, which are pretty below my level, and I had simple but effective armor on. A/D: 56,61 p/c/vit: 20/28/12 I wasn't getting hurt at all, and remained at 80 damage. Suddenly, I got hit for 20 damage, just randomly. My a/d isn't that far apart, and obviously I don't see how afk training works (Unless you had a macro script that found a creature, stopped (ran away) then attacked again?) Which in itself is cheating. Anyway. Just thought I would mention this, as this never happened before o.0
  8. tehfreshhkid is scammer

    [tehfreshhkid @ 3]: Selling FE's PM ME [PM to tehfreshhkid: How much each? ] [PM from tehfreshhkid: 3.8 or 3.7] [PM to tehfreshhkid: I will buy them, where are you at?] [PM from tehfreshhkid: DP Sto. ] [PM to tehfreshhkid: Okay, be there in a few minutes] [PM from tehfreshhkid: i need to mix them. so if u give the money for 5k at 3.7 each i will mix them now] [PM to tehfreshhkid: Go ahead and mix them, I will buy them later.] [PM from tehfreshhkid: comeon its better for me :/] [PM to tehfreshhkid: You could just scam me :|] [PM from tehfreshhkid: no way!] [PM to tehfreshhkid: Think how outrageous you are being. Why do you need the money now? So you can not mix them?] [PM from tehfreshhkid: i will mix them. its just better for me to do it my way :/] [PM to tehfreshhkid: Its better for you if I give you about 20k?...] [PM to tehfreshhkid: You aren't even making sense.] [PM from tehfreshhkid: just forget it then.] That was the conversation I had with him, obviously he was being unreasonable. So I remained cautious and asked where to post if someone is "untrustworthy." Got my answer, trustbot. Anyway, pretty much someone posted this and thought I would post more of him being untrustworthy. Sorry to hear about his stealing that occurred.