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  1. Ban :(

    Aislinn please unban my ip
  2. Ban :(

    what with my problem?
  3. Ban :(

    I read one more time the game rules and i think i know for what i got banned. It could be for trades between my chars. I would like to apologize you for current misunderstandings. If there was something more i really regret but i don't remember everything because this was, as i said at the top, 1 year ago. I promise that if i have a chance to play EL i won't do it again. I'm waiting for your decision about possibility to return to the game. And if it's possible, under what conditions. learg's translation
  4. Ban :(

    My sometimes translator evil translate :/. I speak polish but you probably no. Maybe somehow you understand what write.
  5. Ban :(

    Aislinn please give me chance repair this what damage
  6. Ban :(

    I would like to fix my mistake. If possible I would say about my error
  7. Ban :(

    My ip will not be unbanned?
  8. Ban :(

    If I played my first character it will be my ip unbanned? I use translator
  9. Ban :(

    I understand why they are banned but I do not know how to write it. I just want to play again in the eternal lands if it is possible that I can play on my first character. I really like to play this game because I learned a few things through it.
  10. Ban :(

    Is my ip will be unbanned if the administration will delete all my accounts? it would be something in the form of punishment. I began playing again. : (
  11. Ban :(

    As for changing the account is unfolded just bad points and that was the main reason that I changed my character. If this is the reason for banning ip hardest sorry. (I am writing an interpreter because I can not quite as good command of foreign languages)
  12. Ban :(

    true account about how I had my first?
  13. Ban :(

    This username under which I write I have also in the game. I asked earlier about unbans but my topic was deleted.
  14. Ban :(

    Yes I have a dynamic IP and it seems my internal ip has been banned.
  15. Ban :(

    Hi I waiting a long long time at unbans my ip. Unfortunately, I still have a ban. Probably got it from a year ago. If I broke the rules apologize and I promise to improve. My ip is