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  1. you have always been a friend to me hopefully everything will be alright, good luck!
  2. Ti set w/o helm/shield +Rdholam trade

    how much for only plate? or you will keep it as a set?
  3. Selling 10000 Iron Ore

    i buy it for 4 gc each, terminetor ingame, termi
  4. Little Storage Cleaning

    hey i buy unicorn meds heph, terminetor ingame
  5. Invasion 13.07.2011

    hello,i am terminetor, i went to the 120s on in srm even my a/d is 82/84,but i had a lot of fun! ty for this nice invasion i would like to see more of these :DD termi
  6. Defending my name from iZu's lies/rumours

    you are a good guy rip,we believe you,and if you steal a stolen bag its normal i think,and like groomsh said never trust high/hmlm termi
  7. Fifth Annual Raffle

    ty for the serpent sword! was a nice raffle TYVM termi
  8. about sunnyd

    i didnt know her well,but its never nice to hear this may she rest in peace,in the place she now is
  9. Large Spider stuck in Naralik house

    hello,me and raz managed to teleport in its very tricky,but not inpossible, termi
  10. Clearing storage :)

    i will buy the s2e's terminetor ingame termi
  11. Golden chainmail.

    or maybe you could give clothes a golden edge
  12. BUYING

    what price you offer for srs?(sry did missread) terminetor ingame
  13. 80 - 99 invance

    Ingame name : Terminetor Time availability : for 2 months it dont matter for me A/D lvl : ask me plz Ranging lvl : 28 AP : 0 Perception : 6 Magic lvl : ask me the lvl plz Gear : BD set+scythe(or js or cutlass) contact me ingame
  14. New instavasion summary

    hi i have heard the instavasion is 140 mins long not sure either termi
  15. enhance achievements

    or diamond status