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  1. CA$H

    nice Ca$h is still running
  2. Kill LuciferX contest

    i guess it won't be necessary to discuss this topic!! it's a known fact that real-cash affects the gameplay, community and game-economy in good ways and in bad ways. it's also a fact that you can never keep players from using real-cash to improve their ingame-items/cash. aswell, it doesn'T matter if real-cash is used to buy items from a game-financing shop or used to buy items or chars from players, as balances are changing due to this. and scarr, to be honest to your self. you dont need 500 rostogols, you can even them out with your game-skills. you dont need unlimited gold-coins, as you can have all items you need aswell. and you dont need to spend real-cash to be the only player in EL handling taking all perks. when i was still playing, i had all items i could need in such big numbers, that i could have fought fluffies at least 1 month, w/o restocking any single item. i had 200k gc free to spend, never built my own rings, armors, essies nor SR anymore in the last year of playing, didnt get any good drops on PK, and and and.... till, i could have done the same luciX is doing without spending a single $ ever !! and getting 20k tele-essies or similar stuff isnt such a big deal. go scarr!! go luciX!! and dont lame around about stuff that you wont change at all....
  3. NMT game

    got mine within the first 300 fluffs the cape was implemented. after that, i made 3k fluffs w/o getting another though. too bad that i sold my first for 120k
  4. Three word story

    shiny metal (he used 4 words, so im even it out )
  5. EL quiz

  6. Armor vs Defense vs Damage vs etc.

    sounds boring =)
  7. NMT game

    i got mine the 2nd day it was implemented, so i didnt kill much more than 300 for the cape i guess :-)
  8. New NPC

    you didnt regard the failings
  9. Recycling plant

    3rd-state should be named tankelized, not broken !
  10. Hacked

    darkundy even offered that he could swear not giving the pass away. can't call it a smart move.... -------------------------------------------------------------------- Wer einmal lügt, dem glaubt nicht, auch wenn er nun die Wahrheit spricht.
  11. Kill LuciferX contest

    lol 60/100 p/c , i can imagine why there is a legend
  12. Char with glasses ...

    make a post in suggestion-forum, maybe it will be in game sooner or later
  13. Deer pwning hunter

    i wonder if the hunter dropped his tit-chain or had rostogol

    huhu kl4uz :( btw post #250 *GG
  15. Week of no rost...

    with ppl having 400hp, killing someone is only possible in 3 cases. 1.) he is lagged 2.) he is too noob 3.) he has too much Cash and doesnt care for loosing them else dying is impossible, at least from ppl i know that they have talents to PK.