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  1. Sellin sto - FROT

    hi clearing sto a bit offer me reasonable price Food: 185 Bread 1 Cooked Meat 469 Toadstool 9 Wine Flowers: 6 Poppies 20 Impatiens 4 Swamp Candles 53 Blue Lupine 3 Blue Star Flower 15818 Tiger Lilly 36 Lilacs 469 Toadstool 51 Tree Mushroom 70 White Chanterelle 2 Dandelion 3 Cotton 239 Black Rose 25 Mullein 21 Sunflower Weapons: 1 Crossbow 13 Wood Branches 1 Used Orc Slayer 1 Cutlass Armor: 3 Leather Gloves 15 Iron Helm 1 Damaged Ice Dragon Mail 1 Damaged Iron Cuisses 1 Iron Cuisses 23 Enhanced Wooden Shield 1 Black boots 16 Augmented Leather Pants 11 Leather Pants 1 Steel Chain Mail 1 Black Dragon Cuisses 1 Black Dragon greave 6 Augmented Leather Armor 5 Leather Boots 1 Used Titanium Cuisses 1 Crown of Life Magic: 37 Unicorn Medallion 235 Ring of Valley of the Dwarves 5 Ring of White Stone 6 Moon Medallion 2 Stars Medallion 1 Ring of Desert Pines 1 Enhanced Sun Medallion 3 Ring of Naralik 1 Ring of Isla Prima 2 Ring of Portland 92 Ring of Emerald Valley 3 Ring of Damage 211 Point Defense 4 Red Dragon Scale Potions: 624 Potion of Body Restoration 164 Magic Potion 21 Potion of Alchemy 11 Potion of Accuracy 12 Potion of Minor Healing 10 Potion of Summoning 49 Potion of Defense 63 Potion of Reasoning 206 Potion of Physique 64 Potion of Coordination 61 Potion of Attack 66 Potion of Wildness 175 Creature food 2 Poison Antidote Clothes: 7 Warm Fur Gloves 4 Excavator Cape 16 Augmented Leather Pants 3 Racoon hat 9 Padded Leather Armor 11 Leather Pants 6 Augmented Leather Armor 5 Leather Boots 1 Cape of The Unbreakable 5 Fox Scarf 2 Fast Regeneration Cape 1 Fur Cloak 1 No More Tears Cape Misc: 1 Daily cooldown reducer 26 Empty Vial 83 Thread 471 Wood Logs 13 Wood Branches 1 Invasion Token 175 Creature food 1 Boat Ticket 3 Invisibility Removal Ward 6 Leather 15 Bones Powder 1 Yew 4 White Fabric Leave message or pm me here or ingame Frot
  2. Storage Sale - Breath

  3. Storage Sale - Breath

    bump, many items still available!
  4. Storage sale - Breath

    sold , thanks all
  5. 100-119 Invance

    Rat here. Im in, play all time all day. Im middle 100-120 with decent attribute.
  6. RAT Banned

    Hello. I am asking for unbann, i fully understand why i was banned and fully understood punishment. Afaik, my punishment time is up and i am requesting an unban for RAT char. thanks.
  7. RAT

    Hi. This RAT here. I have learned my lesson about flame in channel 6 and wont do it anymore. I have waited patiently and I think it has been about 3 days now and was wonder if i can get unbann now. thanks RAT.
  8. Best Male PKer

    I hear mitch3, garfield_III and garfield_girl have 16 minute fight and garfield_girl win! She is best .
  9. Client keeps crashing

    Ok, so everything works now? ye, everything runs fine
  10. Client keeps crashing

    k works now thnx much ^^
  11. Client keeps crashing

    Edit your el.ini file and set "#video_mode" to 1 or 2. That's the lowest resolution. did this stuff and cant log in at all
  12. Client keeps crashing

    i wish i could do that, but el screen to big for computer screen :/
  13. Client keeps crashing

    this happened to me at first, now i can log in, but cant walk, move screen, talk to npc, press alt for map, ect.
  14. Thermal sword const.

    Selling 1 book of thermal sword. Post here or contact me ingame Eurik is ingame name
  15. Thermal sword const.

    Bidding over.
  16. Thermal sword const.

    i close this in 24 hours so far highest bid is 12k
  17. Invasion 10/13/2007

    was great fun
  18. PK server

    sounds great, but what will cooldown be? Regular or none?
  19. P2P expiration, 5 October

    Can i know when mine expires, Eurik ingame
  20. How tall are you?

  21. xxxx__Generation X Harvesting Kingdom__xxxx

    I'll claim these: Ghrae --- 2k blue quartz, 2k iron --- 7.6k Ermabwed --- 2k iron, silver, sulfur --- 11k
  22. xxxx__Generation X Harvesting Kingdom__xxxx

    Roger reordered i'll take this again. I'll also take this: Grozni --- 4k poision ivy, 1k iron --- 6.5k
  23. xxxx__Generation X Harvesting Kingdom__xxxx

    I'll take this. RogerDeLluria --- 2k silver, sulfur, coal --- 9k I'll take this also.