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  1. FangSlayer paid 26 Dec 2016

    Bot paid for PayPal payment ID is 02916973ES980302y Don't know anywhere else post this Unlock and year fee paid
  2. Susje only use you

    End of discussion i have no time for you. Just think how many hate you dont trust you ban you from there bots guild hmm wonder why Goody Bye
  3. Susje only use you

    No point trying to talk your way out
  4. Susje only use you

    Yeah shocked are we ?
  5. Susje only use you

    What ever ManicMiner main we all know now wasnt gonna post it but scum deserves it
  6. Susje only use you

    Susje is worst player going he ruins market and i know secret about this susje dont trust him at all trust me.
  7. ManicMiner scammed my bot

    Thank you very much it does alot thanks again
  8. ManicMiner scammed my bot

    Shows DarkDiablo sold 10 to me at once Sorry i mean sell at 53k buy at 59k
  9. ManicMiner scammed my bot

    i dont remember setting rosto thats the thing plus no need me get those i harvest and mix all time now
  10. ManicMiner scammed my bot

    thing is me and my father in law dont buy rosto as we dont need i dont know how it was done but he took every penny bot had i changed all passwords
  11. ManicMiner scammed my bot

    what can be done about manicminer that scammed my bot me and my father in law both own the bot and he is really pissed about this as-well this is not on please can someone sort this
  12. ManicMiner scammed my bot

    Records show DarkDiablo sold 10 to me at once carone bought 10 then manicminer started sell buy My ingame name Sneaky_Lee My bot got scammed by manicminer with 221 trades of bot buying rosto at 59k selling for 53k one thing is i did not set this to buy rosto as i no longer use them as don't fight anymore dont know what i can do about this im not good at writing hope you can understand it is there anything i can get done about this all most all gold coins we had has been taken from me my bot FangSlayer scammer ManicMiner Please help all i have was on that bot now gone he even came back after and bought some items with my gold coins surly this cant be accepted
  13. IP Ban

    Well its all sorted now proxy think comfusing me . Any ways i can say partner is no longer going be on here anymore and thanks for the help in game with my questions
  14. IP Ban

    maybe thats because im in same house as my partner and she told me so i am not going to sit there and leave my ip ban from here mistake
  15. IP Ban

    i really am feeling like i am getting a blame here my partner wanted to try el but she has dissagreement with you and i get the attitude about it I resepct the rules! allways have and have helped player out alot with items when they are new