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  1. Alpina and alts banned

    Thank you Aislinn this means alot to me, I totally accept these conditions, this has been a very big lesson and accept these consquenses. I won't let the community and the mods down ever again! Thank you so much for your and all the other mods and players their time, and once again i apologize for what i have done. See you all in EL!
  2. Alpina and alts banned

    Hello EL, It has been a month since i was banned. This past month has been hard and it has really come to me how much i do enjoy playing this game and miss playing, since before this incident i was quiet and looked for no trouble and i assure you if given the opportunity to play again ill never break another rule. I am so sorry for my actions and i'd like to personally apologize to Aislinn, Wizzy and the rest of the mod team. I've made some amazing friends in Eternal Lands and i'd be heartbroken to never see them again. I would really love to return to the game, Thank you Aislinn and the mod team for giving my situation the time and effort you have, and i know i have learnt from my mistake. I hope for a bright future together, Alpina
  3. Alpina and alts banned

    I dont want to sell gold coins, i want to use them myself.The last 2 years i only bought them from starkie. I still have many goals i would love to achieve.
  4. Alpina and alts banned

    I've been very open about what happened, and how it all happened. I'm not here saying what i did was right, it was very wrong. But i do regret all this and i am very sorry for my actions. It was very stupid, but i do hope i deserve another chance. I have been nothing but honest about this. This has been the only macro i have ever been involved in, and the logs should confirm this, I am not approving this behaviour. The plan at the time was to use the remaining materials in storage which was for around 50k more HE i believe. I had a total of ~250-300k silver, 150k Chrysantemum. If i would be given the opportunity to return, i would never do this again or be involved in any form of macro, and any other form of bad behaviour. Alpina
  5. Alpina and alts banned

    It was never my intent to get Kaelfury banned, but the macro was from his ip and computer and had a voice in this aswell. I don't want to talk too much on his behalf he should make his own forum post about that. And about the pw share from his side. I was the first one giving access to all my toons. I was the one paying 2000$ for us so far. Not him, i hope that shows howmuch i care about him. I trust him alot. Don't think ive even ever bought something for my girlfriend worth that much. So i dont like the feeling that i was the one that got him into a world of shit, because i've done alot for my bud. I agree being honest to Wizzy might've gotten us into more trouble at the moment. But i hope this makes something good in the long run. And i would love to see Kaelfury back into EL aswell. Even though there are some insecurities at the moment between us. I truly wish i would be unbanned Inferno, And i would accept many restrictions and penalties to make this true. I understand from your perspective that it might sound like alot of words. But i absolutely mean this. As for your last sentence, i can't do much more than agree to that. Even reading it makes me discomforted of how stupid it is. Alpina
  6. Alpina and alts banned

    Hello EL, El moderators. Recently on 31th of March i have been banned for having kaelfury macro around 50k health essences on my character Alpina for me. This was done over night from 28-31th of march from around 23PM till 8 AM in the morning. I have never macro'd before that or let someone macro for me, but i lost my self to the temptation... I am very sorry for doing this, especially since Wizzy noted this in the @@6 channel, really stupid... Wizzy told me there is an client around that does alot of automated things like instance etc, i do NOT have this client, and i dont think kaelfury does too. I am a total n00b on macroing and i dont even know how to do it. I am not blaiming Kaelfury for this, because i was the one that was tempted for it. Recently i've been playing alot of EL on a daily basis and never had a single second of bad intent to anyone ingame or from the mods or radu. At the moment of happening ive been very straight forward to wizzy about what has been done, and how. I really love playing the game, and would hate to make this the end. I would accept penalties such as No more selling of characters, Sharing or buying and storage wipe of characters. I just love doing instances with buddies, learn my girlfriend how to play and farm achievements because i love those! I think ive created my first toon in 2007 and i have been a handful of trouble in that time, but i hope that you guys see that i matured and play respectfully now. Ever since that time i dreamed of having a maximum character, and recently that dream became the truth. Brim character came up for sale for 2000$. Kaelfury told me about this and proposed to do a 50%/50%. each 1000$. I saw how motivated he was and that made me motivated aswell so i said i could spare it this moment and made my and his dream the truth. And i would love to continue with playing. So far i paid the 2000$ and i dont see the 1000$ coming my way anymore. Also i understand that character sharing makes alot complicated in this story, so i would accept being prohibited from that. I have been playing for a long time, with a history ive done my best to make up to. I do not think i have any enemies in game at this moment. The characters banned at this moment are, Alpina ( 100% self trained, and has been the macro done on ) and abarth. kaelfury and i share whiterhino which is shared 50%. Kaelfury is banned aswell but he would have to say his own words on forums on his behalf, which i don't see happening. I hope i can prove to the community that i am willing to do everything to come back and be an honest player. Wizzy told me to ask for an unban in 1 month but, i would like to make the story clear for everyone. I am absolutely sorry for this, and hope i deserve another chance. and i know i've had many but from my own point of view ive shown that i am willing to contribute my share to EL in a good way, with having joy playing this with my friends ingame. Yours truly, Alpina
  7. shape shifting into a dragon

    stupid idea, phoenix never gets used either.
  8. The Grue of Christmas

    Photo not working hunny
  9. CRASH

    And its down again! ) And its down again!
  10. CRASH

    its 1 am
  11. CRASH

  12. Gypsum Auction


    74 is my house number

    Solved myself, TIP: Don't mess with you're files.
  15. Try getting the right drivers, This is very important. Chester