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  1. Very dissapointed

    Infect sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
  2. Very dissapointed

    Wow, that's harsh, im sorry to hear that,
  3. God Please Save PK - Fighters

    Biggest problem with pk these days is getting people into a pk map.......maybe start having random invasions in pk maps give people a reason to enter.....not mod invasions , giws ones
  4. Full Storage sale after 4 years

    i take 5 ede 5kea. 62 Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword 750ea ,28 Wooden Battle Hammer 300ea 79,900 total
  5. Haidir passes

    i burn passes till i get something i want, if im gonna use my time to do something i prefer a good reward, i actually stopped doing dalies for a while and since haidir passes i havent missed one.. im suprised at the % of people who NEVER use them...STEP YA GAME UP...
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    order cancled, found someone in game....
  7. Last of my storage

    hold me 200k bones and white tiger fur , 90 tit shorts
  8. surely something needs to be done to increase damage to these weapons, compared to range/magic/engineer melee damage is subpar and this is a great place to start
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    100k turquoise please , Pm Mufossa in game
  10. New critical damage

    my concern is this, i train alot more then the average player , it seems to me someone in my posotion would be at a serious diadvantage with this system, im am excited to keep helping test though to help find a happy medium for everyone
  11. New critical damage

    does you're post mean there are more changes to come?
  12. New critical damage

    Me n luci train alot of hours a day for a while now so we had a good idea of our usual breakrate; we have been experiencing a higher breakrate since update, combined me n luci have went through 400k in armor. i wonder if radu's #s are low due to less people training cause they were scared to break armor. we will continue to test and gather info. hmm actually i cant count degraded col ad full loss wasent thinking so not 400k maybe 250-300k then
  13. New critical damage

    degraded col 4-5 hour after update (btw not an abnormal break for me, just keeping track)
  14. Extra critical chance

    summon is hands down the strongest skill in the game already ...are you serious? sure, summoning is a "strong" skill... the "strongest"? far from it. Ranging, magic, and a/d is wayyyy stronger and a more "reasonable" skill then summoning. Comparing Range - Summon: Range is "expensive" with the constant gc drain from arrows and the max AP.. but compared to the FIVE ANIMAL NEXUS (which is a MUST for summoning), the AP pots are nothing And rangers do more damage then summoners because they only need to constanstly click someone, while summoners need to FIRST get close to the opponent; and "mix" before they get "attacked" and prevented from summoning. The sucess rate for summoning compared to ranging is very low. Also, rangers get more glory: they kill someone = "omfgz they gotz skilz bcause pk central annouced it" .. but if summoners kill someone = "n00b, you just spent 25k+ gc to kill me on a Pk map & got no pk central or pki...ROFLMAOLOLOL" ...what's the cost of fire arrows compared to ELEs? Comparing Magic - Summon: Whats the cost of HARM spell ess and cost for ARTIC CHIM summons? (I find both similiar because both skill can be nullified with MI spell:Magic or Invis pot:Summon & both of those handicap can be countered with wards. But to be honest, the cost difference is rediculous) Comparing A/D - Summon: Summon SEEMS to beat A/D most of the time..but at what cost? ALL SUMMONS are ONE TIME use..while bronzes/armor/weapons can be used PLENTY of times before they "break". Beside, summoned creature's base defense is 0.. i'm sure most "pkers" can probably hit an AC summon np ^^ Again, an A/D pker only needs an invis pot and his good to go What's the cost of Bronzes/Icey Armor/NMT/COL/ (850k-ish) divided by the cost of ONE AC summon (25k) and it equals to 34 sets of summon (min).. SO whats the likely hood of the basic "Pking armor" to break after only 34 fights? Not that likely. Especially with NMT. What's the likely hood that i will lose gc each summon? 100%. So the major reasons why i dont consider summoning the "strongest" skill is because its expensive as shxt (cost 5 animal nexus (min) & it costs 25k gc (min) per Pk session), and its "rewards" are very shortsighted compared to the other skills..who wants to spend 25k - 100k+ for 5 mins of dominating? I agree summoning is a "strong" skill..but not the "strongest" That is why you see rangers & A/D pkers roaming around more then Summoning Pkers..because summoning is the MOST expensive and timeconsuming skill..yet its not the "strongest". tiger i dont want to argue this with you much here, seems we have more important things in this thread, but i will say this, when i said "summoning is the most op skill in this game" it is, takes years to hit high a/d weeks to hit level to summon acws, i have all capped attributes and highest a/d in game and i cant fight off the summoned acws,cost is a none issue, you seem to have made an extremely un-informed post, it costs much more to level to high a/d and takes much much much more pp's to be strong in melee,im not complaining, i think summon is fine the way it is, ranging really requires a tank, sumon nothing except you're "iwinbutton" wanna discuss more Pm me in game np.