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  1. Mage/healer 'class'

    Take under consideration that crowns are used for a/d training and harv/mix. But I agree with armors.
  2. Mage/healer 'class'

    As Amaara said. What with CoLs, CoMs? I think mages should be able to have human nexus in use but forbidden usage of some kinds of items, like better armors, maybe some weapons, etc
  3. Mage/healer 'class'

    Do you want to know why? Because you would be able to switch weapon/armor during the fight and play as fighter/mage whenever you want. You rather don't change sword for bow during the melee fight. If you want to range you probably diss and then you're changing your stuff.
  4. Mage/healer 'class'

    Will mage set/som have bonus to rationality?
  5. Pear finder cooldown

    I don't think Burn used map editor. And in my opinion it won't help much. #Add The SKILL is not only marking the harvestables but all what you need to do to find the pear.
  6. Pear finder cooldown

    As Burn said. If someone of the complaining ones tried to move his *** he could beat them. If you really want to make it more "team game" you don't have to put CD. Avallah and I were able to find a few times a pear. It's not so hard to buy some (let's say only 5 - its ~1kgc) PF and walk through few nearby maps with new day. Maybe you'll be the lucky one who find first the map? The factor that determines Pear or Treasure Hunts is one's desire/will. My next few cents. ---------- Lup.
  7. Pear finder cooldown

    Voted "None". I understand Burn. And I'm pretty sure that adding CD on PF won't change anything. You cannot change one's attitude to their laziness.
  8. Mage/healer 'class'

    I like WW's: and also Elke's and Raz's suggestions. Make not 1 perk worth 20 pp but divide it on few perks. Players should have been given a chance to build "balanced" class too. E.g. You can take 1 melee perk and 1 mage perk with no or minor restrictions. And if the person gets more mage perks more melee negs are added and you cannot take more fighter perks. I hope you'll understand what I tried to tell you. #Add: As restrictions/negs I see: *decreased basic/cross attributes (was posted before), *negative bonuses for acc/dodge, *person with this perk/-s could not use armors better than requiring human 5 ---- Lupus
  9. Maybe it could be done for items that recommended lvl is no higher than 20?
  10. Mule level update

    Maybe we should think about special items for mules... like armors. Maybe give some cold/heat prot with lvl rising
  11. Animation for casting spells

    Any hope that LD effect will work?
  12. We have @3 and bots... For me this is enough.
  13. Daredevil

    -3 pp and rosto don't working
  14. a global this weekend?

    Thank you Maxine. It was great, at the beginning was a bit boring but later was excellent. I and friend were able to clean a bit Irinveron of Chims.
  15. Treasure finders

    You can find info about treasures and other global messages (the blue ones) here: http://twitter.com/#!/Teh_Master Radu sometimes put info on facebook. But the best place to check if the treasure is still ingame is @6. There is no official description and I don't know if I can place here any infos.