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  1. Why? It would make using offensive magic spells and low level monster summoning actually profitable. You can now make your own death essence to use offensive magic at lower levels to make profit from killing monsters with it. Steps for Death Essence 1. You need mercury, cactus, and quartz in order to alchemy death essence. 2. Cactus can be harvested for free, Quartz will require 2 inorganic nexus, and you can either buy mercury or extract it from Cinnabar Ore. Here is where the problem comes in: Cactus Price: Your time + leather gloves which you can get for free from doing NPC tutorial quest (great) Quartz Price: 2 pickpoints to Inorganic Nexus + Book Research + pickaxe (okay so at lower levels you will have to take it away from something else) Mercury Price: 6 Inorganic Nexus to harvest Cinnabar Ore + Book Research + pickaxe + alembic tool price too extract the mercury (yikes with those 6 pickpoints that's 3 different attributes you could have increased instead + the price of alembic which goes currently for 10.000gc) Okay so you sacrificed 6 pickpoints into Cinnabar Ore, and maybe someone let you borrow their Alembic or you bought after winning a contest. You even took the other route and just bought your 1 mercury off the npc, you start the mixing window with your ingredients for death essence..failed you also lost your ingredients. :Ouch. My suggestion would be to replace mercury with Toadstool which is also known quite well for it's poison (it would fit in well with the theme of death). New Death Essence Recipe: Cactus Price: Your time + leather gloves Quartz Price: 2 pickpoints to Inorganic Nexus + Book Research + pickaxe Toadstool price: your time (great you don't even need a tool to harvest it) This would fall in line better with health essence mixing as that also only requires harvesting with 2 inorganic nexus and only 1 alchemy mix needed (you need to extract mercury before mixing for death essence). What about Spirit Essence? Well the current offensive spells don''t use it, so I can't use the same argument. Teleport to range is very helpful to a ranger, but technically you could just keep your distance by backing up. Meanwhile as a mage, the ingredients are a requirement in order to make a living off of it. With this suggestion, you could use the money from the dropped creature to pay for the leather gloves to harvest the cactus. If you buy mercury you risk losing time and gc if the mix super fails.
  2. Future of Cosmetic Horses?

    Are there any plans of changing them in the future? I would love if EL took the approach of other free MMORPG, and made horses travel faster than human speed. Or offer different types of horses all together. For example: $2.00 = Cosmetic Horse $5.00 = limited time Faster traveling horse (disappears into inventory if attacked or entering cave/house). $10.00 = permanent Faster traveling horse (disappears into inventory if attacked or entering cave/house). I think since the focus for this game is patient with leveling skills, at least exclude traveling from it. TurtleKing = old user checking back on the game.
  3. Speed Hax Day

    I think that in order to get a positive special day passed a negative day must accompany it is a bit selfish. Don't get me wrong I love this game, and especially the fact that it is free and open to us. However, I believe the overall goal for any video game in general should be for the user to have fun. I understand setting up boundaries and limitations in order to have some control over certain situations, but really this idea of a negative special day were instead of the players, monsters or all creatures have the speed hax effect is as a bad as a combination of green day + labor day. For the following reason: do you remember when you had to to kill a creature in a forest area (lots of trees like dp evergreen woods), and there was this moment where it became really frustrating because the creature would go under brush or trees making it difficult for you to click on it and catch to it at the same time? I am sure several of us have experience this at least once in EL. Now, add to that situation the creature being on an energy drink so to speak. I see the negative day causing several people to log off frustrated which will defeat the purpose of having fun. Incidentally, I know that if you didn't at least have someone in-game that paid attention to you whether in a positive or negative manner you wouldn't be playing this game for a long period, right? Even if its just to buy your items or the other way around. All things considered I don't mind some of the negative days setup in EL, but for this particular negative day I see frustrated players in too many ways...Bob the Goblin + Running shoes = newbie nightmare.
  4. Speed Hax Day

    Guys your are missing the point. Please either support the special day idea in the first post or give some constructive criticism as to why it would not work.
  5. Speed Hax Day

    Day of no grief it is not the opposite of Acid Rain Day. Acid Rain Days degrades the items in your inventory to the point where you will not have anything left. The opposite of that would be an upgrade. In other words, the items in your inventory would be better if applicable to whatever you have during the day. For example, your iron sword would become iron broad sword. In addition, day of no grief has to do with fighting not the weather effects. So your point is invalid. So thanks for your unnecessary post.
  6. Speed Hax Day

    I don't think a negative day is necessary. There is already a business side to this day by promoting speed hax potions effects. In addition, we don't have a positive special day for some of the negatives ones. For example, there is no balance for acid rain day.
  7. Speed Hax Day

    I don't think food bar should be affected since this is meant to be a postive day, and also the speed hax effect is caused by the gods not the players. Sorry, for not mentioning it on the first post but I never used speed hax potions before. I just thought it would be nice to do some quest and trips faster for 1 day. I can see though how this might make it difficult to catch some folks during combat, but then again the attacker is fast as well.
  8. Speed Hax Day

    English: Everyone will have the speed hax effect for the entire day. Role Playing: One of the gods feel asleep on the fast forward button on the remote of our planet, so for the entire nap time we will be traveling a little faster through time. Note: Food bar will not be affected, and speed hax potions will have no no effect on this day.
  9. Walking to PL Magic Shop

    Confirmed by other guildies to have the same result. I don't think this is just cause the bridge is blocked since every time i try it I get the same result. The odds of a creature or someone blocking the bridge every time I try it seems to small to occur.
  10. Walking to PL Magic Shop

    Sorry if this already has been mentioned, but I wanted to post this before I forgot about it like I always do. Anyways, when coming out of Portland Cave with the white stone exit if you click on map to go to the magic shop in Portland, instead of taking the small wooden bridge nearby your character will go around the city and through Portland's titanium cave. This detour is 2-3 times the distance than just taking the wooden bridge. I have not asked others to try cause as I mentioned I always forget about it after a while.