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  1. Bot expiration

    Paid for Frisia for 2020 (sorry, forgot to pay in December) Receipt number: 6XL20222AX1836608 Regards, MA.
  2. URL unreachable?

  3. URL unreachable?

    Thanks for the info, we'll just have to wait for Sir Odie then... ;-)
  4. URL unreachable?

    Hi all, Anyone else experiencing problems with loading the "http://bots.el-services.net/"-pages ? Since 2 days I get an "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT"-page, maintenance/moving to another host?? what's up? Regards, Michel.
  5. Expiring bots

    Paid for Frisia for 2019 Receipt number: 3GT11392WN150232J Regards, MA
  6. Vial mold and EFE-prices

    Thanks for the reply, I totally agree with the fact that prices should reflect real supply and demand, that's why I asked the question if it wouldn't make more sense if NPC prices would also take the 'market'-prices into account (as part of a formula) to calculate prices for a day (or week or whatever timeframe is chosen), maybe this would lead towards a game in where the making/crafting/potioning etcetc of items are worthwhile again (instead of reading a 'big book of....'). I do think that should be possible (the 'big book of...'-part) but I somehow I think the original idea for leveling (making items) in a skill is somehow bypassed in the last years. btw, I don't think the lifting of having alts is, or should be, a valid answer, it just means there is a work-around available. ;-) MA.
  7. Vial mold and EFE-prices

    Hi all, So I've had a 'break' from this game for some years and recently I thought of playing again, I did notice the (slight?) decline in players but what happened to (bot)-prices for EFE?? at almost 28k/30k each this means thing like making vial-molds (and vials) with a break rate at 2200/2500 isn't something anyone with some sense would still do... Are there any thoughts going around to 'revive' the crafting of items (i.o.w. remove the possibility to buy items like vials/rings for fixed prices from NPC's or make them dependant from bot-prices....) or has the game now more or less evolved to a combat-only game? Kind regards, Michel.
  8. Expiring bots

    Frisia paid: 6PX789053F6101056
  9. Expiring bots

    Frisia has been paid 30/dec/2016 TransactionID: 4V211947F0929143Y
  10. Expiring bots, April of 2014

    Paid for Frisa transaction ID: 90C42372C1806772D
  11. Expiring bots, November 2014

    Would have been nice if you had also included 1 or 2 months ahead in the schedule (December/ Januari), I think my bot is up for December ;-) Greetz, MichelAngelo
  12. Server Update Questions

    With regards to the question about the new quest, you might want to check out the Eternal Lands-fb-page.... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eternal-Lands/102799149763320?fref=ts Regards, Michel.
  13. Ring of TG?

    Hi there, I've always wondered what the reason was (is) that not all maps have rings, for example, why is it that TG (C1) doesn't have a ring for it. Anybody knows??? Thanks, M.
  14. el-wiki

    Hmm....sounds like a problem, did anyone make a backup? This may very well be the end of that wiki then, did someone already try to contact jan.liebezeit? at least this emailadress was mentioned in the registry... Greetz, M-A.
  15. el-wiki

    Hey all, I was wondering if anybody knows why the el-wiki is offline Greetz, MichelAngelo