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  1. Removal/modification of rule 5

    I voted no, cause I dont think it will contribute to bettering the game.My question is: what happened that you might want to consider changing it now?
  2. Log in rewards

    I like it. 2 of the other games I play have those little surprises and after 5 consecutive days, I get something a bit more valuable. It is especially nice when you are a new player logging in. Works for me. If people dont like it, give them the option to turn it off.
  3. Marsuvess aka Mirim

    Mars, As your friend, I ask you to rethink and edit your last post. I think you are better than this.
  4. the Dutch are known for their tolerance for different things. Im proud to be Dutch, but sometimes I dont know what to think. What do you think? http://www.dutchnews..._of_art_soa.php
  5. thank you EL

    Posted 25 June 2010 - 06:21 AM i've played this game for 2 weeks now. I would like to share my views on it, now that I still remember how it feels to be a new player. Although people are very willing to answer my questions, I still have no clue how to raise levels. I know 2 players only so far and it is nice to say 'hi'when I see them. Other than that, it is still an alone game for me.I still feel kinda lost in this game. I think I am doing pretty good in this game; my oa is 36 . I have 1k money. Overall I think one needs quite some patience to get started in this game. I wonder if other new players have that patience. I know I do, because this game is worth my time. ------------------------- 2 Years ago I wrote a long post including the above. Since then, so much has changed. I do know how to raise levels; I am proud to say I am in the top 50 for engineering and my oa is now 135. I certainly have more than 1k gc. It is not an 'alone' game for me any more. I talked to some very special people who have become dear to me. Thank you all for making me enjoy this game. It is a great game and as I said 2 years ago: this game is worth my time Mak
  6. The Death of a Ranger

    I dont know you , but I hope you realise how silly this sounds.
  7. 2 animal removal stones

    Hello, I have 2 animal removal stones. Since I have no use for them, because I do not have animal nexus, I would like to trade them for 2 other nexus removal stones. I will trade only with someone who is respected by me and my guildies (R&R) Please post here or talk to hussam ingame Thank you in advance. Mak
  8. Why was Pithyus and family banned?

    How much longer is a player allowed to offend a moderator?
  9. Haidir passes

    I use a haidir pass when I have to kill something that I consider too difficult for me. Yes, I can always get help from my guildies, but still I prefer to use a pass when I feel I cannot kill alone. Im very glad that the haidir pass exists, it gives me more freedom to do what I like. mak
  10. djem998

    You did not care to save, but you cared enough to post and throw his/her name around. I dont know either of you. Am I supposed to just believe you cause you are more experienced/respected/dumber/smarter/mature/childish.....? Ever heard about the power of rumours and how you can destroy reputations? Sorry about posting again (banned from the bot, ow), but maybe, Stronze, you need to talk to your guildleader about the ways of EL?
  11. Netherlands / Holland

    Mussie, Maak je nou geen zorgen; ik ben er 100% van overtuigd dat je geslaagd bent en ik heb eigenlijk altijd gelijk. Ik hoop snel weer zin te hebben om dit spel te spelen. Zal vanzelf wel weer komen; de laatste weken was ik alleen maar bezig met de dailies en met spullen voor Darith te maken. Mijn afwezigheid heeft dus zeker niks met jou, Bins, Dre, Boe en de rest te maken. Ik speel gewoon even Auteria tot ik weer zin heb om terug te komen. Dag
  12. djem998

    Dear Stronze, rule 1. All post MUST include proof. rule 4. Only valid complaints will be tolerated. Seriously......... But ok, ok, I get your frustration, the guy actually apologised. tsk, tsk.
  13. Netherlands / Holland

    mussie, hoe gaat het met je examens?
  14. Netherlands / Holland

    hoi, Ik kom wel gauw terug hoor. Ik kan niet lang zonder jou en bins en dre en boe en de anderen. Just need a small break. Succes met je examen.
  15. Horray for Penguins!

    Thank you LNX guild for the wonderful prize I won during the 'find the members of the guild' event. It is appreciated. makuyi