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  1. Selling Iron Ore

    Due to this statement in my original thread. I must go by the timed date stamps of those that have posted. I feel it is unfair to those that took part in this auction to accept any bids that were placed after the auction's closing date specifications. The winning bidder is:
  2. Selling Iron Ore

    Wanting to sell 60,000 Iron Ore. Starting Bid 192,000 gc BIN: 255,000 gc Plz bid in increments of 1,000 gc. Auction will run till 03:00 (3:00am) Pacific Time USA Jan 20th 2011 or till BIN is meet, which ever occurs first. Plz note with the above date being during the week. I may not be able to deliver the product to you till the weekend due to my hetic irl schedule during the week.
  3. Windows 7

    With the help of my bud Kobor this issue is resolved. The problem was : "the file can be seen through the mapeditor Open windows but not through the windows file explorer. And all normal stuff was checked (not a hidden file etc) comp running Windows 7 , 64 bit version. Gave up controls of my pc to my bud (trust i know em good) and he did all kinds of fast moving my mouse st00fs for close to a hr and half. Conclusion ended up being we think the map editor application runs on a 32bit where as windows 7 runs on a 64bit or at least mine does. That itself may of caused a issue with created elm files being "locked" automatically. Also possible reason for them to be unseen through windows file explorer, thus unable to attach automatically through ones email account. Kobor did however changed a few file names (i forget which he's just to fast to watch and write at same time) made a new file and was able to paste the elm file into that folder where we were then able to extract that elm file and attach it to a email.I mostly watched in awwww, so if this doesnt make any sense, thats mostly the reason why. And am mostly relaying info for if incase someone else has similar issue in the future. Anywho, have fun ~ me
  4. Windows 7

    I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.. My issue is this.. I can go into my EL Map Application Program and load the file KA.elm.gz However, when I try to attach it to my email to send to roja, it is not in exsistance. When I go back to my EL Map Application Program, then to map folder, (from the map application) I see it listed there. I can copy it. However I can not paste this file anywhere, or onto anything. Also, I notice this file or any file that I have created using the EL Map Application Program, has a lock icon on it (assuming this is a function of the application due to any new maps i make, also have a lock icon on them.) The direct route I take to view this file is:computer -> emachine drive c -> program filesx86 -> EL Programs -> Mapeditor Application -> click on open folder icon -> KA.elm.gz and presto it appears in my map application program.. But, no where else, ever.... .. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated since this file has to be to roja asap. Very time sensitive lolz
  5. Yeti spawns

    I agree with this statement. If pick that map apart, there is things to harvest and other things you could do there as well. The idea of a jungle in sense, is great. Same with many other maps, theres creatures on maps, quests possibly, hidden secrets, the list goes on and on. Each map does have it differences, and not just slightly, but they greatly differ. Which is great. Though I still think a happy medium would help solve some issues with WV. A happy medium between mixers, fighters, rangers and just your avg player in general. I can remember the first attempt at "testing" the ~LE~ map with Roja and Ent. During the walk, I didn't have enough "details" persay. Details like grass edges, tree leaves around bottom of trees, just basic detail st00f mostly is what they told me. WV has that, so that is not a issue. Another thing that was discussed was some things I custom made. The idea of them were great, but due to the amount of things used to create "fancy" steps as one great example, I had to remove that idea. Do to I was told "less is more sometimes." I was able to find a large item to use, to create somewhat the same thing with a similar look. For that particular steps into a solo pk arena, the items on the steps used. Went from 25 items to 8 or 9 I forget. Fps increased dramatically do to the change. Some other areas where I made bushes, and etc. Were also removed or a few things here or there, to help with the "less is more sometimes" idea. Today the ~LE~ map is slightly different then it was back then. Its been updated once, do to wants and needs of those in ~LE~. But its principal and over all use ability remains the same. On the last test with that map during that time, I made the needed changes. Added 2d details, finished some custom work. Bugged Ace all the time about st00f lolz. The use of it has more uses then just for safe pvp. Guild meeting center, a quite place to do some mixing if you perfer, a pool to hang out with your friends and splash around a little bit. Even had a ttr training area. It takes a little practice to ttr to exactly where you want, every time. The list goes onto other things, guild events, alliance events, etc. My point is, as I was told "Less is more."... Could that be applied to WV and still not take away from it in a manner where it changes the map? So that everyone including mixers, fighters, handmen, etc are still happy with the map's over all use ability.
  6. Yeti spawns

    If characters were not meant to be where they currently are. But were kinda suppose to be. This is a little confusing to me. Because EL is a mmorpg and has been around for a while. Since theres not suppose to be a end persay. A end in the means of "you have reached the highest level possible and will no longer level". Then what confuses me, is how can we have hydro bars buying pp's, the want for people to play and to be a part of the communities population for years. If someone trains for years, trains any skill, how can we not exspect them to achieve a overly high level or that cap of "you have reached the highest level and shall not increase that skill level"? The baught pp's from hydro bars, the nexus removal stones. Its all geared towards making your character stronger, or more efficient at something or towards something. So to say that there shouldnt be as many, is a little backwards? I know your taking into account, baught characters, the unavg player who plays for 10hrs+ a day, the people who share train a character. But what about the avg player? The people who have been playing for 5, 6+yrs,or those since the great server crash. Sure, not many of them still around compared to history population stats. Though if most of them did still play. Where do we think they're levels would be at current day, if they were to play for a hour or two or three a day till present time? Imo I think they would be where this discussion is leading us. If not, then imo I think they would be larger or bigger in stats then the current discussion. I know this is based on heresay, due to most are not present in todays time. But if we take into consideration, the "what ifs" then I think the larger picture is more visible to some degree. I know we can't base everything on a "what if". Though I do know we can take the time to consider the possibility of a "what if".
  7. Yeti spawns

    I agree, each map should be different, and each map should have its own "flavor" persay. I have made maps for a couple guilds on here (~LE~, Lion) and currently working on a couple more. I know about creating maps at least somewhat, its one of the top reasons I continue playing and for my return a handfull of months ago.. I also know, the more particles/items etc used in a condense area, the more likely one is to lag, or resync. WV is a cool map, on how it is created, the idea of it. Please don't get me wrong. Im not suggesting removing all trees, vines, vine leafs, mushrooms, etc. I think some have taken this out of context and elaberated on it in a extreme manner. When I stated thinning out. I was more so meaning a tree here a vine way over there, etc (more user friendly to a degree). Maybe even more so aquiring more use for the tree houses. If were to thin out around those. I can see WV being a some what decent ranging map. But as current, for example the tree houses on the east and south, its almost impossible to attempt to range "path blocked" "path blocked". Also by doing so, since I do know that theres 2 maybe more spawns around those areas. It would be regular combat friendly for the avg player. Sure, things should be difficult. However, should they be difficult in the manner where they are out of control? Out of control in the sense of no longer in the hands of the player, or the game system itself. But rather by a action that occurs like lag or resynce or "disconnected"? I can not speak for the majority only because I am not them. But I would be willing to state that imo for most it is frustrating to try and do "anything" and start to lag, resynce, disconnect. Aislinn I agree on your 3 key points you made. Though those are all controlled choices by a player imo. I don't think lag, resynce, disconnect (unless you been naughty is only option i can see someone helping you disconnect) is a controlable option by either players or the game itself. Every creature should have a challenge or be the challenge. But why should the challenge be lagging or resyncing? As for double spawns and a grindfeast comments. If a few years ago the majority was at "place creature name here" and through time. They increased their stats, need harder creatures to train, etc. Regardless of 24/7 grindfeast, char buying, etc. Why should the majority of those players be training on a lower leveled creature vs a creature more intended for their levels that also could provide the challenge you talk of? If the only thing stopping those players is a additional spawn here or there in current spawning locations.
  8. Yeti spawns

    Even with the suggested changes in place for trices. Willowvine is a difficult map to travel through. Wheather using the tree houses to range, or just normal combat on the floor. The amount of arial vines and trees on the ground makes it difficult to navigate through to a creature. I know there are a few places where its been thinned out not including the beach. Though I would like to see a couple more thinned out areas with in it. This would help with navigation through the map, use for those with slow internet or a lower end computer so they dont lag or resync. These changes would create a somewhat possible map to range on throughout the map, and better user friendly map to use. So far, what you and I agree on is.... Yeti's - respawn -5 for solo. OR Take exsisting single spawns and maybe turn a couple or so into double spawns. Leg'O - increase number of spawns. Trices - Increase max gc drop by 60gc plus add 100hp, OR the feather it drops have a 2nd regular use (new type of arrow or bolt anyone?)and increase max gc drop by 30gc plus increasing the trices health by 100hp. I know lower leveled people probally not care much about this particular topic at the moment. But later this could make it slightly more easier for them. Besides, if none of this ever becomes implimented. Maybe some will recall and take with them the "its better to train on a solo or different spawn(s), then it is to sit and wait for 2-5hrs doing nothing for a particular spawn to become free."
  9. Yeti spawns

    If adding a few more single spawns to current spawning locations of yeti. Could indeed create a new double spawn for example. Or at least, a possible double spawn in sense? I'm not asking to make entirely new spawn locations or double spawn locations. But rather a idea of previous mentioned in above. I agree to a extent. There should be more Leg'O spawns regardless. To me, I recieve more damage from trice then I do from Leg'O per "training session". The length of time training supplies last for are not close to identical in my case. So am unsure how it affects the majority that "could" train trices. I still think trices need some "adjusting". If the trice drop cap in gc was raised from a possible 220gc to 280 gc. Or if the trice feather had a 2nd regular use, and the max drop cap was raised maybe 30 gc instead of my suggested 60gc. I think adding 100 hp would result in a great training creature for solo or multi. That itself would or could pay for the extra restore some may need by adding the extra 100 hp. And still result in your suggested "barely acceptable" single spawn semi training + semi farming creature on game.
  10. Yeti spawns

    Very true. Though I myself don't find it feasable for my character to train on yeti's. The amount of exp I recieve vs training on other creatures like Leg'Orc for example isn't feasable. For me, they can only be used for farming. So hopefully your advice helps someone in regards to yeti. Still though, a "slight" increase in amount of spawns is always a "plus" in idea when considering number of players at training level vs amount of spawns available. Some people could down train to a smaller creature as you stated. But should the majority of people (at that level) have to, or have to wait to train? I think a slight increase to spawn count could possibly help "promote" less wait time and less down training. Given somewhere along the line people start thinking in manner of "Its better to train a solo spawn, then to wait and not train at all." As for trices, I agree and disagree at same time. I agree on the -5 sec on respawn time needed, and that death "could" become more prominant as with any creature that would recieve a hp increase.. I disagree that a additional 100 hp for example is going to drastically decrease the gc per / hr resource. Sure I think it would degrade slightly. But the idea of training them becomes slightly more feasable in idea. With my expierence, Leg'Orcs drop less gc then trices do. So as a gc resource (for the ratio of gc/hr + exp/hr when compared to Leg'O's) becomes a better possible alternative. Since Leg Orc spawns are few and usually occupied. Imo trices could be a great alternative to a extent if given a slight hp increase. May even help some decide to move up to the next creature instead of remaining on Leg'Os for eternity. Trices are the avg creature between Leg'O & Giant's.. So why not let them become more trainable useable? Many people like to flee train. At current, flee training on Trices for me, leaves a second roll of exp with the trice starting out with only enough hp to get a couple exp gains on att/def. Which is less when compared to Leg'O which is a "smaller stated/leveled" creature then trices. Also, if the feather drop from a trice had a second use, I also think that would help increase the gc/profit ratio. But I dont want to ask for to much yet.. One step at a time.
  11. New stones

    I like this idea. Think it would be great. Though maybe I could suggest keep all ingreds the same cept the ELE and EDE.. Maybe if was a chance to lesson the amounts down to 10 ea instead? The only con I see to it: Possibly same people doing this, thus resulting in one particular time zone always having sun tzu day (or any other special day). Unless by doing this causes 2 ingame days to have sun tzu (or any special day) so that possibly all irl time zones are affected by it?
  12. Yeti spawns

    Sure iscal has yetis.. Just also happens to be where a daily resides for yeti's as well? I've used yeti's there and maybe its just my luck but always get someone that comes talking about "I must do daily" and I reply with "wait i using yeti atm.". I dont know if they to lazy to go find a different spawn, or if at that moment, all spawns there as well are taken. Sometimes bs arrises out of it causing a serp war sometimes not. Though is more often then not. Double spawns are great, though I also use solo spawns as well. Maybe I'm not part of the majority. Regardless I feel there are way more players at the yeti, leg'o, trice level, etc then there are creatures available for reasonable training at those levels. I did forget to mention in my above post. In regards to trices, I think they're hp needs to be increased to something like 500+, more perferably 500-600. I think they cause more dmg then Leg Orc, but are less hp? So if cause more damage then leg'o, but are less hp. How can we equal out its use for trainability to be improved? I think that would help to a large degree for that particular creature. edited: amount hp increase for trice.
  13. Yeti spawns

    I know this is a old thread. And not trying to pirate it. But thought this idea may need some further suggesting.. Imho I think yeti, legionare orc and trice spawns need some tweeking. Leg orcs & yeti most importantly.. I think those two in particular need some more spawns available. The wait time seems to be more like 2-5hrs. Which in my opinion is a little ridiculous for someone to wait on. Sure we can not wait, and move onto the next smaller creature.. Then we see ourselfs waiting for 2 - 5hrs again... My suggestion would be a increase of 5% - 15%+ to amount of spawns created to each creature listed in this suggestion. Trices would be a great training tool. Cept willowvine as mention needs to be thinned out a little imo. It tends to cause lag and resyncs for some of us. Plus the dense vegation makes it difficult to find the creature, see the creature, etc. Theres more and more people training on the above mentioned creatures on a weekly basis.. This itself adds to longer waiting times.
  14. 3 months of EL playing

    Glad to see your still around. Believe we've chatted a couple of times.. As for your chat channel suggestions, comments. I think "general chat" channel may lean towards this aswell(someone correct me if I'm wrong)? In regards of talking about anything game related, skills, levels, etc. If you ever wanna chat, you know as I stated in past, your welcome to pm me any time you can catch me ingame. Not being a part of a guild has its advantages and disadvantages as you are well aware of. The whole guild drama bs I must agree with along with the public diplomatacy bs. But on the other hand you get to meet some cool individuals, sometimes do some things in a party type atmosphere. Wether you believe it or not, you are a part of EL. As for crossing over from the "newb" era.. I think everyone is a newb. Including myself. Only because as the game progresses, things change, or become implimented. Then everyone must relearn that particualar thing. So in sense, everyone is a newb. Instances are fun, to best describe it.. Its like a invasion with caps, with your levels in mind based on "if" there were at least a few of you in a team/party vs a creature or many lolz. The idea is, can you survive? As for not knowing everything about EL.. Don't worry about it. Theres a lot of st00f I have no clue about still. Probally even more st00f I've forgotten about over the years of playing on and off lolz. Just keep having fun you will learn st00f as you go edited: in regards to general chat channel.
  15. skipping school

    That made me "LOLz".. Someone turned in a kid for skipping school tryn to find help to come up w/ a better excuse to tell his teacher. lolz.. In all seriousness. I also think the admin that reported the student shouldn't have taken any steps further then speaking directly to the student. If not want drugs, bad words, skipping school in they're forums or etc. Then should make it a public rule or some bs and advise its users in a proper manner. Anything more then that is ridiculous. Same goes for the bs going around a while back where people were making blogs, and employers were firing the employee's (blog writters) for bs that was stated or being talked about with in that individuals blog. These two topics work hand in hand.. I think both are bs. I think big brother needs to find something more important to do...