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  1. Auction buying 100 hydro bars

    Iancu Jianu in Melinis offer 100 hydro bars for 1500000gc
  2. Why the Invance Change?

    120-145 no worth to do it, except fun
  3. Auction Artificial removal stone

    I offer 1Mgc
  4. Update customs with problem

    try to delete current custom_clothes.zip
  5. Weekly Quest.

    we already have 1 "weekly quest": wtf instance
  6. Eternal lands User Folder

    but... This solution will change tail only in user_path full string. It is no way to change full path in windows. EL client concatenate CSIDL_PERSONAL + "/" + CONFIGDIR If you want to change path you need to change EL source code a bit. But it is illegal
  7. Eternal lands User Folder

    you need reconfigure and rebuild el client quote from EL sources: /* * Note: If you wish to use this functionality, be very careful. * For the typical linux usage, you'd add the following to make.conf: * FEATURES += CONFIGDIR=\"elc\" * * Note that you should not have a leading or trailing slash. * If ELC is able to get your home directory; it, including a trailing slash, is put in front of CONFIGDIR. * If not, there is no slash in front, so the failover is to use a dir in datadir (the current working directory). * * Unless you have a real need for it (such as having to maintain multiple configdirs) it's better to just use * the default; this isn't really intended for just using a different name if you din't like "elc" */
  8. prices

    I don't think it will be fatal for radu. Anyway, people lose rosto more than they find rosto in rare drop.
  9. prices

    increasing rare rate (drop chance) will solve this problem
  10. Hall of the Dead

    It seems you have nice percent from EL shop for burning rostos?
  11. remove name changed player

    delete guild create new guild with same name accept players again problem solved
  12. sound effects help

    Edit "C:\Program Files (x86)\Eternal Lands\sound_warnings.txt" by adding new string "alert3 = You stopped harvesting."
  13. sound effects help

    you need unpack archive
  14. I suggest word "clear" replace to "X"
  15. prices

    Main idea of EL manufacture system is if you want skilling you must pay for it
  16. Can't resolve server address.

    open servers.lst in your binary folder and change game.eternal-lands.com to
  17. New enriched energy essence use

    100 EnE + 1 enrich stone maybe?
  18. Big clothes auction!

  19. hmm... looks like your system sound system is OK try this way: in EL ctrl+o -> "audio" make sure you have: [ ] Disable Sound and Music System Sound Device -> make blank [x] Enable Sound Effects volumes numbers make greater [x] Enable music Check if you have folders "music" and "sounds" in your Eternal lands binary folder
  20. print here output of commands: sudo lsmod|grep 'snd' sudo ls -l /dev/snd/
  21. Beware of TACO

    If you send money 'as gift' you can not abort transaction
  22. Dragon scales

    2 Raistlinn: bot do not have scale in inventary because it is useless item and noone need to buy it (except rds and ids now). Big part of scales in player storages
  23. Dragon scales

    LOL waiting for 3 more stivy for monopolization insta entrance. But great idea with karolus addition.