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  1. Thank you for "What's my current task"

    Engineering and Tailoring are not listed as possible rewards. I do not think they were skills when quest implemented. Since there are a bunch of new players and some may want to start on Engineering and Tailoring this would be a good way for them to get a boost since they are competing with players with a lot more experience. To an experienced player like me it does not make that much of a difference.
  2. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    I noticed everything got weird when I got Child of Stars perk. I used to have The artificer cape and was regular mixer of magic esses. I used to mix when astro was high and I recorded how many EMEs mixed per ME. After I got Child of Stars perk it went down dramatically to point it was not worth wearing cape and I transferred nexus. Basically I find a lot of minor non-combat perks are useless. It seems combat perks are tested a lot and are important to be fixed and more easily tested. Other ones are contributed to luck but when you break 3 hammers making 30 leather boots you would really like to know if something is wrong or just bad luck. Thanks for checking.
  3. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    It must have been very bad luck to break 4 mortars in 453 potions but I have seen no improvement since Lesser Tears perk added and recommend players not take perk.
  4. But I wish Engineering and Tailoring were options since they are skills hard to start.
  5. Unless NPCs are going to explicitly lie Ringa only sells one ring and the ring is Anitora.
  6. On freshly restarted client I was mixing SRs and broke 4 mortars in 453 potions which is a very large break rate. I have seen no improvement since fix. It is possible it is related to Child of Stars perk for I also noticed percentage of rares, even when I wore Artificer Cape, went down so I transferred nexus. i checked Harvest/Degrade indicator and astro positive, the only indicator which might indicate astro in this case. s
  7. Daily Cooldown Reducer fail rate.

    There are no true random numbers in computers only psuedo random numbers. If the seed basis included time as factor it is certainly possible that it could affect it but in that case a well designed game would use factor such as cooldown to prevent it.
  8. Should not be too difficult but makes it easier to share what you are bringing since some items still do not have unique pictures.
  9. EL Mentors

    Yes I "newbee" asked me for stuff. Later I saw him in NMT, etc doing novac. Maybe he was a "rich" newbee but then he did not need to beg.
  10. Even talking to NPC does not help. An example is the noob break quest in NC for armor up to titanium chain. Absolutely no feedback on that quest. There are a few more like that. And please finish Kill Bob II before adding any new quests. At least have NPC give up asking for more and just return scythe and some experience. It has been unfinished in years.
  11. Make all Big Books Makeable

    I think some players would read those books if not at ridiculous NPC prices to start potions, alchemy or engineering to skip the initial fail very often phase especially in potions which tends to result in a lot of broken mortars.
  12. 2 Holes in DP Client 1.9.5

    Could be it varies on maps. Have not installed all of Burn's and have fallen into holes many times. Was attacked by a pink in a hole and lost a rosto and not going on invasions for a while.
  13. Depends on where they are. We do not need more dailies on PK maps.
  14. Books Gerund does not want

    None of the Thermal sword books are wanted which makes them a wasted drop. Would be nice if they could be combined with token for something. Or maybe add a new quest for Dorel to send you to Heavybeard in Zirak. Also noticed that Gerund does not seem to request Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Ice but does other Books of Titanium/Steel Long Sword, Intentional?
  15. The only thing they are used for are summoning of three high level stones and they require other enriched esses so they are just fluff. Suggest they be used like Point Defense for tool breakage. If you are mixing and would normally break your mold, mortar, etc you lose an EEE and still have the interrupt you normally would have. The main advantage would be on expensive tools like vial molds, Arrow/bolt head mold and Alembic and those tools could require double or triple EEE to save. This would allow players to mix mercury in schools and make arrow/bolt heads and vials as was done before enriched esses skyrocketed in price due to new Darithia quests and bulk mixing to get rare items.