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  1. The only thing they are used for are summoning of three high level stones and they require other enriched esses so they are just fluff. Suggest they be used like Point Defense for tool breakage. If you are mixing and would normally break your mold, mortar, etc you lose an EEE and still have the interrupt you normally would have. The main advantage would be on expensive tools like vial molds, Arrow/bolt head mold and Alembic and those tools could require double or triple EEE to save. This would allow players to mix mercury in schools and make arrow/bolt heads and vials as was done before enriched esses skyrocketed in price due to new Darithia quests and bulk mixing to get rare items.
  2. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    Good, now you have the Advanced Summoner perk! And thanks for the dung! It should not be dung but fruit.
  3. ... Haidir missions: 251 Xaquelina missions: 247 Daritha missions: 250 Dorel missions: 250 Minel missions: 108 No Maia
  4. New Forum colors

    Site is very bright. It hurts my eyes Change the white to a light brown or tan.
  5. All of the other NPCs will tell you that you do not have room for gold coins or swap with item you are getting. Squint does not warn you, takes titanium long sword and does not pay you for it but does not if all of your slots are full. Here is entry from log: Squint: Thank you, time to kill some skeletons. Here is your 11K! You got 4000 manufacturing experience. Clearly Squint did not mean that if he was keeping the gold coins
  6. Error with numberoverflow on mana.

    Fun. I once had material points in thousands.
  7. too many books

    There should be NO books which are not useable or sellable and the Titanium Serpent of XXXX qualify for that otherwise they are junk prizes.
  8. The encyclopedia in general is useless at best and at times like when an appendix gets infected can be deadly.
  9. Christmas contests :)

    where is the poll to select the "Bah humbug" option. At least this game has coal to give as gifts.
  10. Final Token Effects Possibilities

    I'd like to see one of the tokens apply to Haidir. You get rabbits in DP and give token to Haidir and he says okay you can kill rabbits elsewhere.
  11. Attempted to download Windows version via Firefox and got "Unknown Error" multiple times. When I tried Chrome I got message "This site can’t be reached. The connection was reset." Webserver is available ("Welcome to twinmoons.org.uk" is on main page).
  12. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    And which mixing skill is easiest to raise? I have been told that for high level tailors on Day of Tailoring. you can make many multi millions in experience. This see this as a way for those players already at that level to get more PPs fast unless there are caps. Already one mechanism to get that experience, goblin tokens, have been changed partly due to their use on Day of Tailoring. Show me another skill which can earn experience fast other than A/D?
  13. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    You have convinced me to vote "no".
  14. Ranging fix

    No idea if he mean Elven not Elves. I am talking about players who choose to be gnomes, etc paying a fee. The difference is those players cannot have their opponents read a book and get more criticals when attacking them.
  15. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    I qualify for both but I think this could lend to some players just cashing out because their players are more valuable so I do not necessarily think it isa good thing. I also think there are some who will milk it (i have been told how easy it is to get tailoring experience which means those who sell the books like the author can make a windfall) so there needs to be some limitations: x number per month per player there needs to be x trades from other players before you can get another (Easy to implement. Keep a counter for each player on number traded and total traded and if enough others have not taken advantage of it you get response "not yet") I am not even sure this is a GOOD thing - this will result in MORE PP inflation resulting in harder invasions, etc.