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  1. Christmas contest! :)

    Will be traveling on most of 20th and 21th and not be on much unless places we stop have open wifi. Have fun.
  2. Instance mode adjustment

    Or what might work without major changes is ability to save several types of settings and switch between them like we do for mixing and pick lists (hopefully without the random failure like pick lists).
  3. Enhanced Unicorn Medallion

    I have used and it has not broken so fast but I think it has to level of competition. I rarely use since I find drops not worth cost in AP.
  4. Do not use ingame Notes window. If game crashes file can get destroyed just like quest logs.
  5. sound effects help

    I use this: # This file is configuring sounds based on text displayed in the console # # Format for this file: # Sound = Text to match # # The default sounds available are: # alert1, alert2, alert3, alert4 # alert1 = You got all the alert2 = Your harvesting experience limit for this hour expired alert3 = hello alert4 = You stopped harvesting
  6. Global quest

    For the heavy stuff this would mean the people who do hauling would get bonuses and players may not want their contributions going to others' rewards. Agree completely about chances in EL. I have measured occasionally and sometimes it seems backwards. I'd like to see a reward of no tool break so players could use vial molds, make mercury, etc. without risking tools which now cost a fortune.
  7. new spell 'fight'

    If this is implemented it should be dependent on magic level and summoning level. Maybe add a needed spell component to spell like amber.
  8. Or not have alembic breaking so easily. An alembic requires EFE and if they are on market for 10K that is cheap due to cost of ingredients and likely on sale because no one buys except for quest.
  9. Seperate folders for multiple characters

    Thanks I will try this. I want to create separate config files for me as big fight fighter with large screen and me as normal and this gives me an idea.
  10. NPC Haidir

    Or your 5 year old's drawing looks nothing like you?
  11. It seems to be a common drop now and it should be bought by NPC so it is a good drop. I'd suggest Betty in Glacmor, In fact all drop books should be purchased be purchased showing there is some value to them and it is not a joke prize.
  12. Problem with Questlog

    I think this a good idea especially with new android clients meaning players may be playing at home and away. Even players with one machine have issue - client crashes and loses log entries.
  13. Vial mold and EFE-prices

    Prices went up by conscious effort by radu. Quests were added to Darithia requiring EFEs and other rare items in attempt to drive business to shop but Eternal Lands just became a banana republic with hyperinflation. There are players using 50-100 rare esses in a sitting to attempt to get rare items and that also affected prices. And you are correct on most mixing becoming unprofitable. Market costs of ingredients cost more than cost NPC sells for because without those items being affordable many of feeder characters stop playing. Bread and Circuses is current scheme of game rather than what it was before.
  14. Eternal Lands News

    Make sure guildmaster of K&M knows she is using slave labor which is prohibited by guild. Alduron should go to some guild which has lower standard of ethics.