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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    please read our guidelines here and find out if it is acceptable to you. umm i will need to create a new char as i am awaiting a ip unlock but outher than that all your rules are very acceptable to me and dont worry i dont normally break the rules it was a 1 off
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    hey boys i was wondering ...can i join your buissiniss
  3. why im banned?

    ok i think it has now beeen at least 2 months so can you unlock my ip? You would be incorrect. Also note I said "at least 2 months". yes you said at least 2 months and it has been that so how am i incorrect so if you dont mind can you please just unban me?
  4. why im banned?

    ok i think it has now beeen at least 2 months so can you unlock my ip?
  5. why im banned?

    wait so im banned for 2 months?????? ok if that is my punishment then i will accept it
  6. why im banned?

    ok so i made alot of chars so am i banned for 1 month?
  7. why im banned?

    hi i was ip banned and am not sure why as i dont recall breaking any rules please type back
  8. why im not let back in?

    thanks ill do that
  9. how may i save you time?

    im sorry but my ip was banned so i can not help you now however when i am let back in to the game i will get strait to makeing them
  10. why im not let back in?

    i have hd my ip blocked by radu and a tpic sayis i ambanned for 1 moth andit has been 1 and a half months bt my ip is still blocked can anyone tell me why or can yu lt me back in now ............... and f my chars were bootd will i need to mae a new char? please report back
  11. how may i save you time?

    prices may change without warning so please be aweare of this before buying we sell : HARVESTERBALS: 3kmax for all harvesters bread .5gc ea veggies .5gc ea all flowers .5gc ea roses 1gc ea ARMOR/WEPONS: leather torso/boots/legs and helm 80gc ea fur hat 10gc ea fur cape 80gc ea fur gloves 5gc ea iron swords 50gc ea
  12. Services what i can do for you!

    well reno i got my ip banned for 29 days so can you do the orders until i get back from skullcrusher i have a new char called oblivion
  13. All SkillZ FTW!!!

    hey fate i got banned for 1 month so can you do the orders while im gone?