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  1. Any 100+ a/d gap?

  2. Eternal Lands PK Event

    when i am on i am in
  3. The Richest Contest of 2012

    me in dre
  4. Trouble from below

    great fun
  5. Unolas' vacation

    me in wtf
  6. Auction

    400kgc me dre
  7. Retiring from Neno hunt 'thanks' to Morath

    I am very sorry that you stop neo hunting. I think we as a community here should be able to do something though I have a idea what if like 30 people are online that someone on their ignore list do beyond that then gets a red tag. I would really like it maby it is something. because I can not imagine that the purpose of the game is that people who work hard are not rewarded. There are people who so stop with the game and we all want that more players i think.
  8. huge storage sale

    hello i woud like to buy jsoc 350,700 Pking arrows 35 gc each, Titanium Shield of Life Drain 255k,nmt 365k 10 Archery Arena Ticket 3.4 kgc each
  9. banned

    in arena I had autoclick. but I was watching it but I fell asleep, it was too late..
  10. banned

    Hello, I know why Im banned, but I was last night gaming and felt asleep behind my comp. I was at arena and still watching my char, next time I woke up I couldnt login anymore. Im sorry about this. wont happend again. How long Im banned>? Dre