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  1. thanks greyelf for the warm welcome. am so glad to be back in el and in my family guild as for pant and ecky they left us after i returned. will not say excatly why. as i am getting several different stories on that one. and the stories are coming from others tallking to them. Candi
  2. restrictions are restrictions. why go against what you posted in first place ? http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=57803 I agree with jedi. and vino. game should be for those who try hard to go by the rules and have fun. Candi
  3. thanks but star does not play much anymore.
  4. am very proud to be a part of this guild be it name rip! or holy knights & merchants I believe it the people in the guild that make it a guild. and in this guild are great people:) and hope to see more great people joining us soon:) Candi
  5. am wishing you the best. i have seen you in game but really didnt know you. i will says my prayers. and hope for miracles. as they do happen. Candi
  6. BeWARE OF Wirt

    he just tried me for instance entering. said pay me 10kgc http://www.flickr.com/photos/candi_wolf/7065178133/
  7. for sale clothes

    1 green robe skirt 3000gc 1 red robe top 3000gc 1 red tunic w/white shirt 8000gc 1 brown tunic w/blue shirt 8000gc 1 black purple striped pants 3000gc 1 blue tricorn hats 200gc ea pm me in game if interested in items above. Candi all has been sold. Candi
  8. about sunnyd

    To all who have responded with warm thoughts and well wishes for all. Our family would like to thank each of you very much. She was laid to rest today. And i surely will miss her the most as she was not just my cuz she was also my sister and friend in life. And as she was also using a service dog named bouncer. I thought she would very much like to see her stuff go for a good cause. (bouncer now in my possession) Candi
  9. about sunnyd

    sunnyD She was found by a nurses aid in her apartment on July 6, 2011 around 8:ooam. Cause of death unknown at this time. Earlier this year she was dealing with health issues due to accident. And was suppose to go to Texas Woman's College for the arts this fall. She was an energetic and very outgoing young woman who loved life. And will be missed by her family and friends.
  10. Custom Clothing

    i have one question though. those of us who already paid sir odie that already have customs that are not batman etc do they get to keep it up as offical or does every one i mean everyone have to start all over ?
  11. Adding a new hotkey to the client

    On adding keys for mixing i think great idea. As i have a few friends who hand functions not good like normal. One in fact has to tell the computer what to do. Like command click key no 1 etc. If could be set up I know a few more who would love to play if they can get it set so they can play. Candi
  12. banned

    Hi! It has been 30 days now and was wondering if I may get unbanned please. I have read the rules from top to bottom. I would like to have Candi unbanned. My other alts can be deleted as I do not wish to break rules again. I am sorry. Please let me know if I am unbanned or not. Candi
  13. banned

    for one month ! i said i was sorry but i guess it dont work. this was my first time being banned and now i see how it is. i will let my friend know by email and go back to disney instead at leat they work with you
  14. banned

    ok i didnt read it all but have now. and like i said will not happen again . candi
  15. banned

    Ok i got banned and i understand why. Sorry didnt know i was not allowed to do trades like i did. Now that I know I will not do trades again. And you could have said something and instead and I would have listened and not do it again. Candi