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  1. crofdalf I've just been banned.

    Thanks. I promise I won't do that again.
  2. crofdalf I've just been banned.

    Hello Radu Have you thought about the answer ? ;-)
  3. crofdalf I've just been banned.

    I agree with you Entropy. My other char have been raised manually, and I've created a fake char for that purpose. I won't risk 5 years of work on my char (saturn o/a61). Raising a char by software means that the game is dead. Also, my interrest in Saturn is elsewhere. EL is a kind of game where you can do plenty of things, especially talk with people, and no bot in the world will do that ! About the Client Approvement you said, I'll give you a patch and that'll be up to you to use it or not. Thanks for your quick answers
  4. crofdalf I've just been banned.

    [why do you try to ruin honest people's fun] No, please, for sure I don't try to ruin other's fun. And I apologize if you think that. I've made that bot to prove me that I was able to do it, to learn about the way the client works, and to show my son that we can use computers for not just playing (he wants to become what I am, but he should work a little). I've learned a lot about the client, and need to improve the gui side. I've been told that many player ingame use a bot to enhance their official char : that will be ruin other's fun. I've created a separate char for that reason. And guess what, I did not take any precaution to hide it (especially bags on the floor was an evidence, as well as things that are not visible on the screen). Honestly, I even asked me why you did not saw it before. There was plenty of things that could have been automatically detected by the server. [i don't know, use your skills for something that would benefit others? Like, say, improve the client in legal ways, or stuff like that.] That's precisely what I'm doing :-) by giving ideas (that were not retained rofl) and .. I'm trying yet to enhance the client by making the Ency more powerfull. I often need to search through the ency, and would like to have a Input Field (google search in the ency ) I think that the idea of the bot came while reading the code in order to understand how I could do that (the input box in the ency). [some questions] Am I banned for a month ? As my IP is banned, am I allowed to play from another place ?
  5. crofdalf I've just been banned.

    Ok, well, you had me ! I took me one day to develop this bot. And of course, Isla Prima is the best place to see bots. Considering that it took me one day for this one, it may take about less than a week to make a very powerfull bot that will be able to go anywhere, and make tons of things, trade, deal with the storage, harvest, even manu, cook things. The bot is yet able to hunt animals and to go to harvest alone at the nearest location, eat when it is needed. I thought about coding my own bot since the begining (with other ingame, we were speaking about that). I've resisted since today (why ?). As you've understood, I'm a software engineer, and I am found of programming. I like open source projects because they are often great, and often better than commercial solutions. That's the reason for which I try to help each time I can. I'm found of Eternal-Lands since years, and frankly speaking, I don't understand why is there so few people in the game (comparing to Wow), as it is imho a lot more interresting. Radu ? (is that you) we have speak together ingame.
  6. crofdalf I've just been banned.

    Hello, My login is crofdalf. I was playing to EL (with my PC and its stupid wifi / graphic card that becomes to hot with EL and the games stops about every 5 minutes sometime less)... And once again, my screen became black. I thought that was my graphic card again. But when restarting EL, I saw the red message telling that my ip is banned :-( I don't know what. But a scaring person followed me for one minute while I was playing (killing animals) with a green name and then talked to me. I don't remember the name. As I don't know how to talk in the game, I have typed a sentence followed by Enter (I said that : 'Hello, What are green names' ?) and my sentence appeared in the top of the screen. The guy did not answered to me, went away, my screen became black, and I saw I was banned. Something is telling me that the guy did that, he weared particular clothes, looked like a very important person. He had a kind of long magic wand with blue. I'm afraid because my father has also an account on that game, and told me that if I create an account, he won't help me, nor play in same time with me for some ban reasons precisely. I just hope you did not ban me for that. My father will be happy tomorrow. Will my father will continue to play without problem ? Thanks for having read me.