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  1. Signature and Silver Shop

    Signatures - 5-10k Gc or 5usd Silver ore request - Max. order is 3k and will cost 2.5gc each ore. Pm me ingame : Rico have a blessed day <3
  2. Storage Sale

    Food: 312 Fruits 10 Toadstool 16 Potion of Feasting 89 Vegetables Flowers: 5080 Red Rose 3 Blue Lupine 1105 Yarrow 8 Cotton 496 Mullein 10 Toadstool 2256 Tree Mushroom 1536 Chrysanthemum 4 Yellow Rose 10040 Red Snapdragons 172 Tiger Lilly 576 Blue Berries 1963 Sunflower Ores: 598 Silver Ore Minerals: 757 Coal Tools: 26 Pickaxe 17 Leather Gloves Weapons: 1 Iron Broad Sword 1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword 1924 Bones 1 Iron Sword 1 Iron Battle Hammer 4 Wood Branches 1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword 1 Titanium Serpent Sword Armor: 1 Iron Helm 10 Leather Boots 3 Leather Helm 1 Titanium Chain Mail 6 Augmented Leather Armor 17 Leather Gloves 1 Steel Shield 1 Iron Shield 1 Enhanced Wooden Shield Magic: 3 Stars Medallion 7 Unicorn Medallion 1 Sun Medallion 1 Moon Medallion Essences: 383 Health Essence 364 Life Essence 51 Fire Essence Potions: 337 Potion of Spirit Restoration 16 Potion of Feasting Animal: 3 Deer Fur 2 Snow Leopard fur 4 Deer Antlers 2 Puma Fur 19 Hawk Feather 9 Bear Fur 3 Wolf Fur 14 Falcon Feather 2 Fox Fur 5 Beaver fur 5 Red Snake Skin 88 Raw Meat 3 Green Snake Skin 3 Feran Horn 5 Black panther fur 1924 Bones 1 Brown Snake Skin 1 Skunk fur 35 Leopard fur 14 Brown rabbit fur 3 Polar Bear Fur Clothes: 10 Leather Boots 2 Blue Tricorn Hat 1 Black Tricorn Hat 6 Augmented Leather Armor 1 Brown Tricorn Hat 1 Fox Scarf Misc: 4 Empty Vial 4 Wood Branches 1 Bones Powder 7 Thread 94 Wood Logs Books: 1 Book of Potion of Manufacturing Just tell me what you need
  3. Frenzy Silver Depot

    K ill be on it New coming orders are locked until this order is Completed
  4. Frenzy Silver Depot

    Welcome to my Depot, I will be taking orders on Silver Ore. 1k Silver Ore ------------------------------------------ 2500gc 5k Silver Ore ------------------------------------------ 12500gc 10k Silver Ore ----------------------------------------- 25000gc hehe lets see how this goes, oh and if i cut off the topic replys its because i need some time one man alone and also highest batch is 10k
  5. Bid closed Sold for 600k
  6. When i say going 1nce going 2ce going 3times! Sold to the man with the most gc no? ^-^
  7. Starting bid: 500k Bids in Incriments of 10kgc BIN = 700k Bid ends on monday to last poster or until bid reaches BIN until today and so far Talk to me: Pm me ingame Frenzy or forum Pm Me
  8. EL Depot Grand Opening :]

    Woah! We are getting alot of orders. i think we need to cut some of peoples orders off until we are finished with about most of these orders. wow thats alot, we have about 5k Silver bars we have to make, thats alot for the 6 of us iirc? but yes topic is closed until further notice, Thank You
  9. EL Depot Grand Opening :]

    Vino Said i could Cut his orders Short.So i would do the 1k Fire Essence , water , earth , & matter. After this order is done we will then process it shortly
  10. EL Depot Grand Opening :]

    Can i join in ?
  11. Akuma's Siggy Shoppe

    Cost : 10kgc Or 4k Silver Hi i am akuma, as you know i'm from Street Fighters well yes i am very talented as creating alot of stuff, one of my passions is art, i love art, you could sit me anywhere in a dark room and i could just do art all day i'm a photographer and i take photos of my journeys around all over, but anyways i came here for you to look in to buying one of my signatures, now i dont have much but one because i'm just now seeing that you could make signatures, i also do myspace pages , pictures, and many more. More to come Soon
  12. Prince's Cheap Siggys

    Wolverine's Total: 5k Paid in Full
  13. Prince's Cheap Siggys

  14. Prince's Cheap Siggys

    Injection asked me for a Regular siggy Pending on Finishing Completed Price 5k
  15. Prince's Cheap Siggys

    Tiny1 Has asked For A Elton John Siggy and Provided A Qwote for it as well Pending On finishing Completed Price:5k Paid In Full Thanks tiny