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  1. very old players

    Technically I am still here. Actually my character is gone so maybe not. I think I was level 1 still. I mostly just watched my younger brother play. As boring as that may sound, I liked to watch people play RPGs back in the day. I dunno why. I signed up to create maps. Unfortunately it was also when I started college, and between that and working full time, I pretty much had to bail shortly after.
  2. Map Editor Bug Reports

    I am so used to moving with shift+mouse, that I had to resort to the auto-saves many times Hopefully you can reproduce the error.
  3. Map Editor Bug Reports

    When you are using the fill effect in heightmap mode, shift+clicking on a tile that has the same height set as the one you are trying to lay down, will close the map editor .
  4. PSO

    That used to be one of my favorite games. Used to play it on the DC, then got the xbox version because it had voice chat. Main char is lvl 135, human ranger. Haven't played for years though.
  5. New Continent

    hmm, some idea's (themes) I've been having are: 1. A ship graveyard 2. The Mystic Seasons Forge -features "blotches" of different seasons; snowy areas, deserts, spring, autumn etc... 3. Punishment of the Dead -a dead castle in a swap which features strong "undead" enemies
  6. swamp maps

    Just curious. It would be cool to have some green water to make swap maps (and the myst partical effects would be usefull in it).
  7. sry, I actually thought I was in the map making forum when I posted this. I think I clicked the wrong tab when I selected to post a new topic.
  8. I scammed the posts quickly looking for mention of a MAC address. I didn't, so sry if this was already put out. How about making it so players with the same MAC address cannot trade with each other, but allow IP's to trade with eachother for individual users playing on the same home network?
  9. Screenshot

    wow, all this time I had had no idea it did that.
  10. Testing The Map

    I actually have a question. Do 2d objects flatten to closest heightmap under it, or does it stay where it is place? The reason I ask is because I want to know how high I can put 2d ground objects from the tiles. I want to make sure they do not glitch, but also don't want the player to walk through them.
  11. Mapedit.ini

    Rather, how about you assign the alt+arrow (non number pad) keys to mimik the ctrl+insert/delete and the ctrl+pageup/pagedown keys. Something like: Alt+up/down arrow = ctrl+insert/delete Alt+left/right = ctrl+pageup/page down That way, all object control will be with the arrow keys.
  12. Mapedit.ini

    How about key configuration? Although, that is a pretty big request so I understand if it is a no. The reason I ask is because I use a laptop. Some of the keys are placed differently. For example, my delete key is in the top right corner and my insert key is next to the spacebar. To move an object up and down, I have to use those keys which are place somewhat of a distance apart.
  13. What Are You Getting For Xmas?

    Well, I bought myself a refurbished laptop. I bought it last Friday and it hasn't shipped or anything yet.. 3-4 days shipping. It will either end up being on xmas eve if UPS is open, or after christmas unfortunately. I didn't ask for much. I asked my parents for a new electric razor lol. That is about it.
  14. well, my msn is diablosmatrix (at) adelphia.net I would like to learn more about what I can help map. I have to run a few errands later today though, so it will probably have to be sometime after 3pm EST.
  15. lol, i didn't even noticed the double 3's. Anyways, I will post back tomarrow after my christmas shopping to talk about adding me to the map team.