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  1. ppl maoning bout being pked whats with that

    YES!! finally some1 said it... maybe it'd slow down the posts in outlaws........ :glare:
  2. SSjGohan

    go to the damn arena if you want to train, PK maps are for goddamn PKing, get used to it ffs, if you had enemies who were near u training, u really hates them or whatever and you could kill them, youd take the chance like all other sane ppl..
  3. my bike

    Those bikes can't be made road legal so i guess it is a little kids bike.. just something to have a bit of fun on
  4. my bike

    I wish this was me.. ;-(
  5. my bike

    Only 110cc lol but it still ownz
  6. Funny picture thread

  7. cnc generals

    omfg that just proves that ur mate stays in ALL day playing that shyt?
  8. my bike

    I think its just a sticker lol... my m8 had a honda 250 quadbike dunno what kind of quad but he sold it for 3000 pounds lol all i know is that it was tuned up to the max xD that hasnt even got any mods done to it, thats standard.. and btw lol im soon 16 so dont expect me to be riding any GSXR 1300 lol
  9. my bike

    Well i havent exactly got it yet, this was just a pic of the same 1 im getting on the internet, i have already paid for my 1, but gotta collect it tomorrow from Nottingham. Long drive all the way from Luton.. :/ :/ :/
  10. my bike

    My G4ng5t4 bike...
  11. plant game O0

    7.7 gay....lol
  12. 3d models *wolf whistles*

    lmao they are fuking great...
  13. Therm. serp

    ill only give u 550k and 1 serp, thats it! and btw shivar is giving away free sets of plate so when he gets unbanned PM him
  14. lol @ kf

    Shivar man u got way too much free time you can get back up on the top in no time... and btw i need poosh my status#~ xD
  15. are gnomes ugly?

    Yes i think gnomes are very ugly