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  1. A handful of suggestions

    Added new ideas to this post so I didn't start a new thread
  2. A handful of suggestions

    Getting visions of people with 120+ a/d going AFK at imbro fluff cave with this cape and a gatherer medallion. Some spare capes in inv, check every so often, but for the rest, just be AFK, and after 8 hours or more, go back to sto with a crapload of gc and other drops, and extremely free xp. Not a good idea. As for the others.. i won´t even bother ^^ At times my game response time can get up to a 2 second. I was looking for a solution so I didn't have to chase the monsters around for 30 seconds apiece before I get lucky on hitting them. SOLUTION FOR CAPES: Shorten the AFK time, make the cape not work when afk, and no drops EVER while wearing it. As for the boxing ring NPC, that would be a game owner thing so people can place bets at a safe public ring for a planned event. As for the boxing gloves ... maybe up the price more 50K, 100K, 150K, 200K gold and they are guaranteed to break after 15 minutes or less of use no matter what you use it on. Ok so my only good idea here was the female deer.
  3. It's that time again where I put all my ideas down on the forum, which I belief will improve EL and beg not to be banned, booted, ip blocked and all the rest with excessive legalize ... Ok a little less legalize: The following are my ideas which are to improve EL, they are not meant to insult, threaten, anger or cause any other hostle mood or feeling to any helping staff, mods, Creators, coders, developers. designers or any other person who has worked to make EL the game it is today. These ideas are suggestions meant to present a different look on game play, look&feel, or adjustments to current ... stuff. You get the idea. Please understand that I _may_ speak of something SIMILAR to another person topic, please read closely to understand how this topic differs from others which have posted before me. I have done my best to search out each of these topics before posting on them. If I have missed one, please let me know, and I'll be glad to edit out or in any comments needed to make my point without repeating some one elses idea. EDITED IDEAS: 6/24/09 ------------------------------- Code clean up suggestions, these could be quick or short, but would help out greatly. - Identify gender, "Wall falls on s/he" I'm sure we could set the word based on gender - Set the harvest hour to turn on after being off-line for an hour, this way, you can't have people dodge new hour harvest rest for IP Storage - Massive coding/rewrite: Set up accounts so all characters made are kept in the account -- Only one account per person unless they are paying a monthly fee per account -- Keep all character on the account, so only one character can be played at one time per account END EDITED NEW IDEAS 6/24/09 ------------------------------ Ideas: -------- The following are to make room for a female deer: - Female Deers: Remove the antlers, decrease in size by 5%, remove on thing of meat for drops, make them one level lower (a/d/p/c ... or what ever is used to measure fighting stuff) give them the same HP amount as male deers. Gives less xp then current deers - Male Deers: Increase fighting stuff by two levels (a/d stuff), give them 5 more points of life. Keep current xp the same as current deers - Wolves: Increase fighting stuff by 1 level. The following are to help remove money from the system and for fighting. - Make "Monster Offensive" Capes, something which will offend them and cause them to fight you even though your defense is above the ignore level. One cape for each monster type because ... well because anti republic stickers don't offend democrats and vice/versa. Each cape might run 4K to 6K, and they BREAK! after a while Sparing gear, and sparing locations Boxing Gloves - Boxing gloves which remove damage done to your target. They are suppose to be expensive, and able to break if you are fighting some one with armor. They will break faster if the person is wearing better armor ... leather barely does damage, iron damages, steal damages, and Titanium shreads, so on and so forth -- The lowers boxing gloves (brown) can be made with cotton, thread, leather and rope, but they only remove about 1-2 points of damage per hit and break quickly (compaired to the other boxing gloves) -- there are many after that (Green, Red, Blue, Black, are my suggested order... bright to dark), but they run 5K for the first non-make-able gloves, next one up up by 10K, then 15K more after that ... etc. Each one is tougher, and lasts longer. -- They get destroyed quickly when fighting monsters, but not as much when fighting creatures. Boxing Rings: - I would suggest that this is something a guild buy pay real money to the game owners to keep as part of their guild map, or can be added to their game map, with a minor money maintenance fee. - Boxing rings, no one dies, they go down to 1 hp and then the fight is over. - I've seen theaters around, I was thinking that this could be something of a spectator sport where no armor, no weapons, no crowns, and people spare and bet ingame money for. If you don't like gambling, then don't add NPCs to take bets Another way to drain money from the game . That's it for now, I hope I've stated my ideas clearly enough. Again these are only suggestion to add fun to the game. Take any part or come up with your own and call it yours. None of this is set in stone, they are suggestions for improvement and not meant to insult or hurt any feelings or pride. Later,
  4. Rostogols, how many do you have?

    I'm a lover, not a fighter, so I sell when I get them.
  5. appetite attribute

    My apologies, but before you make a post. you have to do a search or read previous posts before making a suggestion in this forum. "Suggestions" that are repeats, already being worked on, or are already ingame WILL be deleted ... As stated by the red letters at the top of all pages which read "Read before posting!" I did do a search and I found this post, therefore I replied to it. If this post was too old, then it would be locked from adding other replies to it. In addition, if I didn't bring up an old thread then any post would be deleted due to being a potential repeat. If you have a suggestion how to do this without bring'en up a old post or repeating what could be possibly considers a "Repeat", let me know.
  6. I'm going to try to keep this simple. Be warned, there is a sarcastic balance suggestion at the end of this. Please read all warnings before reading the sarcasm. You buy a bag to go into your inventory. In this bag your weapons stack. (This could be an extra square under your equiped items in your inventory) When you harvest hydro, tin, copper, or anything thing else which requires something for it to be harvested, then it pulls from this bag first. Therefore, if you can carry 40 swords, then the swords can be stacked in this special harvesting bag (or in your special inventory square). Just so it's not abused <start of sarcasm>by all those abusive players <end of sarcasm>, it can only hold those swords which are used for the odd harvest metals (tin, copper, hydro, etc) and can't be filled with any other items. Balance: (Realistic) The bag costs 80K gold and 1 bronze bar and can't be made. Can be bought on c2 but the place has cyclopes roaming around. It weighs 5 emus. Does not break, and can be put into storage. Level 3 human nexus is required to carry the bag. The next comment is sarcastic, this is not meant to be directed towards anybody, nor is it meant to be hurtful, insulting, or flame causing. This is meant to be funny and give players and admin who are familiar with this good game EL to have a good chuckle. If this offends, hurts, or insults, I apologies now. If you are soft skin, take things personally or offended easily, please stop reading now. I will not held responsible for you ignoring this warning. Balance: (Sarcastic) 500K gold, 10 hydro bars, 4 bars of bronze, 2 dragon scale (One of each red/black), 1 thermal sword in perfect condition, a level 10 on your magic nexus, and the bag weighs 120 emu and will have a 50% of breaking by mother nature and her harvesting event, losing everything inside. You are poisoned when carrying it, and it only holds 5 extra swords. To get to the place to buy this bag and it's a maze through highly violent radiation (10 hp per second) with 50 hp bursts of damage. In addition it has continues fire & cold damage to you and your equipment, and a final maze is a cramped room with 10 red and black dragons in front of the door to the shop you have to fight through. Your drop bags are stolen by invisible thieves.
  7. appetite attribute

    You can always balance it. For example, increasing all food cool down by 10 seconds per +1 bonus including bones , therefore 15 food giving by bones could take 50 second cool down, isn't that the same as veggies? Just a suggestion, not meant to flame, insult or hurt any ones feelings, pride or ego. If my comments have flamed or insulted or hurt any one's feelings, price, ego, or anything else, I'm sorry, it was meant to be a positive suggesting, and/or helpful.
  8. Could we raise food level?

    First off I don't mean to offend or insult the greatness of what we currently have within EL, or any one else opinions, ideas, or beliefs. If something I say is offensive, hurts, or enrages, I apologies now. The below idea is in an attempt to improve a game which is already good. My comments are not meant cause a flame war or any other kind of trolling. They are just comments to help improve EL. I'm not starting a new topic, I'm just bring'en an old topic back. I did do my research. With that said: I've been wanting to have a new perk "Fat Perk" 3pp + 10,000 gold. your food level increases to 120. PP's and gold should be enough to balance it out. There is already a massive divide between the rich and the poor, it's call fighting. They get massive experience and high valued item drops starting by the time they are able to kill female orcs. Therefore, 10,000g shouldn't be causing any more of a divide. If you want to make "Fat Perk" a negative perk then -3pp costs no money and coord gets a -2 modifier (46 pp max on coord) and you get the 120 food level. There was a comment before how the whole economy would go to hell if this was done, but I don't see how it can, you still have cool down times for food, and potions still cost too much in resources or gold to obtain to make it worth it. Bones are hard to come by and even if you've got 100 of them, that is gone too quickly because they are only 10 food points and you've already paid a high price just for the perk. The only thing that would change is how frequent you have to do the speed clicking on the bones. Think of our poor mouse buttons *sobs*. If I've missed something regarding the balancing of the economy game play, or anything else, let me know. Thank you <b>Sarcasm follows</b>, please be warned if you have soft skin, take things personally or get offended easily. If you do then don't read what's next for the love of god!!!!! This is meant to be funny or entertaining for those who are familiar with EL's draw backs yet still play it. If you do not like sarcasm please stop now. Please do not ban me, my account or delete my characters for having bit of sarcasm here on the forums. This is not meant to enrage, flame or insult anyone, their lifestyle, or the great work which makes EL what it is today. The following comments are exaggerated to get a more of a laugh out of it. With that said: As for possible changes to "Balance" this massive advantage this "Fat Perk" would give (as complained about above) for manufacturers and harvesters, (as if you they don't already have massive disadvantage piled on them for the love of fighters). I suggest this: Give a 10pp coord penalty, a 2pp to physical penalty, drop 60 emus from their ability to carry things (in addition to the loss from p/c) make them walk half the speed and have to lays down to rest ever 5 seconds for 6 seconds, give it a 2 second animation as your characters struggles to lay down and another 4 second animation as they struggles to get back up and make them unable to get through some doors. Finally cause them to have to use 3x food per minute. Once their food level is 0 or less, make their physical a total of 10 pp penalty, and any extra cargo they carry is dropped to the ground so they can't hold more then their maximum EMUs. Again, this was Sarcasm, not meant to hurt any ones feeling, pride, or insult the hard effort already invested into the game (which I'm addicted to). This sarcasm was meant as a humorous comment for those who are familiar with the game. I apologies for any hurt feelings or rage which might have been caused by any one who didn't take the first warning about the sarcasm. Again please don't ban me my characters, or access to the forum due to my comments.
  9. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    What I type here is not ment to be insulting or to cause any flamage, insult, nor belittle any player, admin, nor coder of EL in any part nor as a whole. I appologies to any one who feels insulted or offended and help to clarify anything in better 'friendly' term. My intent is to bring a new ideas which will enrich the game for more "fun" while keeping it still "fair". "Fair" and "fun" is defined by the total results of the whole, not of the few. I'm not saying any of my ideas are better then what is currently working on a day to day basis. All I am doing is presenting ideas for potential implimentation or even consideration of implimentations. Please do not block, flame, kill, boot, or ban me, or my characters from EL or the forum on the thoughts presented below because they were presented in an honest attempt to bring more "Fun" while maintaining "Fairness" for all players. With that said: I confess I choice "Yes with limitations" but I would have choice "No, with new ideas" if it was a choice. Here is an idea, you set up a mail system with in the game, (other then gossip) where you can sell resources to people off line and they can pay by C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery). There will be a mail fee (say 2 gold, and the gold can come out of storage if they don't have it on them) if it's sent from one player to another player. (Player is one who is the person behind the key board who might have many characters. A character is identified as a unique Character within EL which belones to only one Player.) Where a mailing tax is applied to trading between two characters own by the same player. Say a 7% or 10% tax of the value of the item (based on trinitybot). If I mail a Serp Stone from one character to another character, the average value is 5,000 gold, therefore, at 10% I need to pay 500 gold to send it. (this is just the first idea for this approach, second approach for the same idea is below with Accounts.) Additional idea: Accounts: Set up so that one player has one account, and all their characters go onto one account. No player is allowed to have two accounts. This way you know who owns which character. Therefore one player can have only one account but many characters. Then set it up so that you can only have one character playing at any one time, at which point, you don't need to have a mail tax on character to character transfers by mail because they really aren't multi-playing because the are spending the same amount of time to do the same amount of thing as any other player who is only using one character. These are just ideas which I present in hope to enrich the game and to increase fun while maintaining fairness for all players. I know that all changings and improvements take time, but if I didn't feel this was worth the effort put in. I would not have persented it.
  10. Christifer Quest Broken

    In the quest for Christifer you are looking for fortran, I've found fortran, but the librarian say I need to find a gypsee in the swamp. I've searched the swamp like areas in Portland, and I've searched all over m.marsh. I've got to cel to find any one I missed on any maps and I've searched this forum for bugs or errors. I've even asked others and one person said, "I don't think the gypsee exists any more because they aren't there" I've done my searching and research, and I've done my asking, and now it's time that I report it as a bug. There is no gypsee I could find in the swamp. Please send me a privae message if you know where she is, and please be clear, if the gypsee is still around please give a bit more of a hint then "in the swamp" C1? C2, what map? Heck maybe some npc on the same map can give another clue?! Something because I can't find it. Please no comments like "Look harder" for I have looked.
  11. Wine Quest not starting

    *gasps* No the start is hiden, almost hiden to damn well!!!!
  12. Wine Quest not starting

    I'm not to give away quest information so I don't ruin it for others, therefore, I'm going to be vague! I found the wine place, I found the wine people, I talked to both wine people to start the 'wine quest' and nothing! I talked to them and every npc on c1 I could find! Nothing! I've reread both wine people's conversations four or five time over and still no quest starts. So I read through my quest log, from beginning to end and it's just got the three quests in it, the Start Quest and the Leather quest and the Magic 'who are you' quest, but there is nothing in there about any wine quest comments or missions. I've run all over portland and talked to npc in ..... and about .... and still no quest starts, so I run over to .... to talk with .... and he doesn't know anything about ....! So there was a clue about .... so I go to .... and he can make the ..... but he says nothing about making them for ....! How do I get him to make ... so ... can get ... so they can finally get ..... so I can buy wine from the?!!! I'll haul ... from ... to get them ... so they can grow ... and sell me wine, but nothing! I personally think the quest is broken, it doesnt' start! I go on line and google and it says to talk to .... at .... in ... in .... and I do!!! but no quest starts! No mod will talk about, no player will talk about it, and the start won't start! Make it start?! Does he not start the quest because my character is the wrong gender? Or the wrong species? I've wasted over five hours on trying to get this quest to start. I believe quest start is broken. Please look into this, I'm going a little nuts here.
  13. Maedhros is a bag jumper

    He's not part of a guild He bag jumped in South Red Moon -- Iron ore area We, Wolfkin & I, didn't pay attention to how much was in the bag so we can't say how much was taken, but he did take some ore, and he did give the bag back, but he moves a few squares away and sits there. It's not too searious, but it's really annoying to have him just sit there with a pick axe but not do anything, he's not even close to ore
  14. Client Programming needed

    I just saw this message to help program for El, and I would love to participate, although currently I'm in a competion to create a 3D space game, when the competition is over, I would be happy to help out in what ever way I can. BladeStone, Owner WolfCrown.com P.S.: who use to do the coding for you?
  15. Total war between guilds

    Disclaimer: What I post is not ment to offend or insult anyone's intelegence of game playing practices nor hurt any ego and pride of those who've made so much code for this game. Please do not flame or idly insult any comment I make without offering solustions or state things I have over looked. Please do not take anything I say personally because I only intend to enlighting in the most tackful way I can. Finally, my spelling is not godly so forgive me if I spell some words the way they sound instead of how they are correctly writen. With that said: From my experience of games and people's mentalities, I've seen a lot of people set up guild like dictatorships where they promote and band members over small things like hurt pride and ego. I admit there has been times where I've wished to summon title waves of razor blades and iodine on people who's said hurtful words when I only intended to be kind and helpful. Therefore, if you allow any guild to declair war on another guild then such small things like one bad guild member bag jumping for spite can causes tons of hate and hurt from his actions for there guilds. In addition to that we are going to have be extreamly delicate with guild leaders who are out for personal gain at the cost of everyone around them. This next thing may be over the top but I'm going to say it anyways. The question we are voting on was offensive to me because I'm one of those "idiot non-fighters." I'm a crafter in your game, as in one who make things not just making jewlery, because it's something I can't really do in life. The consaquence of this is IF all terrirories become free to attack any guild declaired as 'enemy' then there will be no safe spot to create items if you remain in a guild. I've cornered markets in games and this looks like a great way to force other players to stop selling product and jack up prices for the goods only you can make. I do enjoy the game for the one fact that I can hang out and talk with members of the game via chat room style convo's by just belonging to a great guild. If you impliment this feature then I will have to pick between crafting or just hanging out in hell to chat with buddies. I don't want to be forced into hell to talk to friends and I do like wasting time making stuff. I don't want to have to choice between theo only two things in this game I enjoy. How would I fix this so we can still have this feature and "idiot non-fighters" like myself can still enjoy this game? 1.) Make sure that no guild can declair war on any person whos not in a guild but allow for guilds to have "Lee-a-zons" or "guild spys" who can #gm to their guild but not be flagged as member of any guild. Therefore, I still can #gm to my guild which I'm in, but I'm not on the 'hit list.' For "Spies and Lee-a-zons" if they do join in on the fighting they will have a "temporary enemy flag" for 30 minutes. That temporary enemy flag will be reset if some one attacks them or they attack some one else. In addition you can have npc assassins for hire to target single individuals in a guild so that you don't have to declair war on a whole guild to get the little bastard who needs to get his face stomped in. Another thing for this is to add guards to what is caled "safe zones" so that they can kill any one who comes in to fight another player. The guards (many of them per safe zone) are 1337! (elite) and can charge in to kill the fight starters as well as to take items items from the death bag and storage to meet the fine for fighting in a "Safe Zone." The target will get some compensations for being attacked but it's not as much as the fine to the attacker, say 25% of the fine. Finally remove the fight icon from the right click icon cycle when you are in a "safe zone." I don't want to be in a safe zone like a storage and have the fight icon to come up when I'm trying to talk to the storage master in the middle of a crowd. OR 2.) Get a second server which is a PK server and add all these great new pk fighting ideas to that one so us "idiot non-fighters" don't have to be part of it. I prefer that this feature is not added. To add it and do it right is not going to be a small feat. Which every way you go, please take in consideration of us "idiot non-fighter." Thank you. Please don't flame, ban or block my ip. My words are not ment to offend or insult anyone. I have only ment to give my insite on what could make things work better. I appoligize if anyones feelings have been hurt by anything I've said.