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  1. Types Of Players In Online Multiplayer Games

    i hate mudclient games... like runescape you cant do anything.. you cant edit packets or send them..
  2. Coolgame/chris01 Banned

    umm sorry Grum i dont get what your saying..
  3. Coolgame/chris01 Banned

    am a slow learner...
  4. Coolgame/chris01 Banned

    what do i have to do to prove to you?
  5. Coolgame/chris01 Banned

    ok...i have learned my lesson
  6. Coolgame/chris01 Banned

    na i learned my lesson
  7. Coolgame/chris01 Banned

    SORRY..wont happen again please unban me
  8. Coolgame/chris01 Banned

    lier i didnt threatn to crash server. if i did show me a chatlog
  9. Coolgame/chris01 Banned

    what do you mean? ?? i didnt hear you! because my client freezed up am sorry roja please forgive me.
  10. Sorry! Plz Unban Me

    You were booted by Leeloo! Y!!?!!?!!
  11. Sorry! Plz Unban Me

  12. Dev C++ Complier Error

    Total Errors: 1 Line: 2 Compiler: Default compiler Building Makefile: "C:\docs\Makefile.win" Executing make... make.exe -f "C:\docs\Makefile.win" all Execution terminated
  13. Sorry! Plz Unban Me

    sorry for makeing useless username names.. please unban me this will not happen again.
  14. Banned For No Reason Thanks..

    WTf no i dont this is BS i created 2 names that was it...
  15. Banned For No Reason Thanks..

    ya only 2 and i got banned how retarded