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  1. landmines

    The game is based around players killing players with swords magic bows and arrows. How the hell is that a friendly game? You can kill, who ever you want. I will not stopp you
  2. landmines

    Some time ago, i was sitting on the poki islands, which are located in the carabean sea, i was having a good smoke, i saw this post from BruSu. I thought by myself wow Rsta wow this is really a good post. And because this thread has so many answers it is hot, people are concerned about it. On the poki islands we have banned these landmines. We were the first ones worldwide. Its somekind of mean. People who are not able to fight with others in a fair combat use landmines or stuff like this. So we have to face it, as long as people are mean they will use landmines. So the question is if a friendy game like eternal lands should support the idea of land mines?