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  1. 70k Chrysanthemums for sale

    Selling 70k (70,000) chrysanthemums. Price 45k (45,000) gc. Post here or message Gelnd in game.
  2. Selling 60k Chrysanthemums

    60k Chrysanthemum for 30k gc. Post here or PM GELND in game.
  3. Selling AE and sunflowers

    Sounds good! Got the AEs to CherUT, will try to catch you soon, Raistlin.
  4. Selling AE and sunflowers

    5k air essence for 50k gc 10k sunflowers for 7500 gc Sold!
  5. Auctioning 100k silver ore

    Looks like the silver goes to IIse! I'll try to contact you in game, I'm on Eastern Standard Time.
  6. Auctioning Steel Bars

    Looks like the bars go to aredhel! When would be a good time for you to meet in game? I'm on Eastern Standard Time. Thanks for bidding folks.
  7. Excellent ideas! As an aspiring summoner who hopes one day to use summons in combat, I would love to see any of these implemented.
  8. Monster Statistic Spell

    I like. Perhaps it could also tell the monster's armor? I know I always wonder if a BP cloak is any use or not on diff critters...
  9. When I look in the spell window, it shows the following essies to cast radiation shield: 3 matter, 3 energy, 4 fire. The actual essies needed are 3 matter, 3 energy, 4 magic (as listed in the ency). EDIT: after casting again, I realized more in the bug... you must have the 4 fire ess in your inv to cast it, as well as the other 3 types. However, the fire ess are not consumed.
  10. Korrode's Combat Guides

    Instinct increases your charm, perception and reaction. None of these causes damage to the opponent. So I don't see why it would hurt to put the instinct in now... in fact, it seems to me it would help, because you would (obviously) take less damage because of higher reaction. However, I'm not an expert, so I'll defer to folks with more knowledge (such as the author ^^).
  11. I was recently hit with a random burst of curiosity, but haven't been able to find the answer on the forums or wiki... are you still able to purchase nexuses from Costel if you have antisocial perk?
  12. Xaquelina and Her daily har quest

    My guess is he's referring to the little box saying "flowers harvested" or whatever that pops up after you've harvested the proper amount of stuff from the proper source.