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  1. MilesMercator got banned

    I guess in the wake of banning of Applejoy, who has to speak for himself, our Guilds Storage char at TG MilesMercator got banned too. MilesMercator was created by me for the purpose on providing a trade system inside our guild for Daritha items. on a set cheap price system and people with rank 19 where allowed on it to do the trades when guildies asked as a way for the guild to create some money that we would use in guild inside events. Normally all trades done then get logged on a google document that also has our prices set so it all works fairly.
  2. MilesMercator got banned

    Thank you very much
  3. Current day info

    https://mercator.holy-eternalland.de/specialday That link has all special days that mercator records sometimes there are repeats if mercator gets restarted on a special day or grues during it etc https://holy-eternalland.de/eldata.php Is the source for actual day time setup in a json format so good to be read on mashines
  4. El-Wiki.net

    Hi as many of you are probably aware El-wiki.net is broken now for a couple of years, because of a missing access to the file system where the wiki is running on. There is a plan right now to recreate it on a different server. you can test the version we recreate and work on under http://el-wiki.holy-eternalland.de our goal is to get the domain later to show on this server or to recreate a similar domainname for it. You can register for the forum already and then be able to update a few things that are missing One thing we are missing and might need your help to get it, is an extension from a user called ElRecipes. It would be great if people would have it somewhere, Same goes for the skin Elwiki
  5. El-Wiki.net

    No we are linking to them and burn did post a way how to log in and view the posts in the right way i am thinking about how to grap the forum and post it in a new one with similar links
  6. I realized a couple of days ago again that global filters only filter the text that i see on my screen but not the text i send out to others. It would be nice if this could be the case so that for example for me if i write tit, it gets translated to Titanium, or FE to Fire Essence like it is for me as i worte filters for a lot of acronyms
  7. All (el-services) Bot Owners, check your bot's location

    As an alternative (not all bot owners are playing active, you can tell me per pm or mercator tell about bots who are not trading when they are close to their normal location, i can then send them to the right spots
  8. El-Wiki.net

    sitebar is 95% done
  9. Bigger Buddy List

    Well as the buddy list is small we have the hack called mercator /mercator tellme add name to add a name to be announced on log in or off
  10. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    Well it could also have to do with me disabling Toggle special effects and Enable Eye Candy as i did do it at the same time as i was annoyed
  11. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    It started earlier, i have it too. and on lighting too (not always just now and then) what i did to reduce it was to reduce the particelrate as mine was at 100 now its at 20 and i did not see the effect since
  12. Luxin #ach counter

    I agree with you. But i do not hold the breath that it will happen I would love to know at any time how many luxin i have so i could plan better
  13. The Responsibility for Rraisa the Spambot

    i do use mainly use my Searchsite but i also do use rraisa because rraisa also lists player who announced in channel 3
  14. The Responsibility for Rraisa the Spambot

    Actually there are ways to have bots ignore other bots. its set into the Botcode then that bots do not respond to other bots. this is done by a regular check on online_bots and player page. But rraisa would be an exception to it as people do want her to pm it. On the other hand the problem with rraisa only happend because usl acidently started 2 instances of rraisa, which did do a fight on who gets to be online, and so started to asks for the item lists, went through some bots, got kicked out by other client who did do the same and so on. making the same few bots to answer the same few questions over and over and over again. It happens and after a contact mail to him it was looked after too. Also revis kick of one of one instance of rraisa helped there too.
  15. Colored Bot PM's

    Yes it would be a hack using the online plattform but its the only way without server support that i know of. Secondly the problem is not the pm of the bots, its that you might have asked the bot to pm you, get a lot of lines and in between a pm of other players. that you miss because you only check the information of the bot pm's that you need and often disregard the rest. For example if you do a /botname wanted and forget an item behind it, you get from some bots pages of lines. and you search only for one. And yes it is relevant as i only made the suggestion after i missed pm's from there. (and for example for mercator i have set up my global text filter do to a change of color (i also did do it for some players)
  16. Colored Bot PM's

    Hi it would be nice if there would be a client way to color in all Bot messages so that they would be different to players pm's I can do and did do that for my own and a couple select other bots via global text filter but i thought it would be nice if you just would have an Option where you can set it like with the channel colors. that way you might not miss some pm's from players because you did do a /botname wanted or similar Implementations idea Collect on start of client the bots online, from the game online player website. or when player does an update command, (store the names at client in a file so it gets updated when needed) use the color select menu for the channels to set a color for BOTPMS (all bots will have same color then. Make the bot color filter to be applied before the client text filter file, so if someone wants to seperate some special bots, they still can do that.
  17. Every Golden Achievement

    I am pretty sure he is the first that announced it at least, its just that i got curious with my question as i am not one playing fanatic anymore (i am on a lot but i do not do much)
  18. Every Golden Achievement

    Not to want to sell your achievement short, it is a great thing to get to, but are you sure you are the first? i just checked mine and i am 4 achievments short in which i basicly not did do anything for in the last year or 2. if i would not have turned in some of the achievments for redeemer perks, (what i think you did do too) i probably would only have to do the very high level killer which is the hardest one to do, and unless others i do not do many invasions did not do a lot of invances or actually train these days. and i know there are some crazy hard training people out there. and a lot of players who top my stats, so it made me wonder.
  19. No Sound Alert on Death

    I have realized that i do not get sound alerts on death even as i have set up a sound alert on my name that works for years. Messages like [07:11:05] VinoVeritas has gone by way of the Dodo bird. Do not trigger the alert. It works fine if anyone mention my name in chat. Same with: You have died and gone to the Underworld! It works as it should if someone pm's me the text or write it in local but not on death. On Trying out multiple #suicides i get in a few (like 1in 10) times a sound on the name VinoVeritas other times its quiet.
  20. If i understood things right, Burn actually made the Wagon next to Zirak sto to be able to enter. just so there would be a safe place next to the sto. I am a bit disappointed that the idea got dismissed, and i want to take this spot to thank burn for his hard work
  21. Reduce afk mob harvesting

    I can see Aislinns objection, i did like that when i was still leveling on ogres that they did att me so i could have multiple on me, and did not need to chase, but i do also see the problem others have
  22. New development version of the Android client

    i think bluap just wanted to know what your problem is with the buttons etc, since how else could he know what exactly is your problem, try to reproduce it, or suggest fixes for you, or if it is a bug fix it for the client. My problem with development client is, that when i use the new mouse pointer, i sometimes select the wrong inventory slot, or like in the sewer cannot walk anymore on a narrow path, as the clicks go one step off to where i thought it should go managed to undo my rdholam a few times in an instance because of that which annoyed me because of all the mana lost No Problems so with the old mouspointer that i use now again
  23. Reduce afk mob harvesting

    That's exactly why i made my suggestion!!! And it would not be programming around, it would fix a system, that apparently is not set up right(i do not know how the game is programmed, but in my object orientated thinking, a perk is an attribute of a character or an object, so the check should be simple like a if(!charakter_has_perk(item_perk){ toggle perk } of course that only will work if the character has the perk stored as an attribute that is set and unset when he gets some from wraith or redeemer ...) and not if the perks are just a list of toggled on things. but the latter should be done anyway or it is a possible vunerability for cheating.
  24. Reduce afk mob harvesting

    I never understood why it was necessary to have the restriction about not able to wear an item that has the perk you have, just change the server check, to not award the perk twice if its already exists instead of having the check say you cannot wear it.
  25. I am all for some official Invasion free Areas Full stop. Then people can go afk and stay in game at some places. I as a player need to be regularly AF K for periods of times, as i do have a RL too. I try to be it naked and at a storage, but depending on situation i am prone to go into a nearby house or simply stay on a map if it needs to be really fast and i forgot about #disco. I am not a fan of Invasions where i see the Moderator Login choose a map drop 5k Monsters on it and leave without checking if anyone is on the map. If it is hard to check for that there should be maybe a 5 min or 10 min warning before you make those monsters aggressive. A official save location would make people happy. I did in the past ask moderators why they did not invade now and then Hydro cave or other spots where alts of Stivy did hide, when he was more active in blocking the hydro route. And the answer back then was, they are not supposed to do that on maps where chars are afk. Now i see Invasions happening by moderators who log in announce Invasion drop 5k creatures on the map and log out again. Make some rules. and follow them. Just add some save locations where people can be sure they do not get invaded on even if it is halloween or some other invasion holyday where the normal rules did not apply in the past.