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  1. Right Click Options Android Client

    Would be nice, and doable for example with a very long press on a button
  2. El-services.net Server Update pending

    The websites for bot managing are up and running but because of some problems that came from the very long time the site exists it is not very pretty to look at. I am gonna address this problem in a rewrite of the site soon
  3. In the time from Saturday Jan 9th and Sunday Jan 10th i will shutdown and rework the server that is hosting the websites of el-services.net next to a lot of other things. You can expect hours and hours of no availability of the services etc. but hopefully a faster system later on. All Bots that uses the services will still be functional on the webpage but you will not be able to use the website.
  4. I do not know how many times it happens to me, but its a really almost every time i do a trade, that i want to set the quantity to a number that i calculated. before. So i wondered if we could not do it that way, that if the inventory quantity field is read and you type the command #calc 1000*3 the Quantity field gets updated to 3000. Or we make a new command that does it for us. of course only if the quantity field is red for changing. And on that count, could we remove the restriciton of max 99999? with the instances out there and sharing we often have a lot more then this amount to give to people.
  5. Speed Hax Spell

    Well how many People are actively using speed Hax, right now one potion costs about 1500gc. your spell costs right now about the same if you take the cheapest bot buying price, if you take the bot selling prices you are at 4500gc, Who is gonna use the spell then? That is the main question if you request something. Who would use it. I like the spell i would use it in the long run if it would be 1 enriched energy essence, i would not use it if it is 4 and i am run out of my stock . If it is one i would activly mix myself new energy essences, with 4 i would buy them at npc and just not use the spell.
  6. Speed Hax Spell

    nice spell but, enriched energy essences are rares, Yes since there is not much use right now there are a lot in game but with this spell that would change fast, so i would suggest just using 1 enriched energy essence is enough, you will see the pricese for enriched energy essences will raise fast if this comes into game
  7. Expiring bots

    Amethyst and Mercator paid, Transaction number 4N132009S0592674R
  8. For owners of bots in Morcraven Marsh - coming change

    Well if they are el-services.net bots i can after bots got moved make those new places tradeplaces. as long as i know which bots need to be modified. And on that topic, i do like the work you did do burn, and if i may make a suggestion, it would be something nice if around other bot locations (that often got chosen because it will not do harm to players walking) there would be trade tables, or blankets and so o n depending on what is needed, even if it is not a setup marketplace
  9. Criticism of Eternal Lands

    So first of all as someone who plays years of Eternal Lands, your statement are only true at the beginning of the game play. As I remember back when i started playing I was always desperate for gold coins as i needed them to advance, and while liliacs made a good start of getting gc, i soon made a good amount more and then more and more by mixing in Alchemy and selling to players and bots. It also did advance me in the skills i decided at the start that i wanted to have. And one thing i learned in this game is you never can have enough gold coins. I am right now at a state where i deal in items that costs other players 12000-30000 gold coins to buy from me (and as i am lazy i have a lot of costs on my site so my profit margin is not to high there as i am not greedy) and even as i can make lots of money in a El day if i really would spend time and effort in it, for my goals in game i would need about 120 million gold coins more to reach all goals, and that would take years. So while i do think prices in Eternal Land needs to be adjusted on the Non Player Characters, and in some cases in the shop to encourage people to buy more there, The main problem is that Invasions and Instances bring in a lot more gold coins then every harvester or mixer can generate in the same time. If you are lucky. It drives some prices up and others down. and brings an Imbalance in the game. But every player who played a long time knows about it. Rationality is not only used for reading. And as someone who has read every book in the game, i must say in most cases you do not want to bother with those tokens. Tokens are expensive, and take long to get (if i hunt for them i have to kill in average 300 goblins to get 1 token) taking that amount into relation to the reading speed i gather with rationality in a fast reading room i am usually faster just reading it. with high rationality, Anyway rationality is also very good for extra XP in mixing and in fighting for hitting opponents. I build my Character as an Allrounder, and i am constantly wish i would have a few more rationality then what i do have. All in all the game is far more diverse as you might think, and in the most cases it takes a long breath to get to some places where people want to be.
  10. Thats great and maybe a part of the solution but a keypress would still better as i said i would use it inside a user menu.
  11. I was today working with user menu and thought about it would be nice to have a way that i could get my own location in some other way then clicking on the compass or clicking it with a shift key, so it posts it into a channel or as server text, my idea was that i would create a usermenu where when i click it i can send a message to #gm with the location coordinates automatically filled in like "#gm I died at" #keypress #Keyname = would be "I died at You are in Hurquin [96,92] or My Position: Hurquin [96,92] or @@guild Badaran found at #keypress #keyname would be @@guild Badaran Found at My Position: Hurquin [96,92] and so on there are a lot of things where it could be useful
  12. Titanium axe of Evanescence

    your sure? el-wiki claims it breaks. if someone knows it for sure he should update it
  13. Shop item Cloak of MORE tears

    Disclaimer: I have done the Break Quests: I like the idea, and the item would be useful on luxin cloth breaking too. so a person buying it will probably use it a lot As for the Breaking quests it took me years and days and days of pvp against others on day of more tears, or when my astro was very good for breaking to get it done. Most breaks happend when i did not like and not on items i liked (mainly in instances) and not on those training sessions when i tried to break things. A extra percentage on breaking chance is not a bad idea, because those few quests take simply to long. and yes i am aware that it was kind a point that people not do it in a day
  14. Titanium axe of Evanescence

    I like the idea
  15. For those who are interested in Since the el Time Widget did not work for last couple of weeks i did now wrote a new one. You can get it for now from this link. As it is the first Release there might be some bugs. in which cases you should pm me in game write here in forum or contact me over mercator. BTW the data for the applet are provided as json file through https://holy-eternalland.de/eldata.php UPDATES: New version in the link, now app has a background, If you click on the app, time gets syncroized with mercator service manually. Otherwise it syncronizes every hour. added bugfix in case device running whith no internet. Changes system of Timecalculation from counting up an int, to a timestampbased calculation. this should be more efficient. made Fonts smaller so Widget takes less space.
  16. Mercators El Time Widget (for Android)

    hmm i actually did work on the file but not change the output probably again a BOM problem (i had since installed a new linux on system.
  17. Well i have the feeling to read 2 sides talking a bit apart from it. Funny thing is, i did some trades with bots with fractionous amounts too, and the bot did ask the extra gc to give it back after. My suggestion is Bluap make the function to round up instead of to trunc it. I already use mercator instcalc to trunc. That way bot payments are correct. and in cases of instances it does not really matter who gets the maybe excess gold coin (nobody doing an instance cares about 1 gc in the one or other way)
  18. How about adding an el installer version to the download versions. I know a few people who would love to try the new clients out but am afraid to extract things into the right folders or do anything but use installers or by having an experienced user next to them.
  19. Skunks missing in White Stone

    The skunks are hard to do i killed a skunk also not to long ago, and i often ask friends to help with search if i get them. as they always seam to hide when i get them .
  20. Chat System, Background Color, Text Color

    Well i thought as something like a text filter one sets up for himself but i do understand what you mean One thing i would not want is that they would start creating shortcuts for colored chat so
  21. I know it might be a bit more work and since some colors are set by the server with an unicode character we might would need a filter of those which might mess up messages set by server. But i do have sometimes a hard time to easy read the numbers of for example the #il or ii command just because of the contrast of the color to the background. so i thought since we made already changes to the fonts to true type fonts and a few other changes, why not make it possible for people to select the color of the chat window background to something they would like. Or if one would do a filter system for the special characters, set the color code of those colored chat to a color of the persons choosing.
  22. Chat System, Background Color, Text Color

    Playing with aislinn suggestion about global filter, i realized that all those filters i used in the past are just for my own decency not for others. so i wanted to add to the suggestion if we could make an option of a text replacement system for outgoing chat, (i am used to write for example tit axe, instead Titanium axe, but it would be also a nice feature for accronyms people use like pl for Portland nara for Naralik etc. people still might write the short terms but in the text that is send it would be the right readable words.
  23. Unable to connect on Android

    yes it can its actually the only way to do it right now
  24. Chat System, Background Color, Text Color

    the channel color settings are nice to set the start color of chat channels apart but its useless if you have trouble reading the c_blue3 text that system messages like #il #ii and i do have trouble with that color:) i have changed it for me now with text filter as blue1 and it is far far far far far far more easy for me to read it. for that we would need an exchange filter, and making a global filter that search for the color byte and replaces it in global filter does not work. But looking as how the channel color setting works i bet it would be possible to enhance that system for the rest too. what would work for me is if i could say if this color code comes up use this other one instead On the start of messages, (i do not care if bot messages have colors i cannot read well)
  25. Unable to connect on Android

    If you are using just cellphone data plan and your provider is blocking that port, then there is sadly not much we can do to help you. (well if you have rooted your phone there is a way, but i would never suggest to anyone that they root their phone) The way this should be resolved should be by and android client that would allow you to use the learners proxy server if the main connection would not work. so that those players can play it, as it happens a lot with mobile internet that the port is blocked. and its something that the ISP are at fault with when they do it.