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  1. Chat System, Background Color, Text Color

    Well i thought as something like a text filter one sets up for himself but i do understand what you mean One thing i would not want is that they would start creating shortcuts for colored chat so
  2. Chat System, Background Color, Text Color

    Playing with aislinn suggestion about global filter, i realized that all those filters i used in the past are just for my own decency not for others. so i wanted to add to the suggestion if we could make an option of a text replacement system for outgoing chat, (i am used to write for example tit axe, instead Titanium axe, but it would be also a nice feature for accronyms people use like pl for Portland nara for Naralik etc. people still might write the short terms but in the text that is send it would be the right readable words.
  3. Unable to connect on Android

    yes it can its actually the only way to do it right now
  4. Chat System, Background Color, Text Color

    the channel color settings are nice to set the start color of chat channels apart but its useless if you have trouble reading the c_blue3 text that system messages like #il #ii and i do have trouble with that color:) i have changed it for me now with text filter as blue1 and it is far far far far far far more easy for me to read it. for that we would need an exchange filter, and making a global filter that search for the color byte and replaces it in global filter does not work. But looking as how the channel color setting works i bet it would be possible to enhance that system for the rest too. what would work for me is if i could say if this color code comes up use this other one instead On the start of messages, (i do not care if bot messages have colors i cannot read well)
  5. Unable to connect on Android

    If you are using just cellphone data plan and your provider is blocking that port, then there is sadly not much we can do to help you. (well if you have rooted your phone there is a way, but i would never suggest to anyone that they root their phone) The way this should be resolved should be by and android client that would allow you to use the learners proxy server if the main connection would not work. so that those players can play it, as it happens a lot with mobile internet that the port is blocked. and its something that the ISP are at fault with when they do it.
  6. Chat System, Background Color, Text Color

    Actually i am using colored messages with gm user menues for some time in guild, to set out important chat messages from all day chat. and i am using utf-8 special characters to color the message in and that works a charm i tried on your approach with iso-8859-1 and the corresponding characters there and its not working as well. Anyway it would not matter if we do save the remapping of the colors into a config file or not, (well i would do it that way) but the thing is There are a lot of people out there with bad eyesight, who have one or the other problem with it, No one color scheming solution will catch all cases, so it would be just good to give people a way to set up their own color map for the chat window. but if its done it must be done in a way that is user friendly. While i am tech sappy enough to be able to do such things myself, most players are not. (i could change color codes in the source code if i want to. I even can write the code for the change i want, and if the feature is wanted and the ones who actually write the client code do not want to write it i am happy to write it. But i am not one of the official developers in the game and such things need to be approved hence the suggestion)
  7. Chat System, Background Color, Text Color

    Ok i played around with aislins suggestion and the problem there is now simply i cannot filter away 1 color (in my case its c_blue3 that is used in several system messages and i do have absolute troubles with reading it on the background.) but for now this works for me
  8. Chat System, Background Color, Text Color

    hmm nice suggestion i will have to do some checks there but you gave me some ideas, still i rather would like a way to do this over an options menu, for my own settings (or for other people) as different people have different things that they have hard time to deal with eye wise and it would be good service to people to be customizing their own ui without to much trouble so they can see their stuff as well as they want.
  9. I know it might be a bit more work and since some colors are set by the server with an unicode character we might would need a filter of those which might mess up messages set by server. But i do have sometimes a hard time to easy read the numbers of for example the #il or ii command just because of the contrast of the color to the background. so i thought since we made already changes to the fonts to true type fonts and a few other changes, why not make it possible for people to select the color of the chat window background to something they would like. Or if one would do a filter system for the special characters, set the color code of those colored chat to a color of the persons choosing.
  10. Unable to connect on Android

    Some Mobile Phone providers block the port 2000/2001 that are needed for the game to work. this is regular a problem for some players
  11. Combining Folders function

    Well ok i will when i have the time write something myself and if it works make a link to it for others
  12. Combining Folders function

    yes i know it is not easy, thats why i put it as a suggestion here, it will be a lot of work (and i will offer to help there if we do it), and yes i can probably manage to merge most stuff myself with scripts and so on (not all) but others are not as versed in IT as i might be and have the same situation, so it might be a good idea to discuss it.
  13. I do like the work and direction that the new client is going, it really is great, but it causes for me a small problem. For years i was used to play with my main, and some other chars by having them Seperated by folders where the personal data goes into. a few of the new client features, do not make that necessary anymore and i was thinking if it would not be good to have a way to combine the folders back into one without loosing data. and if so If it would not be good to do that by the client.
  14. forum validate and old account help

    Good if you got in, because my database of names is sadly only 6 years old and does not have any name belonging to OZU! that came even close to what you suggested
  15. Completed Quest List

    You mean the only way as i see it. Oherwise you would need to require either on some hack that manages to ask all npc's and read out the chat (without walking there and i am not sure thats doable) or read log files on the computer that might not be complete.