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  1. Pre Alpha Version for Android Mercator Service app

    The App is not out in the wild so you do not need to be a Tester to get it anymore. If you are a Tester you will get the Version a bit more Early. Features of the System are as it is now. Receive Notifications about Game Events. Automatic generated Contact list for easy Personal Chats For the next few Versions this App is now Feature Complete. The focus for the next few Relases will be Bug fixes, Rework of code, Changes in layouts. If you want you can post Suggestions and plans in this post. Planned Features that will come sometime in the next few month Memo | Reminder Service Some Stat Calculators. Marketsearch
  2. Right now Guilds have only the possibility to Color Code other guilds, so it could be a warning for fellow members if a player in the other guild provided either very friendly services to the guild, or are someone where you need to watch yourself around him. Now a lot of the players that causes trouble, and quite a few of nice players are without guilds. It would be helpful if the guild where able to Tag those players with colors too. which could help a lot in telling who is actually dangerous, or very friendly player. Of course Colors red green purple and yellow should be excluded from the color coding as they are already used
  3. server crash?

    nevermind must have been isp
  4. server crash?

    I cannot log in in el or access the online players page http://game.eternal-lands.com/online_players.htm Is the server down?
  5. android app

    This client was not developed on for the new version, so if you walk on the maps and so on you would find on quite a few maps quite a few problems. So what it would need are the new map files and a version update so it works again
  6. Pre Alpha Version for Android Mercator Service app

    Ok updated a new Version of the still pre Alpha app Changed download location to my server so all people should be able to download it if logged in or not, Changes: You can now receive Personal Messages as notification, Messages of different Type do not override each other anymore no more Message failed on sending Personal Messages if it succeeded. https://play.google.com/apps/testing/de.holy_eternalland.mercatorservices https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.holy_eternalland.mercatorservices
  7. In Game way of creating User Menu

    hmm a bumb for this old request from me, Do user menus work on andorid too? because that might be pretty useful for some things there. if we would create a few standard menus
  8. EL Mentors

    that did not happen, and no i do not spoil newbees, i give them advice, and a so called starter kit of some augmented leather armor cheap weapon and some potions. and yes i had some "alts" missusing the system with asking questions up to 2-3 weeks before one saw that they where just alts of known players.
  9. EL Mentors

    One big problems with new player chars, is old players creating new chars and pretending to be new player. get some free stuff from nice players etc and then people find out they got scammed and stop doing it. I am happy to help new players when i see them but i went wary as to if they are really new or not
  10. Pre Alpha Version for Android Mercator Service app

    after a log in on forum you should get it
  11. Pre Alpha Version for Android Mercator Service app

    The Error message on sending Messages, is cause of an error in Bot Code. Its fixed in sources and will be put online on Monday
  12. UPDATE: The App is in the Google Play store. A version that do not need Google Play is in works. As the Mercator Time Widget does not work on Android 8.0 and higher anymore due to changes of how Android handles Background Messages i have put some now and then time to develop an Android App that does give extended services. This is a Second Pre Alpha version so it does have not all Functions and even some of the functions not as working as one expects. But i thought i relase it now as some might still find it useful. Its now relased in google Play with this link https://play.google.com/apps/testing/de.holy_eternalland.mercatorservices https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.holy_eternalland.mercatorservices
  13. The Server does keep track of the quest status of every player already. Problem is there is no Protocol for sending the quest status to the client. I would love to see such a Protocol Implemented. Because yes while i am pretty sure i have done every little quest in game (except for the breaking quest where i am on the last 2 pieces for over a year now) i am not sure thats true, and only way for me to find out is to talk to all npc again. Making stuff on special locations i would agree would be nice, But a lot of work on both client and server side. If boat trips take times or have events in it people uses them less. As its mainly used to go by foot from one place to the other rest uses tele to portals
  14. New client binaries for testing

    good job, one thing so i realised that on item list i still have the old images for the items, even if i get the right items out of the storage
  15. Android app thoughts

    Actually i did play a litle with the android, and i must say what i would like is and way to toggle multiple touch bars So you have 1 or 2 Buttons on the button where you can go between Icon bars 1-3 which all have a set of buttons that are vital for the game play. Then i would add button for Keyboard, special mouse clicks, options, minimap etc simple things you can easy do on pc clients but are frustrating on android