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  1. new spell 'fight'

    Its called summoning you summon a creature your friend summon a creature and you let them fight against each other. And if you are over a certain level you can give the creatures you summoned a few commands You can also have your summoned creatures attack other creatures of people, and you can summon from rabbits up to dragons a whole lot of creatures.
  2. Well you can simply go collect the mercury from bags in nordcarn pk arena. When i do it i usually get about 80 in a go
  3. revi

    I do not have a beef with revi, but do not worry he puts people fast on ignore list. I remember a time when he was farming ferans in irsis and when i came there and we chatted a bit he told me to take the spawn (i was not demanding it and would have happily waited) when i was doing it i pmmed him 1 or 2 times that i am almost done, I was playing with 2 chars at the time and did pm him with the other char feran and that if he wanted he could have the spawn back i would keep it alive till then. revi replied to me that i am harrass him as i would circumvent an ignore that he put in place by using my alt. He Frist never told me that he has me ignored. and second i gave him never a reason to ignore me, all i tried was to be polite and return the Favour he did me. My advice here let live and live yourself. Let the topic go and enjoy the game as it is. Edit : My example was not an example of mod abuse, but an example of Revis view of some things that differ from the perception of others. and fast response. I asked revi if i should put the pm log on he said no so i am not putting his side up. I mark where he has said something. VinoVeritas [10:11:36] [PM to revi: how many ferans to go for you?] Revis responded and left. [10:11:53] [PM to revi: nono] [10:12:01] [PM to revi: just wanted to know i did not start with homoe] [10:12:09] [PM to revi: the spawn is yours ] [10:13:57] [PM to revi: come back and take the spawn again did not want to take it away from you] [10:16:53] [PM to revi: or where you there to hunt for horns?] [10:18:07] [PM to revi: in that case i would offer you all the horns Homo_Novus is getting] At this point revi said something that he interpreted as telling me to leave him alone, and that he put me on ignore, but it did not say that he puts me on ignore. From his chat today he put me on ignore at that moment. [10:21:22] [PM to revi: ok but thats exactly the reason why i did not want to take the spawn from you i did not get that feran there] Homo_novus [10:30:11] [PM to revi: almost done 3 more to go and i have now both there if you want it back] Revis respond to this including that it is not good to respond with other char if alt is on ignore. He did not put harrassment in the words, he did not use mod power here. But in the fact that he was a mod. and the way he acted. it was rash and pretty harsch from my point of view. His respons in pm today about it while i can see some of his points are similar. My point to make it clear is, revi has his own personality, it let him act in certain ways. both as mod and as normal person. Seiduna should see it as that and live with it and just try not to take it to her heart that the response was in her perspectiv more then she thought warrented. This dispute is not really worth it name.
  4. Constructive Criticism of the Community

    One of the reason many players are not in the Invasion Channel 6 is that it is a channel where you get flamed. The game has lots of nice helpful people, many of whom got burned by a few players who repeatably come back with new chars. The only way to get past that is to play your game talk with people in local chat, and start on this way your connections. One of the reasons why people ask new players if they are an alt, is that most new chars that get made are in one way or the other one and one reason people make them is to use the friendly players who would give new players advice and sometimes gifts. when you get burned there you stop eventually helping more and more. which is sadly somethign that happens here a lot
  5. URL unreachable?

    well for some items there are short versions like efe that you can do, not sure if usl ever updated it to the newer items, as usl did not play for over 5 years otherwise a short version of such item might do the trick
  6. A rather strange ip ban

    In that case the autoban system should be changed and have a timeout after which the ip is no longer considered dangerous, especially considering that most ip's worldwide are dynamic, or these days even send through NAT. On this note it would be nice if el would be ready for ipv6 as for examply my ip service provider gives me an own ipv6 range, and the ipv4 i have is one that i share with 15k other people at the same time.
  7. URL unreachable?

    all working again
  8. URL unreachable?

    its a hardware problem that i hope is solved soon
  9. New Login Screen for Multiple Characters

    Riptide Copy the file in c:\Program Files(x86)\Eternal Lands\ But maybe rename the file el.exe that is in that folder first to elold.exe that way no reinstallation is needed if something goes wrong Otherwise great feature
  10. Control Rosto Prices

    Radu could try what the change would be, by making it a sale, set down the prices a bit announce it and see the change in purchases. For Radu a rosto has 0 costs, so all he might do is loose a bit of money if the sales stay as they are, with a decline in sale however it is always a good idea to go over priceing to change dynamics.
  11. Control Rosto Prices

    Do not swamp it with multiple items make it simple and just lower the price, works for all and you will not punish people because of a/d.
  12. Control Rosto Prices

    there are a few ways, non is doable without radu's input some hard work for him if i understand the way el npc - shop market is set up. Some ideas might be looking like giving less value to him at the start but might make sense in the long run. A way to handle stuff is to work through all npc prices, and change them so that they make more sound in a general base. (right now some things are ridiculous cheap and others ridiculous expensive. A change in the Shop prices to the lower rate of some products might be at first look counterproductiv, but my guess is if you pay for a rosto 1 us dollar, people will use them more buy them more and they could compete with haidir passes. which would mean in the end there is more rl money for radu then if he does not do the changes. (The price suggested is just for example to find the real price it would need some more data analyzing then i do have)
  13. Carrier Pigeons

    I had a bot that bought lots of ores on side, and back then had so often a full bot that it exceeded the 2 time run to sto a week policy.so i had hours over hours of mixing on bot side, and then move what was left over after. so i know what i expect of a bot owner (and it was still worth for me) well if radu as i remember he did suggested years ago once to create an item that make bots non stackable items stack on bots, it would already help a lot. I do not see a need for items to move from one place to the other, as storages have access to all of an players inventory and players do run over el in a matter of minutes do do all kind of stuff. Using a bots storage has more advantages then disadvantages. That said i always would have liked the idea of walking NPC's
  14. Control Rosto Prices

    In my view Haidir passes are the big culprit for the shop sales in general. A haidir pass bought for 0.5 us Dollar generates 14-15kgc so the GC/dollar rate with that item is 30k for a us dollar, if you see a rosto at 5 us dollar it would need to cost 150kgc so it generates the same value. its even worse for enriched esses etc. Its because of that that i think the prices that worked on the start in el do not work for the el that exists now anymore and there needs to be a few changes. Either a haidir pass (i think its the best selling object in radus shop) need to get more expensiv, or what would generate more sales is, the rosto price must slow down and get capped by npc. just take a gc/us dollar ratio and make the npc rosto price a bit more expensiv. That way people will still buy in shop and the inflation will have a capstone. I do not mind to introduce a "mini rosto" but really what we need is a way to top the exallerating gc/us dollar change
  15. Carrier Pigeons

    the location is not the problem main problem is storage My suggestion would be that all bots should have storage access where they stand, you remove the ability for them to walk to storage to trade, but give them full access to storage. then we have just the 300 different items limitation that way such a trade system could be made with quite a few of the bots if the owner would like to as for the places well its not to hard to travel from one map to the other so it does not matter as long as a storage is close by.