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  1. If i do trade a lot with bots or want fast to go back to last talked line of chat line while in normal window, it happens a lot to me that my mouse rests on either inventory storage or trade Dialoge, which means those dialogs gets resized instead that the indented action is taken place. I was wondering if we could not make a submenu point either in option or at those windows in question to keep them at the size that was set up in first place and not taking up the key actions instead
  2. Better pathfinding/Control

    I myself like the path finding idea of a rolling ball that i have seen implemented in an University project long long time ago. They took a map, made walls (not walk able terrain) as something extremly high (in my example 10000, walkable path at x-1 and grass etc at a x+0. lets say you want to go from coord 50,50 to cordinate 100,100 in the diagonal thats 50 steps, so the tile you want to walk to gets height 0 every coordinate around 0 gets x+1 till the place where you stand gets 50 (not walkable pathes are 10000) special marked pathes gets hight now you let a ball run from the spot you are to the spot you want, it will follow the way of lowest x value in the surrounding. and it would mean if there is a walking path on the way that is similar good to reach the place it will go follow that way until leaving it would be faster again
  3. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    Actually there is one point where i would like to have a check, and that is in the assigning of critical fails, i Monitore my critical fails on the making of big books. and i found that i do have more critical fails when my Astro is declining instead of the raising site. (this would also apply on the time that the indicator (which is assuming using the same functions we did check these days and should be working correct) would be declining or raising based on tests i did with indicators. It might be just bad luck on my sight, but i am trying these days only to mix Big books on the climbing side of Astro till it hits max peak. (the difference is between 10% failure rate on raisinig Astro days and up to 50% on the falling Astro days. Its not really Dependant on the Astro number itself but more on the trend that the Astro has taken which has me actually wondering what is playing in there. and it very well might just be my luck. But it is pretty consistant trent i had in my book making history.
  4. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    Ok as requested i go through that code piece too if(check_player_flag(SKEPTIC, player_id))return 0; If you are skeptic the function always gives back a 0 raw_bonus=pre_get_player_bonus(player_id, PLANET_DEFENSE_ORBIT,time_offset); this line that is also present in the Astro function for rare, should give back a value which has probably 90 as the neutral value so if you are. I speculate here that PLANTE_DEFENSE_ORBIT is a Constant, same like the PLANET_CHANCE_TO_MAKE_RARE_ORBIT at make rare, that does influence together with some stored data of the player will give out the Astro at a given time. the time_offset is most likely there to allow the predictors to work right. if(raw_bonus>90)percent=-(raw_bonus-90)/18; else percent=(90-raw_bonus)/18; OK this code has 1 big Difference to the make rare one, the percent calculation gives out the negative value when it is penalty and the positive value when it is good, Based on the number here my guess is that the raw bonus can go between 0 and 180, which would mean the value can go between -5 and 5 (-5 = raw bonus 180 5= raw bonus=0) returned_number=(players[player_id].player_data.defense_skill.base*percent)/100; so here you have your players defense base number (they change on your defense levels, you can actually see it as sometimes 1 defense level makes a lot of differences in many parts) multiplied with your number. I can have a max +8 in my defense and attack skills, and i assume my defense_skill.base is probably 168. 168*5/100=840/100=8.4 (if we have a truncated integer as its usual in integer divisions its 8, and the same on the negative site. (Based on this calculation every 20 defense level would add 1 point on Astro, so for new fighters they have 0,20-39=1, 40-59=2, 60-79=3, 80-99=4, 100-119=5, 120-139=6, 140-159=7, 160-179=8) if(check_player_flag(LUCKY_DEFENDER, player_id) && returned_number<0)return 0; return returned_number; Finally the last part of the Function, if your Value is negative return 0 if you have the LUCKY_DEFENDER perk. otherwise put out the positive number. So this function that should give back the Astro works as advertised. The attack Astro getting function is the same with the Difference that it gets the Attack Astro orbit result. so if there are errors with fighting its not based on this function, but maybe on some code that does not involve it.
  5. Better pathfinding/Control

    that magical interference with closing the window is annoying, i rather would like to see that the window at random times moves a few pixel in a random direction. if someone is macroing using autoclick or so on will tell the server and people will have be exposed same way, while people mixing fast a lot will see the difference and can adjust fast (and yes thats why i think the autoclose of item_list was put in place to generate clicks that show someone is using autoclick.
  6. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    Well the logic of that function seams to be sound. if(raw_bonus>90)returned_number=(raw_bonus-90)*8; else returned_number=-(90-raw_bonus)*8; if(check_player_flag(CHILD_OF_STARS, player_id) && returned_number>0)return 0; return returned_number; These 4 lines make make sure that whatever your raw_bonus is it will be handled the same way and that if you have the child of stars perk that you get a negative or 0 as i did assume, earlier. thank you for clearing up what experience_delta means, well i think the code checks out. Just that the people (myself included) might not see much of it, because the chances are small enough that your personal luck level on the random number generator might drive you crazy.
  7. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    int chance=manufacture_items_list[manufacture].chance_to_mutate; Here is the chance to make the rareness, in basic a value of 100 is 1% on normal day with 0 Astro. What i see is that the scaling of the factor is pretty low. if you have a 10% chance or a 11% chance does makes in your experience no big difference, same goes for the capes close to 15% on best day (assuming that exp_delta is 0 as there is no exp changes on mixing); BTW i took 10% for this example as its nice numbers to calculate with, in reality the chances of getting anything are in the 0.00x% areas lets say the chance of making 1 EFE is 1:10000 on normal day without modificators, then the variable chance would be 1; so we have a random of 10900-9100 without artificer cave and a chance range of 1 means chance for a efe would be 0.00917% in worst case 0,01% in normal case and 0.011% in best case and with the artificer cape 0.01384% in worst case, 0.01429% in normal, and 0,01476% in best case (differences to upper calculation are rounding problems) (edit forgot the eee calculation) an eee has a probablilty of 1:1000 so the number chance is 10 so the chances are 0.0917% - 0.11% or 0.1384-0.1476% so factor 10 higher btw since its probably that the chance is so low the experience_delta Is a huge factor in the calculation. and its influences probably potential extremely higher then any Astro effects.
  8. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    Ok i went through the code, and i want to put a small calculation example on how it affects with people that has the Child of star perk if it works right. This is the main important line, upper_limit=7000+get_astrology_modifier_to_make_rare(player_id,0)/4; basicly it says if you have neutral astro your chances are at this point 7000:1, if you have full negative astro (i think it was +-900 that you can get) you will have a chance of 7000+225=7225:1 chance to make one and on full positiv astro 6775; EDIT:( my estimate about the max return value was wrong :get_astrology_modifier_to_make_rare returns a value betwee -720 and 720). (that just changes the math a little bit but not so significantly to change the determination from it) Of course it assumes that this function will take into account that you have the child of stars perk, and that it will give back either a negative value or 0; get_astrology_modifier_to_make_rare(player_id,0) I am not sure what the experience_delta is or where this comes from, i am assuming it will stay 0 for most people. depending on what it is and how it is calculated it can be a cause for the experience error that i feel as i mix less and less enriched the higher i got in level if(experience_delta>0)chance+=experience_delta; Ok going on to the last part that determines things rand_result=my_rand(upper_limit); if(chance+rand_result>upper_limit) the rand is at this point without a cape between 10900-9100, and with cape either 7225-6775 . the next line is in the end the only deciding factor. lets say we want to have a 10% chance to make an Special Item, on 0 Astro normal day without artificer cape then the value should be 1000, so lets say chance is 1000; so without cape you have a chance for a special item between 10.99% and 9.17%, the 0 Astro rate is here the assumed 10% with cape you have a chance for a special item between 14.76%- and 13.84%, the 0 Astro rate is here 14.29%; Long post short, the code does modify the chances of getting a rare item as it should, as long as the upper named astrology get function delivers the right value. The percentage on how much the Astro gets modified depends more on what the the values of chance and experience_delta are then on the value of the upper limit and the function that gets the players Astro.
  9. Android Controls

    sadly on the android client its all a bit complicated, to get the keyboard you need to click below the movement arrows, (its invisible spot so i always need to search it when i use it), while moving and so on is click on item then on inventory window or storage window i myself ind it hard to use, thats why i stopped it
  10. Eternal Lands - Feedback from random new player

    You do not need to know c++ to run a bot, only if you are inclined so, you can use existing bots, and use el-services.net to have that server run one for you. (additionally some bots like Mercator (but not just him) are written in other languages. The idea of having a different shop with a different type of items/prices for them. which would have Ingame an NPC where one could collect bought stuff was suggested a few times. Even a bot would do, and if Radu would wish he could get such a bot, that checks PayPal and reserves items from the buyers. But that shop site, and payment site has not changed in ages. As an "old" player i must say its not the amount of spawns that i wish where more (so i would wish for some crowded areas like a snake pit or somthing now and the, but that the spawn times would be different. Most monsters have spawn times set up before Dailys got introduced. and people spend lots of time at some spawns trying to get most XP/values out of there. And the spawn times where a good way to control it. These days its pretty much obsolete, since there are almost daily invasions, and instances that you can go in and kill good dropping creatures without waits.
  11. Runner Cape

    In my opinion while the cape is nice to have, its nothing i would pay the amount of gc for it that the market would ask for (or the us dollar amount)
  12. Runner Cape

    I think the only way these days is to get it either through a hidden treasure, or an random item giver. I think if it would be a shop item you would see it more in game. but since the Shop page is not manged in ages i cannot really say whats there and whats not
  13. Make it like heal allies it will only work with guild members. I am not sure about transport player spells myself, but we should have more group based spells BTW i would love to see Spell Items. So high level Mages can create something like a wand of teleport and it will create a teleport to portal wand or a teleport to range wand, etc that other players can use regardless of magic level and will not fail, it also would reduce the amounts of stuff you need to carry as you could like that reduce 3 esses to 1 item
  14. Eternal Lands Soundpack by Kain.

    Yes. You can edit the file sound_warning.txt in the data directory of EL . I have here 3 alerts as an example, here you get an alert if you stopped harvesting, if you are overloaded (or someone writes in chat overloaded, and when you get a PM from someone. alert1 = You stopped harvesting alert2 = overloaded alert3 = PM from (alert1-3 are automatic set up sounds if you want to have other sounds you will to work on snds_client.xml and insert there new elements that you might use) All you need to do now is set the Volume for Text Warning Sounds Volume to 1 and it should work after a restart of EL.
  15. well just so you know with #know (part of booktitle) you can get all the books that you already know that has the letter combination in it. second The game is was first designed and put up at a time where one did take a lot of care about the payload you transfer between client and server. We could probably create a way to get the information in the client and have it there somewhere in local memory all the time so that in the rare situation that someone looks at his books will find out if they have read the book they have in storage, but we have Books that you can read multiple times with benefits and books that you can read one time. People are buying books for themselves, secondary characters they are playing or for friends all the time. So while i would love to have a knowledge tree that shows which books you need to have for what. the way the server client system is set up i do not see that this will happen. well you can do my solution Since i have read all the books i do know that all books i own are useless for me unless i sell them