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  1. 1.9.6 update will require loc changes for most MM Bots

    As i see it all Bots needing to be moved are moved now
  2. New development version of the Android client

    Wondering if it can be somethign to do with 1.9.5 and 1.9.6 data conflicts?
  3. New development version of the Android client

    I did try items sorting no problems did not try category sorting as i do not have that Raz has android version I have under ab version Aislinns version
  4. New development version of the Android client

    First off very sorry to report a bug this late in the testing circle but well there it is. While Trading with raz who was on android i found a trade bug that i could confirm with a new installed version of the 1.9.5 developer android client from the forum right after. Basically if you click on an item not in the first row, i do get an item of the numbers of categories down, and reverse order of the item list, For example i clicked on the last item in magic slot (5 rows down and i got an invasion token into the storage slot (the token was at the first slot) in my try's it was pretty consistent so i did not always know exactly which slot they where as i did not record it, so i might be off there a bit, but it looks for me like something in the array work of items went wrong ----- Update did do trades between Flava and Vino_sto to try and reproduce it again, and failed. So i think it might be somethings with settings but i do not know what, maybe it is related to the error where you sometimes get the trades change between inventory and storage without discernible pattern. Trade try between flava and Raz also worked normal. Not sure what made that behaviour with raz and with me before at sto (i had the problem on android as had raz on android )
  5. Because of Maintencence work. at the location where our Bots on el-services.net are hosted, all bots will be probably offline between 8am and 4pm GMT+2 All bots are back up and running
  6. Eternal Lands 1.9.6 release candidate

    Ok i know the error, i turned the smartphone between start and show of screensplash so it just did not adjust the picture and the text after the turning.
  7. Eternal Lands 1.9.6 release candidate

    Quick replay the select language dialog on android client is to small it should be if possible a seperate window not the pc version window.
  8. Trade Bug in git Client

    I had the bug again, yesterday happend when trying to trade multiple people and waiting for one to respond. distance to sto was 2 -5 steps away from storage npc for all there.
  9. I did had several scenarios yesterday where i would in the past get a black screen, and it was all normal. And while its hard to say the bug is fixed because you did not seen random effect anymore, i think it looks good on my side
  10. Trade Bug in git Client

    I believe yes, but actually that could be it, i do sometimes click next to the point i want update: did do some trades with one char walking and trading other while walking but those did work
  11. Trade Bug in git Client

    Its definitly not what happend to me, because when i realized it the first time i had done 5 times an srs transfer for 1k between vino_sto and vinoveritas, and i did 2 times reset the trade conditions, 1 time by logging out vino_sto and vinoveritas and do the trade again, particular watching that i did not change anything and that the s for storage was activ, all i did was put items from storage window into inventory window and then click accept on both chars nothing else. (i tried to redo it earlier but then it worked normal) only after i did click on the items to say go to inventory and then to storage again it worked.
  12. Trade Bug in git Client

    Just so you know lasts trade that went wrong this morning before i Postest was login 1 storage npc and direct trade to my main that walked to sto and started trade, the furs went into inventory instead storage, and i logged off again, i went to Maia turned in then made git pull created a new client, and on my try after that it did work again (even if there was only the eyecandy part relinked. But since i had normal trades again now since, i think its the old bug, and not a show stopper that i feared when i wrote the bug.
  13. Trade Bug in git Client

    I know it happend in the past now and then, but since i made the client and connection over ssl with learners ssl proxy i got it every time and not just now and then, when i traded with 2 alts on the same mashine Maybe the change i had there in the system wtih the ssl connection might be the problem? good work there btw grum And i would not have said something if it where just that now and then happening that i saw for years, --- Update I made today a new git client for the eye candy error after i wrote the bug report and tried the trading again and now it worked as it should again, so maybe i was wrong and its the old bug.
  14. Trade Bug in git Client

    I generated a couple of days ago a git client (before the eye candy bug fix) and i realized there is a trade bug, on stores where when i trade from one char to the other (storage to storage) without double clicking on the item so it goes into storage it tries to be in inventory instead storage even if the S is displayed next to item. Made me annoyed with failed trades
  15. hmm i am gonna go create me a new client and put eye candy back on