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  1. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Well i have said my point. And no some rules that where enforced do not comply with your rules. When revi told me about not allowed to kill my noob char. there was 1 kill not 10 or 100 in a row. so it was not spamming at that point. I am not saying the mods are bad or the game is aweful. I am saying that if radu makes a rule tells about it in channel 6. Enforces it. it should be written down in a place that everyone can look at and find it. For example radu says in channel 6: no alts on spawns of creatures that spawn on various maps, then put a post in forum saying that. Everyone will be able to read it. and there is no more question for people, as it is down there. readable published at a place where people who where not online can see it. Because if someone was not in channel 6 or playing for a while and come back he might not hear about the ruling. And really breaks rules without realizing.
  2. Neno hunting rules and bans

    And exactly those rules are incomplete. They do not tell people that they need to play their alts and level them up, They say nothing about breaking rules when you afk sit at spawns from neno, or joker or invdrag. they say nothing about having chars at certain shopping npc's they say nothing about killing their own alt for fun (something i remeber you revi did tell me its forbidden when i did) and they say nothing about maybe a lot of more rules that radu announced in channel 6 and that might get enforced. So i am saying if you make a rule that you enforce put it on forum or update the ecyclopedia put them so people can find it. Its just fair for players.
  3. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Only if you update it manually. at least the client i downloaded 2 month ago was not updated in the data. I redownloaded windows client and installed it and it looks as if there the rules are updated like in the encyc so ok new players do not get the illigal multiplayer rules. and the newer invasion and invance rules. Old installation need to manual update it, To bad that the update push service that learner told me the server has (and that he uses in OL a lot, is not used here to update outdated data files. it does not matter for me if the rules are in Forum or in the rules in the encyclopedia, the only thing what i would like is that rules are declared, especially if its in consideration to multiplaying as most rules did not take that in account when made. And quite a few rules where made by radu and enforced that are not written down in a way that you can read them.
  4. Neno hunting rules and bans

    I am speaking about the english one revi. And the encyclopedia that sir_odie distributes is updated. the default not and it does not cover the cause here.
  5. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Of course you cannot put every scenario in rule but you can make a wording that at least stands as basic rule. As it is right now, it is radu says something in channel 6 about this is forbidden, there is nothing in the official written rules that covers his decicion (and he has the right to decide that.) and the wording goes lost into the depts of channel 6 logs and memories of players that might have been online and attentiv to the wording. Making a post of that statement into the rules section of the forum would make this easier and less felt as if single people get singled out. As it is right now its a mess. And the ruleset send in the encyclopedia in basic client is outdated. It still lists illegal multiplaying. and it does not cover anything discussed here, besides maybe rule 6 about Appropiate names. and maybe rule 8 but there it would be debateable what is a short periode of time.
  6. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Just one thing at what point are you guys updating the rules in forum section rules. I THINK ONLY THE RULES THAT ARE SPELLED OUT IN THE OPEN AT ONE PLACE TO BE READ AND WRITTEN THERE SHOULD BE APPLY ABLE. NOT SOME RULES PUT OUT IN CHANNEL 6 OR PUT INTO GENERAL CHAT WHERE IT GET LOST. Reason not everyone reads the channel 6 as they do not have it on are not playing at the time, or did not play yet when it happend. Second new players and old ones that return from long time only have the outdated rules to read and are wondering if its really allowed or forbidden. So far we have what radu said in channel 6 month ago and a post of a vote for new rules that never got finished or put into rules but where some mods are applying them as rules. People want it in black and white what is allowed or not. And the forum has a place for it. that did not get updated since 2012. Multiplayer rule number 5 vanished 2014. the new rules that radu did/did not put in place are a lot newer and there is a lot of confusion what is allowed and what not. Any rule that is not in black and white will open up for treatment that feels unfair, as some will not know is that what a mod say true or not.
  7. Hourly Message

    as far as i know it is not possible for the el-services.net bots. as the hook for the message is the new hour beep from the server. what you can adjust is the amount and time between advertisement or chat in alternative channels.
  8. Maximum food lvl

    So its hard for a macro guy, to download the sourcecode check in which file you can add a food check before item that gives food is used and make a block in there in game client, so nobody can see if he is just good in his eating habbit? or one of the hundreds other ways (color checks for autoclick etc) then for players who like me put the quickslot hotkey to numpad so that i only need to klick 1 key and hold it, while my toads are eaten. I think i do not waste a lot of it, because i watch while i do that the color of the food bar (you can change the level when it changes). putting then off the finger and clicking on mix all makes powermixing possible. but i do regularly waste toads, and did waste more bones that way. if someone wants to macro and can programm its easy enough. and those stoppers will not stop them.
  9. Mercators El Time Widget (for Android)

    hmm i do not have android 8 but i see no reason why it should not work there,
  10. Itemname aliases

    I want to create a database of short names for Itemnames that are used in game, here is a list of what i have made so far. Would be nice if people add to it. the Database will be readable as a json file, once i filled up enough data. Idea is to use it on mercator (already done on those 60 names) and on diverse web pages. alias itemname 1 gc gold coins 2 s2e steel two edged sword 3 FE Fire Essence 4 EFE Enrished Fire Essence 5 HE Health Essence 6 de Death Essence 7 ELE Enriched Life Essence 8 brod Branch of Destruction 9 rdholam Red Dragon Helm of Life and Mana 10 AE Air Essence 11 BQ Blue Quartz 12 brick Rostogol Stone 13 CF Creature food 14 COL Crown of Life 15 MOL Medallion of Life 16 COM Crown of Mana 17 EaE Earth Essence 18 EDE Enriched Death Essence 19 EME Enriched Magic Essence 20 COTU Cape of The Unbreakable 21 EMP Potion of Extra Mana 22 EnE Energy Essence 23 EWE Enriched Water Essence 24 GHP Potion of Great Healing 25 Hydro Hydrogenium Ore 26 Hydro bar Hydrogenium bar 27 JS Jagged Saber 28 LE Life Essence 29 MagE Magic Essence 30 M&P Mortar & Pestle 31 MatE Matter Essence 32 MM Monster Magnetism Cloak 33 MoP Mixture of Power 34 Mums Chrysanthemum 35 NMT No More Tears Cape 36 NEX Nightshade-Mullein-Dandelion Extract 37 OS Orc Slayer 38 PS Powersaving Cloak 39 PEX Poison Ivy-Henbane-Poppies Extract 40 R2 Radioactive Rapier 41 R1 Radioactive Titanium Long Sword 42 RR Red Rose 43 RoP Ring of Power 44 RQ Rose Quartz 45 RSD Red Snapdragons 46 RVM Refined Vegetal Mixture 47 REX Red Currents-Blue Berries-Rue Extract 48 saps Sapphire 49 SE Spirit Essence 50 snaps Red Snapdragons 51 TS True Sight Potion 52 SoM Staff of the Mage 53 SoP Staff of Protection 54 SR Potion of Spirit Restoration 55 suns Sunflower 56 WAL White Asiatic Lilly 57 WE Water Essence 58 WRF White Rabbit Fur 59 WTF White Tiger Fur 60 WW Wormwood 61 YEX Yarrow-Wormwood-Tulip Extract
  11. how to get started map making (mac)

    You need the map editor, and maybe do some work on the ressources to get it working, i have no idea what do do for mac so i cannot help there much. the binary must be downloaded from forum for windows the description is easier. Basicly all in this post. Best idea is to take a map and work from there It took me a while till i understood the map editor right, and i forgot most of it again. but drawing the map is just half of the fun, the bigger fun is to create the def that the map needs, which is the find out which coordinates has which object or which area taht you want to fit with something special. read for that this thread
  12. Error with numberoverflow on mana.

    lol did not realize the hud bar showed right amount. thanks for fast fix
  13. Error with numberoverflow on mana.

    Just a cosmetic bug, but a grizzly managed to drain me in a way that i got -1 mana (i did cast spell at same time). Suddenly i had a number overrun and got at least in theory a lot of mana. Server knew better and after i drank srs all was back normal.
  14. add mule and pheonix levels to #ach

    Would also love to have the amount of powerups still useable as info on ach
  15. too many books

    I do like that idea with books