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  1. Bot payments

    Paid for Amethyst and mercator Receipt# 6Y3977921W3994816 and it would be nice to update the owner of the bots, as Amethyst is now for years my bot, And Negotiator now also for some times belongs to alduron.
  2. New client update available 1.9.5.p4

    Any word on a 64bit client for Mac users, i know there are quite a few out there who would love to update to the newest OSX but el does not work there
  3. Testing 1.9.5 client for Mac

    Its probably for same reason in catalina the 32 bit support was shutdown in the version before it was warned and not wanted to install 32 bit software. Hope that for the mac users a new version will be build fast. (or at least that ben can give out his version.
  4. Return to Token Item

    the shortcut was removed because it was a cheap way to save time, this way is costly. So why should it be implemented. Its not a Free way to get stuff. Its just a not as Time consuming.
  5. I would suggest 2 items or an item and a spell. First item would be an Anchor ward. that could be placed like a mine or wards. it would be tied to that specific player and the making of this token should not be cheap, it could also have some restrictions like it does not work somewhere where there is radiation damage or inside etc if some people are concerned about to much miss uses. The token should be make able and include stuff like enriched energy essences several polished stones yew and a few gold bars to be made, i would orientate there on the other ward recipes. but replace the normal energy essences with enriched ones, to put a market on those enriched essences. The other part could be a spell, with a nice magic level setup or an item like a ring. which is also make abel. So to place the anchor ward you click on the ward, after that this ward is activ for either a set timeout (my suggestion is about same time as normal mines and wards have) or (to add a 3rd item and to give some twist) a removal ward is placed.(by a 3rd party) If you leave a place, and use the return event (ring or spell whatever is decided on) you get put back somewhere in a circle around the ward. Useage for this item, 1. PVP,PKing,Invasions : It can be used to fast rereach a place you just left to restock. Or to have a strategic plan of attack on pking, but not to much control over it as you reapear just around the area not direct on it. 2. Hauling of stuff from one place to an other, Its sometimes the case that a player is more time restricted in what he want to do, then he is able to do so.These days people go around it often by having a lot of muling alts and harvesting alts. This offers a different options the costs and restriction setting might help with any abuse concern, the arriving in a circle around the placed ward would help against macro and if one does the cancellation ward, it would give pkers on the high value targets for mass hauling, to have a way to stop it and to hunt for s2e As the wards can only used by the player character who placed them, a player would need to walk to that spot at least 1 time in person.
  6. Sound Installation on Linux

    or if you are using a debian or ubuntu based linux (for other linux distributions there are other repositories or its included in the main system) include the pjbroad repository and then install eternallands-sound sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pjbroad/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt install eternallands-sound Or you can use Snap
  7. Bot and Marketsearch Website

    Its great that greypal is online again i must have missed that on the checks
  8. Bot and Marketsearch Website

    i cannot, but each entry will be timestamped so you can see when it was made, and put that into the search
  9. Bot and Marketsearch Website

    As the much loved service from greypal is down now for a few weeks i am planning to create a website that will cover the hole created there and will make one place to check again. My plans so far is to create a page where all tradebots can be found if the owners want. (for el-service.net bot owners that would mean setting the right options in the web interface) for the others bot owners i am thinking to set up soon a file format that their bot need to produce on some website so it can be grapped regularly by the website. it will basicly follow the format used by greypal earlier. so if you had setup for him it should work if i get the urls. But i am thinking about going one step further, and if there is a demand would setup a page where players can set up what they want to buy and sell in game. so it will be found too. If there is demand for that. I would love to hear your input to that.
  10. Global quest

    One other thing is, in my case for example, i do not see the big benefit in any of those globals. Fewer harvesting mini events. ->when i harvest and thats something i do less and less, i mostly use harvester medallion. so mini events to not bother me as much (just the harvester break events) Consume less food when we make items -> Its nice but on mass mixing i do not really realize that i use less, i eat over hotkey and so waste some toads now and then anyway. More special days, and less bad days -> Does not really seam to work, its just a feeling, as with the day stone useage and so on its hard to tell whats game mechanics and what not. Wait less to do daily quests. Its nice to now and then reset my daily to an earlier time periode without leaving out a day, but a cooldown token does the same and get dropped often enough in invasions. Action Points i use to make big books and sell them (i use lots of action point potions for that and thanks to the price raises i will soon have to put my big books to npc prices because of that) so i am not using those for amber. Gypsum is a horror to mule back to storage so i rather bag mix stuff that needs gypsum at place. So really i am not motivated in taking part in the global quests. If the global quest would be something more rewarding, or the mixtures something more easy to be optained (instead taking hours and hours of running from one spot to the other) i might reconsider it.
  11. new spell 'fight'

    Its called summoning you summon a creature your friend summon a creature and you let them fight against each other. And if you are over a certain level you can give the creatures you summoned a few commands You can also have your summoned creatures attack other creatures of people, and you can summon from rabbits up to dragons a whole lot of creatures.
  12. Well you can simply go collect the mercury from bags in nordcarn pk arena. When i do it i usually get about 80 in a go
  13. revi

    I do not have a beef with revi, but do not worry he puts people fast on ignore list. I remember a time when he was farming ferans in irsis and when i came there and we chatted a bit he told me to take the spawn (i was not demanding it and would have happily waited) when i was doing it i pmmed him 1 or 2 times that i am almost done, I was playing with 2 chars at the time and did pm him with the other char feran and that if he wanted he could have the spawn back i would keep it alive till then. revi replied to me that i am harrass him as i would circumvent an ignore that he put in place by using my alt. He Frist never told me that he has me ignored. and second i gave him never a reason to ignore me, all i tried was to be polite and return the Favour he did me. My advice here let live and live yourself. Let the topic go and enjoy the game as it is. Edit : My example was not an example of mod abuse, but an example of Revis view of some things that differ from the perception of others. and fast response. I asked revi if i should put the pm log on he said no so i am not putting his side up. I mark where he has said something. VinoVeritas [10:11:36] [PM to revi: how many ferans to go for you?] Revis responded and left. [10:11:53] [PM to revi: nono] [10:12:01] [PM to revi: just wanted to know i did not start with homoe] [10:12:09] [PM to revi: the spawn is yours ] [10:13:57] [PM to revi: come back and take the spawn again did not want to take it away from you] [10:16:53] [PM to revi: or where you there to hunt for horns?] [10:18:07] [PM to revi: in that case i would offer you all the horns Homo_Novus is getting] At this point revi said something that he interpreted as telling me to leave him alone, and that he put me on ignore, but it did not say that he puts me on ignore. From his chat today he put me on ignore at that moment. [10:21:22] [PM to revi: ok but thats exactly the reason why i did not want to take the spawn from you i did not get that feran there] Homo_novus [10:30:11] [PM to revi: almost done 3 more to go and i have now both there if you want it back] Revis respond to this including that it is not good to respond with other char if alt is on ignore. He did not put harrassment in the words, he did not use mod power here. But in the fact that he was a mod. and the way he acted. it was rash and pretty harsch from my point of view. His respons in pm today about it while i can see some of his points are similar. My point to make it clear is, revi has his own personality, it let him act in certain ways. both as mod and as normal person. Seiduna should see it as that and live with it and just try not to take it to her heart that the response was in her perspectiv more then she thought warrented. This dispute is not really worth it name.
  14. Constructive Criticism of the Community

    One of the reason many players are not in the Invasion Channel 6 is that it is a channel where you get flamed. The game has lots of nice helpful people, many of whom got burned by a few players who repeatably come back with new chars. The only way to get past that is to play your game talk with people in local chat, and start on this way your connections. One of the reasons why people ask new players if they are an alt, is that most new chars that get made are in one way or the other one and one reason people make them is to use the friendly players who would give new players advice and sometimes gifts. when you get burned there you stop eventually helping more and more. which is sadly somethign that happens here a lot
  15. URL unreachable?

    well for some items there are short versions like efe that you can do, not sure if usl ever updated it to the newer items, as usl did not play for over 5 years otherwise a short version of such item might do the trick