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  1. Control Rosto Prices

    Radu could try what the change would be, by making it a sale, set down the prices a bit announce it and see the change in purchases. For Radu a rosto has 0 costs, so all he might do is loose a bit of money if the sales stay as they are, with a decline in sale however it is always a good idea to go over priceing to change dynamics.
  2. Control Rosto Prices

    Do not swamp it with multiple items make it simple and just lower the price, works for all and you will not punish people because of a/d.
  3. Control Rosto Prices

    there are a few ways, non is doable without radu's input some hard work for him if i understand the way el npc - shop market is set up. Some ideas might be looking like giving less value to him at the start but might make sense in the long run. A way to handle stuff is to work through all npc prices, and change them so that they make more sound in a general base. (right now some things are ridiculous cheap and others ridiculous expensive. A change in the Shop prices to the lower rate of some products might be at first look counterproductiv, but my guess is if you pay for a rosto 1 us dollar, people will use them more buy them more and they could compete with haidir passes. which would mean in the end there is more rl money for radu then if he does not do the changes. (The price suggested is just for example to find the real price it would need some more data analyzing then i do have)
  4. Carrier Pigeons

    I had a bot that bought lots of ores on side, and back then had so often a full bot that it exceeded the 2 time run to sto a week policy.so i had hours over hours of mixing on bot side, and then move what was left over after. so i know what i expect of a bot owner (and it was still worth for me) well if radu as i remember he did suggested years ago once to create an item that make bots non stackable items stack on bots, it would already help a lot. I do not see a need for items to move from one place to the other, as storages have access to all of an players inventory and players do run over el in a matter of minutes do do all kind of stuff. Using a bots storage has more advantages then disadvantages. That said i always would have liked the idea of walking NPC's
  5. Control Rosto Prices

    In my view Haidir passes are the big culprit for the shop sales in general. A haidir pass bought for 0.5 us Dollar generates 14-15kgc so the GC/dollar rate with that item is 30k for a us dollar, if you see a rosto at 5 us dollar it would need to cost 150kgc so it generates the same value. its even worse for enriched esses etc. Its because of that that i think the prices that worked on the start in el do not work for the el that exists now anymore and there needs to be a few changes. Either a haidir pass (i think its the best selling object in radus shop) need to get more expensiv, or what would generate more sales is, the rosto price must slow down and get capped by npc. just take a gc/us dollar ratio and make the npc rosto price a bit more expensiv. That way people will still buy in shop and the inflation will have a capstone. I do not mind to introduce a "mini rosto" but really what we need is a way to top the exallerating gc/us dollar change
  6. Carrier Pigeons

    the location is not the problem main problem is storage My suggestion would be that all bots should have storage access where they stand, you remove the ability for them to walk to storage to trade, but give them full access to storage. then we have just the 300 different items limitation that way such a trade system could be made with quite a few of the bots if the owner would like to as for the places well its not to hard to travel from one map to the other so it does not matter as long as a storage is close by.
  7. Carrier Pigeons

    Actually while it is in a way of Beta test and not fully tested, you can donate to mercator with /mercator donate name and put some items in, that this player can then take off mercator with /mercator get amount Item or mercator get all. While i do know that the System works well for people who are registered by me and i am able to make sure that everyone who have things on him can collect if something goes wrong, i am not yet 100% sure that the permission rights works to a 100 % on player who did not use the system in the past. Mercator can be used to send messages to offline players, there is an Android app that can handle the messages as well
  8. New Login Screen for Multiple Characters

    I wrote a small script for me that i open and then select the char it wants to open. i have under my personal el folder ~/.elc/ for each of those chars a own folder so those chars have all different window sizes, etc. one could create a front for el, where you can set up something like that.
  9. Bot expiration

    Payment for Amethyst and Mercator Transaction Number: 70W494416E443550Y
  10. Potion School does not work on Potion of Mana

    ok did not see them as they where not listed in the Encyclopedia in the rubric alchemy and manu but if the reason why its not working is the test against recommended skill level, they should not work either.
  11. If you make a potion of Mana in a Potion school, it does not poof you do not get extra xp for it. for all other Potions it seams to work fine just not for Potion of Mana. My guess it is because the Recommended Potion Level is 0. As far as i know its the only Makeable item with a recommended Level of 0. (the bug was found by Toni, and got tested by multiple other players including me)
  12. No Sound Alert on Death

    I have realized that i do not get sound alerts on death even as i have set up a sound alert on my name that works for years. Messages like [07:11:05] VinoVeritas has gone by way of the Dodo bird. Do not trigger the alert. It works fine if anyone mention my name in chat. Same with: You have died and gone to the Underworld! It works as it should if someone pm's me the text or write it in local but not on death. On Trying out multiple #suicides i get in a few (like 1in 10) times a sound on the name VinoVeritas other times its quiet.
  13. Hot Key combo for Target creature if click close by it

    thank you very much i pulled the git client and compiled it. and it works perfectly. thank you very much. The key combo is so much faster then usermenu, or alias.
  14. Hot Key combo for Target creature if click close by it

    Alt+A or Alt+T would be good choices. i for myself will put it on num block divide button in the key.ini as i did put all quickslots and spell buttons that i use for fighting on the numblock and thats where my hand is when i use it. but for people not using such changes i think alt+A or alt+T is somethign they can remember.
  15. I really like the new target system but in some instances it becomes annyoing, for example if you go from close to you chasing towards chasing a running creature. or if in a team fight you want to go close to a target but want to wait till a tank is ready to attack. truning the option on and off over the option menu (or if possible over a user menu takes a lot of time and concentration at some scenarios) So i would love to see a hot key combination that could be put into the key.ini. that toggles this feature.