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  1. EFE's giveaway

    80 if you are lucky
  2. I never tried to make this thing outside of the tutorial where it was asked to do. because the cost use balance was not profitable in all the time that i played EL. and as most of you know that is a long time.
  3. Client not working with Catalina (MacOS 10.15)

    Well i did a few tries to cross compile a version, and i will in the next few days try out a few other tricks in my head, to get a working compiled version even if its an unofficial unsigned one, where you need to put some work on it to get it run, done.
  4. Summoning/map change

    Options ->GFX->Particle Percentage to 0 should help you
  5. Some questions about character changes.

    1) How is it possible to change my characters appearance? I'm guessing with some kind of stone? And how can I get such a stone? Is it sold? you can change your appearance on 3 ways, either by buying a "Color change stone" for 5$ at the Shop or from bots or player that sell them in game (right now there are none) or you can create or pay someone to create for you custom clothes, which is an alteration of the game Meshes of wearable Items (including the default clothes) that can be applied either to a player or to a guild. 3rd option is to buy yourself one of the PVP races in Eternal lands online shop. 2) I'm not very happy with my characters name. Although I can't think of a better one at the moment. Say If I found a name that I like, and I want to change my character to this name? I understand this is a possible service from the store? But how exactly is it done? You talk to radu about it, and then buy it in shop. As there are characters in game that are not able to namechange anymore i do recomment this way over just buying it in shop and then have radu to enable you for it. 3) I've noticed that the few people I've come across in game are not very talkative. I'm not complaining because I don't talk much myself, but it's seems a bit different from other games I've played. For example I say "HI" or "Hello" to someone and there is no response. Again not something I really care about. I was just wondering if this is a regular thing or maybe people were Afk.? A lot of player are online and but for long times not looking in the game, I am one of those people, i turn the game usually on in the morning, do now and then something, while at the rest of the time i am working. 4) How are passwords changed or updated in this game? I think with some commands, but I don't understand them well. Maybe someone can elaborate? You type in the chat console the command "#change_pass oldpassword newpassword" replace oldpassword with the password you are using now, and newpassword with the password that you want to have in future. 5) Finally is there a chatroom just for general chat or conversation in the game? Other than "newbie help" I'm not sure where I could talk a bit. Most people talk in channel 6. I myself am rarly in there, as it gets a bit annoying in it. So most chats i do are inside the Guild, or with PM's or in one of the language channels, that brings people from non english countries together to chat. Sorry if my post is not in the right place or if the questions are too generic. Please advise. Thanks!
  6. Lucky Attacker/Defender Perks

    I must say i have the same subjectiv feeling. but not just with the fighting astro also with mixing astro. i have neutral days where i critic fail a lot more stuff then on other neutral days.
  7. New client update available 1.9.5.p6

    ok, i did made a small test, i changed in the key.c the keys i wanted to use on keypad directly on the hard assignment, and everything worked as i expected it so as far as i see it it should be just something like a problem with the naming in the file
  8. New client update available 1.9.5.p6

    what i tried was #K_ITEM1=KP1 //old behaviour worked fine in sdl1 client //also what is descripte here as right one https://github.com/Tangent128/luasdl2/wiki/Sdl-Key #K_ITEM1=KP_1 //I changed it to this as after the update my key.ini that had the upper text was not working and a fast check gave me this as an answer. #K_ITEM1=SDLK_KP_1 //as the KP_1 solution was not working either i tried this one In all 3 cases when i pressed the 1 i got a written 1 in the console. not the item usage, that i did get in the past. Btw after checking with the docs i am pretty sure the 3rd solution is the wrong one. If i understood the key.c file right, the client uses the SDL.getKeybyName(char* name) funktion to get out of the ini file the key, which by all means means that either KP1 or KP_1 should work.
  9. New client update available 1.9.5.p6

    I did a bit testing and it seams only the numpad keys seam to be the problem, according to the sdl documentations i saw nothing should have changed with the way key definitions work otherwise. maybe what i have is a problem with the fix for Nogrod problem with numpad
  10. Sounds and music

    sadly you either have root access or you cannot there is no ingame way to download or install additional components, so all that is left would be sideloading and unpacking the zip files into the right game folders of the android client. which would mean root access
  11. try this command as start for El : /usr/games/el.x86.linux.bin
  12. Hotkeys

    How are hotkeys working in SDL2 client Ok read documentations for sdl and it should work same way as before
  13. New client update available 1.9.5.p6

    I do not know if it is the right place to put it in, but i have used for years now an adjusted key.ini which sets my quick inventory slots and some of the quickspell slots to the keypad, for faster useage, (really help full for me for fast mixing as i can keep press down 1 to eat fast toads, then click on mix_all button of inventory to mix without changing much, while i have enough in inventory, and if i get in danger of needing to heal i can press the keypad key 7 and then keypad key 2 to heal and drink an srs , keypad key 3 if i need my antidot and so on) I updated yesterday to the new executable (build from a fresh git clone) and realized today on joules that my keys are not working anymore. and (since they are set in the key.ini, the build in default keys are not working either)