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  1. No Sound Alert on Death

    I have realized that i do not get sound alerts on death even as i have set up a sound alert on my name that works for years. Messages like [07:11:05] VinoVeritas has gone by way of the Dodo bird. Do not trigger the alert. It works fine if anyone mention my name in chat. Same with: You have died and gone to the Underworld! It works as it should if someone pm's me the text or write it in local but not on death. On Trying out multiple #suicides i get in a few (like 1in 10) times a sound on the name VinoVeritas other times its quiet.
  2. Hot Key combo for Target creature if click close by it

    thank you very much i pulled the git client and compiled it. and it works perfectly. thank you very much. The key combo is so much faster then usermenu, or alias.
  3. Hot Key combo for Target creature if click close by it

    Alt+A or Alt+T would be good choices. i for myself will put it on num block divide button in the key.ini as i did put all quickslots and spell buttons that i use for fighting on the numblock and thats where my hand is when i use it. but for people not using such changes i think alt+A or alt+T is somethign they can remember.
  4. I really like the new target system but in some instances it becomes annyoing, for example if you go from close to you chasing towards chasing a running creature. or if in a team fight you want to go close to a target but want to wait till a tank is ready to attack. truning the option on and off over the option menu (or if possible over a user menu takes a lot of time and concentration at some scenarios) So i would love to see a hot key combination that could be put into the key.ini. that toggles this feature.
  5. A selection of Bad day suggestions

    Why do we need more negative days anyway? I mean its good that we have a the negative days that we already have, most players here play to relax, while a few negative (as well of positive ) days influence how people play that particular day. The idea behind every special day should be promoting a certain way of playing. So most "Bad Days" in game have a positive useage too. and if its is that Lenny does not flee you on day of the brave.
  6. Problem with Questlog

    let it stay here maybe we get this way finally a server protocol for quest logs. People asked for it in the suggestion part for it a long time.
  7. New Helm of Life and Mana's

    why limit on dragon stuff, lets have it for all major helms iron up
  8. F2 Browser Malfunction

    You could try to set the x-www-browser flag. not sure how to do it in arch linux in Debian based systems its like this. update-alternatives --config x-www-browser at least el understands x-www-browser in the config file
  9. HeavyBeard the item breaker

    I would say Yes for making the break rate higher, on the quest Helms, but for the normal iron helm. Reason: the Steel,Ttitanium, and dragon helms are only worn for the quest. otherwise people are using red dragon of life and mana, or col. All other armors are work for all kind of reasons in fighting.
  10. Indicator for Glow

    Not bad idea only way to know right now is #glow command which turns it on off and tells the new status
  11. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    ok jsut in my case i started the game as an alchemist and reached alch 100 before i reached att/def 100. so for long long time i did spend days doing just alchemy then i stopped, it took la long long time for me to get from alch 128 to my current 129 why did i stop doing alchemy. (and same thing with potions after i leveled it over 100) For one thing a stopping point was GenX stopping to work. Buying ings for mixing is for mass production an requirement in my opinion. Second after i hit my goal on alchemy skill i wanted to focus my game to anothe skill. so i moved from one to the other, to the next and so on. As for others i would love buying larger amounts from players. and mor many items that i do buy from players i do pay npc price or higher. I agree with burn that the market Prices for npc's should be overworked. If i would have something to say i would love to see an dynamic way of doing it. something like a NPC gains every day a certain amount of ressources through game mechanism. amount X (say 100k per game week) so the sell and buy price should be something like 20% over sell price, x= normprice, per y less or more in storage price goes up or down. this way NPC's might be actually used for selling stuff to them, there would be a limit on ressources that might rais their prices etc.
  12. I am sure i am not the only one who see now and then when they are playing that a Treasure was found, and did not know one was out there to be searched. So i would be nice to have a command like #treasure which gives out x treasures in game,
  13. Pre Alpha Version for Android Mercator Service app

    The App is not out in the wild so you do not need to be a Tester to get it anymore. If you are a Tester you will get the Version a bit more Early. Features of the System are as it is now. Receive Notifications about Game Events. Automatic generated Contact list for easy Personal Chats For the next few Versions this App is now Feature Complete. The focus for the next few Relases will be Bug fixes, Rework of code, Changes in layouts. If you want you can post Suggestions and plans in this post. Planned Features that will come sometime in the next few month Memo | Reminder Service Some Stat Calculators. Marketsearch
  14. Right now Guilds have only the possibility to Color Code other guilds, so it could be a warning for fellow members if a player in the other guild provided either very friendly services to the guild, or are someone where you need to watch yourself around him. Now a lot of the players that causes trouble, and quite a few of nice players are without guilds. It would be helpful if the guild where able to Tag those players with colors too. which could help a lot in telling who is actually dangerous, or very friendly player. Of course Colors red green purple and yellow should be excluded from the color coding as they are already used