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  1. New Development El-service.net Website

    actually i do have a fix for that in mind. but yes that part needed to wait for mercator to reply and that could at times go to an error
  2. New Development El-service.net Website

    I do agree, nothing to complex after all more and more people are gonna use phone for such things too, but i thought it would be good if i would gather info on what people want
  3. The el-service.net website is now pretty old and broken, so i have started to do the rework of the website on basis of the framework Symfony. Since this will be a rework of the website from Basicly scratch. I was wondering if we should have a new website style too or if we should keep the old theme. (i am working right now with rebuilding the old theme) Also if people would wish a new theme. I think this would be a good place to drop in drawings or if you want html+css code for theme ideas. Symfony is using TWIG as template engine (for those who are interrested).
  4. Protocol Messages GET_3D_OBJ_LIST & GET_3D_OBJ_LIST

    Yes i meant banners with flag's or ladders or any object that make mapchanges or interactions that does more then showing a text, which are put down in elm files of a map.Tthe server sends a list of objectid's to the client that are useable, and the client has a list of bojectsid's so that if you click on such an object it will be send to the server and you get a return message (on some objects that return is all clientbased too, depends on what you get to do) At least thats to my understanding. But there is for example a quest where you will need to click on a parcel in a cart, that was not in the cart before you started the quest and that vanishes after you click on it during the quest. Bots uses the GET_3D_OBJ_LIST & GET_3D_OBJ_LIST Protocol to be able to move on a map or interact with objects that lead to mapchanges etc
  5. Protocol Messages GET_3D_OBJ_LIST & GET_3D_OBJ_LIST

    Well i know from the bot code that the messages are some that you can get to know what is clickable or not around you so yes it is used when you click on a flag etc. Also its the reason why you get problems if you play the game with an non actual client, where the map versions on your computer is different then the server version of it, as they are Syncronized there. 3rd there are quests in game where there are items that show up and vanish again
  6. Greater feasting potion?

    Of course those changes need a server restart(actually that is a reason for suggestions right now because the server needs a restart, i had to login today again because after a stop in harvesting i could not restart it), and you are welcome to tweak it, and why would the food source for new players (as it is ) need to change, if it is just a better thing, as it is people could actually get the bags now and use it instead them going to vanish all the time because nobody bothers to pick them up
  7. Greater feasting potion?

    Well i am not against greater Feasting pots, but what i would like to say is that we should have a look at the cooldown of food in general and overwork it. since toads and bones are having basicly 0 cooldown (for the price of poison or pickpoints) i think its unreasonable how long the cooldown for bread is for example. it is an almost unused food ressource these days, as it is a very stable food product for a large part in the rl word i would say it would be a nice idea to make bread mixable, change how much food it gives adjust the cooldown a bit, and have it in place for the greater feasting pot just as a suggestion 1 bread = 10 wheet 1 we; gives 70 food level, cooldown 20 secs
  8. You will not stop people from trying to macro this way, you will encourage them. as this is annyoing, and for someone who knows how to macro or read code, easy to disable. basicly have a screen reader look for the text for magical interference at the right spot and change the macro to open it again, while we others need to open it taking much time, those doing macro after some thinking will have it more easy ( there is a even more easy way i could think about but i do not want to give those peoples ideas, this one will need at least some skill) And the problem is, you only need 1 person to write a good macro, and a lot of others could have it, since this is so annoying.
  9. I am not sure that this feature is anything that really helps a macro player, my measurement would be the speed on how fast people are restocking, while normal player need to move between itemlist and inventory, and are more error prone because of that, people with macro can do that pretty instant, thanks to autoclick. so record those times and those people who go to fast are for sure using macro.
  10. Right Click Options Android Client

    Would be nice, and doable for example with a very long press on a button
  11. El-services.net Server Update pending

    The websites for bot managing are up and running but because of some problems that came from the very long time the site exists it is not very pretty to look at. I am gonna address this problem in a rewrite of the site soon
  12. In the time from Saturday Jan 9th and Sunday Jan 10th i will shutdown and rework the server that is hosting the websites of el-services.net next to a lot of other things. You can expect hours and hours of no availability of the services etc. but hopefully a faster system later on. All Bots that uses the services will still be functional on the webpage but you will not be able to use the website.
  13. Speed Hax Spell

    Well how many People are actively using speed Hax, right now one potion costs about 1500gc. your spell costs right now about the same if you take the cheapest bot buying price, if you take the bot selling prices you are at 4500gc, Who is gonna use the spell then? That is the main question if you request something. Who would use it. I like the spell i would use it in the long run if it would be 1 enriched energy essence, i would not use it if it is 4 and i am run out of my stock . If it is one i would activly mix myself new energy essences, with 4 i would buy them at npc and just not use the spell.
  14. Speed Hax Spell

    nice spell but, enriched energy essences are rares, Yes since there is not much use right now there are a lot in game but with this spell that would change fast, so i would suggest just using 1 enriched energy essence is enough, you will see the pricese for enriched energy essences will raise fast if this comes into game
  15. Expiring bots

    Amethyst and Mercator paid, Transaction number 4N132009S0592674R