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  1. Natras BJ'er

    the hunt is on!
  2. Fique

    What Miles wrote is actually true. Fique often afk for a long time and serp other ppl just like me. It's not against rules but good to know, right?
  3. Skills and Market enhancements at game

    @vinoveritas such low price for iron/coal/fes would cause extra Hydro Bar rise on market... thats not good at all
  4. Natras Ban

    Even the worst truth is better than the lie
  5. Natras Ban

    Ok, so lets start. I would like to apologise for my misbehaviour and for the ignorance of rules. Next time before I will go on invasion I will check Teh_master (I didn't know about it. I also apologize for sarcastic speech on forum - this ban kinda annoyed me but I promise that I wont do it again. Regards, Sartan aka Natras *I expect that You will lift my ban in 2-3 days
  6. Natras Ban

    ok so i know lower range... maximum range is ?
  7. Natras Ban

    a bit means?
  8. Natras Ban

    I dont complain bout ban bro. I broke the rules i got ban.. simple. Why ask for permission if you did not know you should not be there? - Cuz i was unable to PM you/selain ? I had to go on map and then ask mod cuz it was hard to get help from other players.
  9. Natras Ban

    oh.. then i must misread that chat ok, 3 days or 50k fine is funny.. nice game politic - pretty sure this will help you keep players ^^
  10. Natras Ban

    So Selain im waiting for game logs
  11. Polska - Poland

    NatraS --> SartaN jeszcze wtedy slawna Bjumpa ze mnie nie byla jak modowalas 44 aczkolwiek pamietam mute'a od Ciebie chyba nawet
  12. Polska - Poland

    To i ja Ciebie jeszcze pamietam Stare czasy
  13. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Will Removal in Blueberry in PV
  14. Natras BJ'er

    Yup. Im only interested in Bag Jumping not in trade scamming.