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    Very well, best of luck to you. I wont be back to bother you anymore. A word of advice however, you may however want to work on your professionalism. your demeaner is going to be offputting to a potential player.
  2. konnor

    I apologized and cared enough to try and come back, im not sure what else you can ask. I know i made people upset, and i regret that. I hurt alot of people in my life and on the internet and now in life and on here i am facing the consequences. I doubt anything i could write here would make you think i've changed, and its unfortunate but understandable its turned out that way. Do you think its fair however that someone should be banned for years and put through hurdles just so they can have another chance at playing? I thank you for saying i could come back, but its a bit scary if a moderator is telling me in a condescending way "well i wont try to block your IP if you try to play, but ill damn sure lock your new account if you say something i dont like." Im trying very hard here, I am sorry that i have wronged your userbase and i regret doing so. I will ask one last time for a chance with an unlock, if it is denied you will not see me back here. Im not doing you any favors, i am asking for a favor, and a chance even if it doesnt look like i deserve one.
  3. konnor

    I'm sorry i offended people, i wasnt the happiest of kids. however im not real keen on trying to start a new account when i have thousands of hours invested in one. Care to elaborate why i need to start from ground zero instead of just buying a 5$ name change?
  4. konnor

    Wouldnt mind just buying a name change and starting fresh. Though if your still going to keep it locked after a year and a half alright.
  5. konnor

    trying once again for an unlock.
  6. konnor

    trying once again for an account unlock
  7. konnor

    so there is basically nothing i can do to get an unlock?
  8. konnor

    An answer would be appreciated.
  9. konnor

    forgot to add the ingame characters name is konnor.
  10. konnor

    hey havent played this gamee in almost 2 years, tried to get a friend into it and stuff happens i guess. anyway was looking to get my character unlocked any chance i can? sorry for any hurt feelings or what not all i can offer is an apology and say, every time i come back im a bit older and a bit more mature.
  11. konnor

    thank you.
  12. konnor

    No I have leArned not to and am willing to go on a probationary period if nessecary.
  13. konnor

    i was put on a ban months ago i recon its been about six months since my character has been banned i was wondering when the ban will be lifted if at all or what i have to do to have it lifted. I am aware of why i was banned. however i was not ip banned. so i would like the specifics i have patiently waited and checked in to see when it was lifted i am anxious to get back in this game.