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  1. xxxmatadorxxx

    "i dont know why i got banned, can someone plz explain?"
  2. xxxmatadorxxx

    ty Aislinn
  3. xxxmatadorxxx

  4. xxxmatadorxxx

    ok I want to play again, I do not break the rules more
  5. xxxmatadorxxx

    because my account is still blocked
  6. xxxmatadorxxx

  7. xxxmatadorxxx

    Hi Aislinn ,what is my punishment? plz
  8. xxxmatadorxxx

    I apologize for peopl play mult
  9. xxxmatadorxxx

    I know what i did wrong okay? What else can i say peopl you to have another chance. plz
  10. xxxmatadorxxx

    mainly to understand the number 5 in which I have been banned, do not use more than one character to help, to trade with the same ip, que nao eh allowed to exchange a bag of characters in the same ip. and more...
  11. xxxmatadorxxx

    I read all the rules and understand, I will not do again if I again(break the rules),can delete all my accounts
  12. xxxmatadorxxx

    then you will banish me forever or so I was punished with 1 or 2 months and return to play with the main character
  13. xxxmatadorxxx

    but Trivum I bought from another player and so I trade and the same ip to move my items but the other was my brother who played carl,cilinho e xxxmatadorxxx and I did not know he had posted in the forum to try to recover his game, he is 10 years. I hope you understand
  14. xxxmatadorxxx

    What he said is true, in 1 year I never broke the rules. you can even delete cilinho12, carl and bob_marley1. more please let me continue with the trivium I love to play eternal lands I do not want to bother Excuse me if I wrote some letas wrong I do not know much about the English
  15. xxxmatadorxxx

    please Aislinn
  16. xxxmatadorxxx

    because i did not know how to get my char back
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