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  1. PK/combat summoner

    I looked around but could not find any guide/tips for a pk/combat summoner build. Was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to get on a strong path for this type of character.
  2. PK/combat summoner

    thanks for the info scowper, appreciate it
  3. NH and newhope

    he's gone mad with power!
  4. PK/combat summoner

    Yes, though I was thinking more along the lines of summon, and survive while your strong summons attack. I am curious how powerful Charm is. My guess is coord, instinct and vitality are primary. Any input appreciated
  5. Mage/healer class, reloaded

    iirc there was once a discussion about "aura effect" spells for the phoenix, geared toward pvp. spells which would give a bonus to all players within the radius. was thinking this type of spell might eventually be applied to the mage, as the possibility of class exclusive spell(s) was discussed.
  6. Pear finder cooldown

    i voted for 60 seconds, which i think would give anyone intent on pear hunting more of a level playing field. i know burn and a few others only have the advantage of map/harvestable knowledge and having honed their technique, and this imo is totally fair. however, if others care to hunt, the 60 sec cooldown will give everyone a better chance to find the right map by sheer luck of choosing to check it early in their search. once a player finds the map, there is still the matter of locating the harvestable, which the skilled and knowledgeable searcher still has the best chance of doing. in this way, those who have honed their hunting skill still benefit from the time they've spent doing so. I see most people have voted for 90 seconds, but i think that's a bit too long and i can see most everyone getting annoyed with that and at some point suggesting it be shortened to 60
  7. Training / PvP / PK Music

  8. I have been searching for a solid explanation on how to correctly interpret the information given by astrology indicators, but finding none. This is how it works, to my understanding, and i will use Make Rare/Fail indicator as my example. I have been told my interpretation is wrong, so if anyone can clear this up it would be helpful not only to me, but to many others i'm sure Photobucket will not let me upload pictures for some reason, so i drew a diagram. The ||||| under make rare and failure indicate Green bars. __________Astrology ________ Make rare/failure indicator Make Rare: -208 -|--------------|||||----------|+ Failure: -6 -|--------------|||||||||||----|+ ___________________________ As i understand it, the chance to make rare or fail is 1 in X. The astrology modifiers either reduce or increase the amount X. In this example, Make Rare has a modifier of -208, and is indicated with a green bar in the + side of the bar. This means X is reduced, meaning better chance to make rare. So here, a green bar is GOOD. Now, in this example Failure has a modifier of -6, also indicated with a green bar (+). Again this means X is reduced, meaning your chance to fail is increased. So here, a green bar is BAD. So as i understand it, Green (in the + side of the bar) means the chance of either Make Rare or Fail is higher, and Orange (in the - side of the bar) means the chance of either Make Rare or Fail is lower. To put it simply, Make Rare in the Green is good, and Fail in the Orange is good. Someone please correct me if i'm wrong, with a clear explanation?
  9. I had an idea earlier, searched.. and found this thread. Shop sells in-game currency of some sort, to be traded with other players for gold, or with an NPC. The NPC carries both the shop items as well as some of the more highly desired in game items/materials for a slightly discounted price. -should eliminate much rogue gold/$ dealing, with more $ going where it belongs (to Radu) -less trips for Radu to make. -shop deals can be simplified; ex. $5.00=5 platinum. $20=22 platinum. $50=60 Platinum. for a limited time! It's all basically been said already. I don't know how difficult this would be to implement, but i can't see much of a downside to it. EDIT: I don't think the $ to platinum rate should be 1:1. say $1 = 50 or so platinum, this would allow items like hydro bars etc to be sold for what equates to be a discount rate.
  10. Deleting character

    delete character command is currently disabled. if you do not like the stats, just reset the character. if you don't like the appearance you can buy a color change stone from the shop, or trade another player for one (if none are available in game, someone may be willing to buy it from shop for you in exchange for gold, etc).
  11. New Eternal Lands Content

    in general i like the story ideas, and for story-telling purposes, the idea of enemy mobs from playable races. These mobs could be one to a map, on certain maps, and incorporated in various quests. Their power should not be unbalanced in comparison to the mobs on their map, and should not have generally great drops-just one time quest reward and balanced drops. I doubt you would be communicating with them in a dialogue window though, they would work like regular mobs or modified like Neno. Of course, i don't really expect this to happen. But +1 to human/elf/dwarf/etc mobs, each unique to one location in game.
  12. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k Red Rose 10k Red Snaps (10k gc) please daniken in game
  13. Revise Multi Rule?

    i have a strange feeling, that if this rule is actually repealed and multi is allowed suddenly on main.. this will be the beginning of the death of EL. call me over-dramatic.. i won't write an essay to explain. i favor an "innocent until proven guilty" attitude towards same IP players and first time offenders, but that's about it.
  14. Revise Multi Rule?

    I agree with Raz and others; legal multi is a bad idea. Either 1.all multi activities are legal with plenty of negative results, or 2. only some legal multi-this would not save too much time for mods, i wouldn't think. They would still have to monitor everyone interacting with their alt. With a much smaller population multi works fine, and is almost necessary on pk server atm. I'de like to see how a legal multi EL community would develop there as the population grew.. so all for multi should join pk server
  15. New clothes

    1-i don't know exactly what to call it, but some Barbarian style clothing- mostly fur with some metal pieces (chestplate/gauntlets), could even have a bear head hat or something along those lines. 2-What Vanyel said, maybe a fancy coat with tails (could also work for wedding attire). 3-pith helmet/Safari gear. 4-Coolie hat- and really it would be nice to have some more traditional Eastern style clothing of any sort 5-curly toed shoes i also second every other idea on here-except maybe the handbag
  16. Player Bought

    Oh! thank you for the correction robindell maybe it's a sign i should return to to the server, clearly i've been away too long heh
  17. Player Bought

    i think nickolah owns all those chars on pk server-just an FYI post for ppl on the server. he bought danmleczu char on pk w/gold on main, though he might give it to his cousin who also plays minkoh on pk. he occasionally uses minkoh also (all these things are allowed on pk server), info which will eliminate confusion for other pk server players if it seems minkoh has two personalities? My interpretation
  18. Gold coins

    sitting in MM cave and harvesting silver, then selling to the bots right near the ore looks fairly fast assuming they aren't already full. when a friend first joined the game that's all he did for a while, found a nex removal in the process
  19. Hey guys im back

    welcome back Handy
  20. n0ser bagjumper

    So Dilly if you know of someone who pickpockets people (or i suppose someone who follows people around waiting to see if they set anything down and then grab that thing-is more accurate) it is a silly thing to warn people or...? I mean that's not against the rules of life, but it's obviously still a nasty thing to do? I''m not sure why it would bother someone to see a bagjumper reported on forums.. guess i don't understand the argument against it
  21. Looking For A Guild

    EDIT found
  22. Grapes on the PK server

    hooray \o/ yes, thanks Bkc & Radu
  23. YAYAYAY!

    woop! congrats
  24. update to NPCs

    yes player trading is good, but since we can't make most tools there should never be a time when you can't get them easily and reliably from the place they are supposed to be. same goes with leathers, wines, etc etc etc. I think since Idaloran is a major center on c2, it should definitely have a general store npc. other than that imo the npc's are fine the way they are