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  1. Client - Item list request

    1) Run the latest version of EL client from Git a) If you run Windows, you can download a compiled copy of it from Sir_Odie's site: http://www.gm.fh-koeln.de/~linke/EL-Services.html If you don't run Windows, you'll have to compile it or ask someone else 2) Right-click on the actual item list (not the title), and select Disable Find List.
  2. Client - Item list request

    It works flawlessly. You've made my day.
  3. Client - Item list request

    Exactly! Thanks a bunch, bluap. \o/
  4. Client - Item list request

    Hi. I have a request for a small client change that would save me (and perhaps others) daily rage fits. The Storage Window menu has an option called 'Disable Item Filter'. I would like for the same option to be added to the Item List. During most of my EL life, I have the Item List open. Often, while mixing, I reach for the kb to type something. When I do, if my cursor happens to be resting on (or near) the Item List, I can Ctrl-V things into my chat window, but can't type anything there (typed chars go to the Item List). This problem is even worse when I'm using (Windows) onscreen kb (when my dog is on my lap). With that kb, if the cursor has PASSED OVER the item list on the way to the onscreen kb, i can't type anything that goes into my chat window. :S So what I hope could be a very minor change on your end, might ultimately save (what's left of) my EL sanity. I'll be forever grateful if you can help me with this one.
  5. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    I do the same. There's always been some tension over pricing between those who buy ings and those who harvest their own. But even so, it seems that prices for basic harvestables haven't really gone up for years. So, other than Spirit Essence (which has always been underpriced at NPC, imo) and maybe Death Essence, I don't have a problem with current essence prices. I think this is a good idea, given the alembic cost increases (EFE's at over 25kgc) and break rate (I've broken 18 alembics in 69.4k mercury). I don't know if it would help the economy balance any, but I'd make more mercury than I do now.
  6. names above chars gone

    Try this: 1) Options - Camera tab - Make sure Isometric Mode is NOT checked 2) Increase the Perspective a bit... around .42 or higher Good luck
  7. Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps for 1.9.5

    Awesome, Burn! Thanks for all of the work you've put into these custom maps.
  8. Android client, version 1.0.1

    Just for kicks, I paired my bluetooth mouse to my Fire tablet. It works fine for left clicking on everything in EL. Tried to right-click on the places where there are right-click options and none of them responded at all. Unlike Hussam's experience, nothing at all happened. I don't know if the right-click menus have been removed from the Android version, or if there is some limitation to Bluetooth mouse right-clicking in general in Fire OS. If you want further investigation of this, let me know.
  9. New shop item - astro shifter

    I like this. It would be nice if my best astro wasn't always when I'm sleeping
  10. Pr0 suggestion, Vanyel. I'll have to keep stealing the rostos from your sto though.
  11. server box

    I've always had a Server box/tab. Try: 1) Click on the channel you want for the default channel; 2) Click on the View All box/tab To check if things are set up the way you wanted, type #ci. This should show the (up to 3) channels you are in, and which is the default. I hope that solves your problem.
  12. Sir_Odie where are you?

    Yes. He is rarely online in EL, but you can reach him with a forum PM here.
  13. Android client, 6th release

    I don't know if you plan to change anything in the current Inv window, but... due to the current sizing, the equipment slots are very small. I wonder if it would make sense to take those five buttons on the right side and arrange them below the equipment slots. You could then make the equipment slots a bit bigger, and add a 6th button for 'Mix All'.
  14. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 428, 1200 Amber and I have 50, 50 Mixture of Power of which I already have 2, and finally, 50 Black Dragon Scale of which I already have 0.
  15. Expiring bots

    Beaver paid: 81M09627XD533174T