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  1. Encyclopedia Errata

    Potion of Minor Healing says: "Restores 6 material points". This should currently be 10, not 6. Thanks
  2. Change password not working

    Just fyi, I tried this on my phone (Google Pixel) and the password change worked fine for me.
  3. Seperate folders for multiple characters

    Here's a way to do the same thing in Windows. I keep thinking this has been posted before, but I can't find it, and several people have asked me how to do this recently. So here goes. In the default configuration of EL in Windows, multiple characters have their own channel colors, counters, recipes, map marks, quick spells, quest logs & trade logs, all located in Documents/Eternal Lands/Main directory. However, Item lists and Chat logs are currently shared between all users, in this same directory. This can be inconvenient. Our goal, then, is for each character to have its own directory under Documents/Eternal Lands. For this example, let's assume we have a 'Main' character named Darrock, and an alt named Harvard. Make sure that your 2nd character 'Harvard' (or whoever) is logged out of EL. 1) Under Documents/Eternal Lands make a new directory named Harvard (your 2nd character name). 2) Copy *.harvard.dat from Documents/Eternal Lands/Main to Documents/Eternal Lands/Harvard 3) Find Program Files\Eternal Lands\servers.lst. Make a backup of this file somewhere else on your drive. Then make a copy of this file on your desktop. Edit the copy. Add a line for Harvard (your 2nd character). Our hypothetical player's servers.lst file looks like this: # server.lst - Server list configuration file # # Note: Any amount of whitespace is allowed and # marks a comment from that point until # the end of the line # # ID Config Dir Address Port Description ... main main game.eternal-lands.com 2000 Main game server harvard harvard game.eternal-lands.com 2000 Main game server #official official game.eternal-lands.com 2000 Main game server #pk pk game.eternal-lands.com 2002 PK game server test test game.eternal-lands.com 2001 Test server #lrnr-main main proxy1.other-life.com 443 Learner's redirection service... N.B.: If you put a # in front of a row, the row will be ignored. You can have up to 10 characters max (without #) at any given time. Note that the Test server counts as one of this 10. If you have more than 10 lines, EL will not start. Also... the file is named servers.lst (plural) NOT server.lst (as written in first line of this file). 4) Copy the edited server.lst file from your desktop back to Program Files\Eternal Lands. You will probably need administrative access to do this. 5) Make a copy of the shortcut you use to start Eternal Lands. Rename this shortcut 'Harvard' (your 2nd character name). Right-click on it and go to Properties. Add your 2nd character's name to the end of the 'Target' line, like this: ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Eternal Lands\el.exe" Harvard Apply the changes and exit. 6) Start Eternal Lands using this shortcut and log in as your 2nd character. If you have done everything correctly, in dark green it will say (right before 'Welcome to the new server!): Your personal settings and logs will be saved in C:\Users\yourname\Documents/Eternal Lands/CharName/ Yay! Now you will generate separate chat logs & item lists. You will have a separate el.ini file in each directory that you can edit to customize different characters also.
  4. Cant find "incease" sigil

    All of the sigils are available in White Stone, either at the magic shop you went to in WS City, or in the one south of there in Grahm's Village. If the one you want is not available at either store, you must already have it. To check this, click on the wand on the bottom bar. Then click on the little square near the upper right hand corner of the spell window. This will show all of the sigils you currently own. Good luck, and welcome to Eternal Lands.
  5. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 0, 1200 Amber and I have 0, 50 Mixture of Power of which I already have 0, and finally, 25 Orange of which I already have 0.
  6. Hero Points

    Having recently reached that plateau, some incentive for further leveling would be a nice treat.
  7. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 0, 1200 Amber and I have 0, 50 Refined Vegetal Mixture of which I already have 0, and finally, 25 Orange of which I already have 0.
  8. Can't Create Character

    I'm glad it worked. Welcome to Eternal Lands.
  9. Most Profitable SKill

    When comparing potion and alchemy skills, keep in mind that high-level potions require 6 nexus and alchemy requires none.
  10. Can't Create Character

    Yes, the button turns brown after the first click. But it should still work if you click on it. (I just tried it to be sure) Also, if the name you have chosen has already been used by another player, you will get a message. Please let us know if you have further issues.
  11. Global Quest FAQ

    For the next 240 hours there are fewer harvesting mini events. Thanks to all who donated all the amber and the oranges. Usually those are the last finished, but people stepped up and did these tasks more quickly. Special thanks to Angler and markdothexen for help with the gypsum, and to RipTide for the feran horns.
  12. Client - Item list request

    1) Run the latest version of EL client from Git a) If you run Windows, you can download a compiled copy of it from Sir_Odie's site: http://www.gm.fh-koeln.de/~linke/EL-Services.html If you don't run Windows, you'll have to compile it or ask someone else 2) Right-click on the actual item list (not the title), and select Disable Find List.
  13. Client - Item list request

    It works flawlessly. You've made my day.
  14. Client - Item list request

    Exactly! Thanks a bunch, bluap. \o/
  15. Client - Item list request

    Hi. I have a request for a small client change that would save me (and perhaps others) daily rage fits. The Storage Window menu has an option called 'Disable Item Filter'. I would like for the same option to be added to the Item List. During most of my EL life, I have the Item List open. Often, while mixing, I reach for the kb to type something. When I do, if my cursor happens to be resting on (or near) the Item List, I can Ctrl-V things into my chat window, but can't type anything there (typed chars go to the Item List). This problem is even worse when I'm using (Windows) onscreen kb (when my dog is on my lap). With that kb, if the cursor has PASSED OVER the item list on the way to the onscreen kb, i can't type anything that goes into my chat window. :S So what I hope could be a very minor change on your end, might ultimately save (what's left of) my EL sanity. I'll be forever grateful if you can help me with this one.