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  1. Please

    Huvik havent same IP as we So If unban our he cannot play ...... So And pleas belive me and If they do wrong and you ban our I dont task to anythink so please ..... So please take our one chance more... :-)
  2. Please

    So ban Huvik Not me...... Its stilll about Huvik not me or Johny.... I dont know Why I Cannot play because Huvik do wrong.... :-(,,, I am in this problem innocence... and I and Johny want play..... And I promise that I dont make any wrong ... so please....
  3. Please

    Sorry but why I have banned If come about Huvik And Huvik maybe play at Fritol because they are neighbor.... And Now Huvik Has public IP which isnt same as our.. And I dont know where Fritol play probably at him friend but I dont know..... But I newer play on other computer ... I mean.. :-D
  4. Please

    And Huvik, Fritol and Johny newer play on my Computer..... I dont know why but I, Johny and Frtiol has same IP because we have net from same campany and all cansumers has ssame IP I dont know why ... :-( And I am sorry for all but we arent doing anythink bad..... :-(
  5. Please

    I dont talk "wolfwitch said it was ok to let banned friends use my computer"I talk that I wrote you that me and my brother Davdrak and friend Johny_CZ has same IP. I wrote you that me and my brother has same IP and I wrote you about my Friend Johny_CZ because he has sema IP too..... And I Wrote to Radu and I ask If I can trade with Johny_CZ because I know when I have trade with him i will banned and he answer "If you are two different people, I guess its ok......... So I dont know but...
  6. Please

    I wrote in game to wolfwitch, rauch and radu and all say That It is ok ... So what do I do first say ok and second me give ban....
  7. Banned IP

    Hi, Why is my IP banned?????