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  1. Quick Question

    Is the latest version 1.9? I haven't been on in a while and I am having some difficulty logging on. Thanks, Smiley
  2. Chameleon

    Hey how you guys going? I just realise the problem I had before nvm about that. As i said I have had trouble in the past with my character (Chameleon) as my brother lpays this game but I think he doesn;t play anymore. Ive logged in and it says that everytime just as i've logged in just after trying to do so it says that the eternal lands client has stopped working. I'm not sure if this is a technical issue or not but this has happened when I have had trouble with me and my bro's characters in the past. Could you please tell me if my ip or character or whatever has been banned again? If not, then I'll work out what the problem is. My character name Thanks, Help is greatly appreciated. Smiley
  3. Buying Bones & Selling he's

    I'm buying bones for 1gc ea, at any time. any number. I also make he's, please msg me or comment on this topic if you would like to order some. They cost 6gc ea, and I only make a maximum of 400 at a time. I need bones however to make he's (I eat them!) I'm running wuite low on bones atm, so if you give me bones i'll take the price of what i'll pay off ur order! (e.g 300 bones = 300gc off your order) PM me ingame, Chameleon
  4. EITC Shop!

    Sorry evryone, its actually taken alot longer than what we thought to do all these orders. We're really sorry for all the inconvinience and delays we have caused
  5. EITC Shop!

    ATTENTION Sorry everyone, we've actually had to kick the player who set this page up out of the guild. We requested he delte the page, but he hasnt yet done so. We'll try to complete as many of the orders as possible - were really sorry for the inconvinience. Sorry Everyone, again! PM Lady_Night to cancel your order or to ask how its going. Please DONT post any other orders on this topic, thanks
  6. Mod abuse

    Ok, I can understand ur a bit annoyed kanver, but the thing is that some of ur comments werent really nesecary or however u spell it. You were warned that you were going to get muted for 20 minutes, and you commented yet again. 20 minutes isnt long, and it wouldnt hurt for u to get off the computer in that time if uve got nothing else to do. Lets face it, most of us could use some excercise after sitting here for ages. Dont quit el - its a great time, and just because you got muted doesnt mean its the end of the world - i mean what, is ur computer going to break down because u got muted? no offence, it sounds pretty stupid to be quitting over being muted for 20 mins which is a really short time to me.
  7. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    All songs by Beyonce & Jess Mauboy (They're awesome!!)
  8. EITC EAST IRIDIA TRADING COMPANY For EITC's Website, click here! EITC is a friendly, helpful and mature guild with a keen business sense. We're not one of those guilds where you have to sell items to the guild master for a cheaper price, and we're not a scam guild. We welcome all in with open arms, and we have a shop for our guild. We all chip in to help the shop run smoothly, and we all get some of the gc back. WANT TO JOIN? Cool!! EITC would love you to join, but a couple of conditions apply: 1)Skill of 20 required (Not oa) 2)Must be mature and non-abusive (We dont really want slang wars over gm thanks) PM Lady_Night or RasberryBeard to join!! Edited post per rule #7 http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=13949 (It would be nice if people could actually read it)
  9. Selling Titanium Ore

    All titanium ore sold to Riky. Please remove this post, thanks.
  10. ZdeanZ locked?

    Thankyou so much!!!!
  11. ZdeanZ locked?

    we moved earlier this year. Other chars have been chaching and peachy, those were my other chars that i havent been able to get back on anymore. I am talking about august and september, and even just today, deano's first post in this thread is from a different location. We're in different rooms and on different computers, but on the same internet network
  12. ZdeanZ locked?

    we moved earlier this year. Other chars have been chaching and peachy, those were my other chars that i havent been able to get back on anymore.
  13. ZdeanZ locked?

    Lately my characters have been getting banned. I think I know why this is. My brother (He's accounts are zDeanz and all the rest) and I share the same internet connection because we live in the same house. The reason why we've created a couple of chars is because i think 1 or 2 yrs ago el stopped working on our computer, it wasnt able to keep el on there 4 some reason. We've forgotten our passwords to our old accounts, and need to make new ones. Could you please unban our characters? it would be a massive favour to ask, but i swear u wont hear anything bad from us, i promise. If we can only have our main chars unlocked/unbanned, could I please have Chameleon back? You can delete kelbyanna, i just made that one so i can find out what was happening. Thanks, Kelsy