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  1. Selling: Serpent Stone

    auction is off, didnt get price i wanted
  2. Vallath - Fate

    To everyone who who can't yet or won't forgive me..I abesolutely understand that and I totally deserve what the EL community give me. I promise that I won't EVER lie, cheat, scam, bj, or any other bad things EVER again. I'm just going to lay low for awhile and hope in time everyone forgives me for my really stupid mistake. I really do promise that nothing like this will ever happen again - though you probably won't take my word for it, after this whole stuff up on my account. I am going to offer the *EL* guild anything they want from my storage in a token of hardship of what they had to endure, because of my stupid and....if *EL* need help anytime or need something done I will always help them no matter what I am doing at the time and assist in any way I can, to both better and hopefully try to rebuild our friendships - thats even if they want my help ever again. Thanks ~Fate
  3. Selling: Serpent Stone

    Update: Bid amounts now lowered to 200gc incredments Can also PM me ingame for your bid! =)
  4. Vallath - Fate

    Like I said, I totally deserve everything that anybody says to me. And if anybody forgives me out of kindness ---> then I shouldn't deserve it because I fucked up baaaaaaaaaaad.
  5. Vallath - Fate

    To the EL community Yes, it is true that I did fake the logs and spread around that Vallath was a scammer, bagjumper, lier etc. It was not his fault that I died and that I wrongly accused him for something he did not do. Vallath deserves better than this, he is a good man. I now understand that all Vallath was doing was trying to help a fellow player and because of this, he has been branded as a bad scammer - which should be cleared immediately - and as a bagjumper which he has never done. I feel really bad and miserable for what I have done. I am the lier, dick, idiot, whatever you want to call me and I truly deserve it. My actions it seems, has lead to the Vallath being booted out of *EL* and friendships have been tarnished. I want to apologse deeply to not only Vallath, but to also the *EL* guild leader, Inferno, the other guild members of *EL* and the EL community for my lying, sneaky behaviour that has ruined friendships and to put back together again takes a long time to heal. I do hope that Vallath, Inferno and *EL* can understand how much I want to turn back time and wish this never happened. I also want to say sorry to my guildmaster, Snowdragon, because I have lied to him as well . I beg for forgiveness from *EL* , Inferno, but mostly from Vallath because I now know what this has caused him and I can't even express how sorry I am for him. So I now ask for: Vallath: Inferno: *EL*: Snowdragon: The EL community: To forgive me and to please, just please give me another chance. I really am sorry for what I have done and I know that I don't deserve it - if ever - but I can't express anymore how sorry I am. :( :( I don't expect forgiveness so easily, nor any forgiveness at all and I totally deserve that, or whatever fate has install for me. Hopefully this will be forgotten and there will be no more issues. Thanks for hearing me out.. Again, I am sorry for my action ~Fate
  6. are there no more caped invasions or smthn?

    Well said, but in my opinion, capped invasion are the best for me now, cuz I know that I actually stand a chance in whatever is in the invasion. But as well as saying that..it can all change when people get their a/d levels a bit higher, wanting to get more exp, better gc etc. But also there are out there people who only think for themselves, not letting a newbie get their chance on leveling up a few, experienceing the thrill of an invasion and want the invasion suited for THEM. Greediness and Selfishness is very common. Naming no names here ~Fate
  7. Selling: Serpent Stone

    Hey everyone, I managed to find a serpent stone whilst harvesting and I don't really need it so I'll going to auction it off: Starting bid: 6K Bid Incrediments of: 200gc Whoever has the highest bid at the end wins! Good luck =) I can take offer off anytime i want Auction ends on the 10th January 8:00pm GTM +7 Thankyou =)
  8. baned in login

    1st. Why don't you pull your head in, and start being/talking sensible instead of being immature? 2nd. Haven't you ever heard of the word "sorry"? It could help...
  9. Real Life Imitating EL

    ^_^ lmao! good one. Nice find
  10. All SkillZ FTW!!!

    No more posts please, since it's only me working for the business and no one wants to join, I have decided to close down All SkillZ FTW!!! So please no more messageing anymore. Unless someone wants to join, I will be having this topic locked. ONLY post on here or pm me ingame if you want to join. All new orders will be ignored. Thanks... Fate
  11. All SkillZ FTW!!!

  12. Kilaran Fields

    rofl, I just stared at it for about 5 seconds thinkin "wtf" then it hit me and I was still chuckling 5 minutes afterwards =D Nice one
  13. All SkillZ FTW!!!

    All SkillZ FTW!!! is back open for business! Also now looking for any full or part timers who want to earn a bit of gc. pm me ingame or post on here for any questions or applicants.
  14. Storage sale

    Offer for os 39K cancelled
  15. All SkillZ FTW!!!

    Updated some armour. Added minerals/Crystals w/ prices!!