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  1. Today Terrorist plot by airplane

    www.cnn.com front page or http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/08/10/us.security/index.html if you don't feel like reading it it say all bottles must be remove from carry on. these are shampoo, wines, beverages like coke , water bottle and etc
  2. a funny thing i heard

    I heard from my friend when his grandpa first time saw a toliet seat and didn't know what it is so He wore it around his neck thinking it was a necklace. He wore the toliet seat around his neck for a year.
  3. The mac can run windows program. Will EL work ?
  4. who want to comment on it ? I sure will like one. for my christmas present. http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/04/18/traffic.c...r.ap/index.html
  5. funny thing I did in real life.

    You see there was a 1 periond substitute teacher car who park in the third period teacher parking space. and I saw a note that say "Please do not park here" and I who hated my 5 period teacher and I wrote after the word here. "you !@#$% sub teacher" and wrote my 5th period teacher name on the note. and the next day in the morning , 3rd period , I had a sub teacher and 5th period I had a sub teacher . These 3rd and 5th period teachers , what I heard was that they got suspended leave with out pay for 1 week. Is that funny or what ? I am a funny man.
  6. this site has products price of zero . how odd ???? http://www.thetriathletestore.com/SearchRe...?CategoryID=411 input on this thread if you agreed with me. or anything .
  7. can you believe this ? i can't

    read it and comment on it. please . http://www.cnn.com/2006/EDUCATION/02/09/se...s.ap/index.html
  8. who here turn their heater to 45 F when it is snowing outside ? just so they could save heating bills for the winter. any one ?
  9. Big storage sale :)

    i will buy of of them if you give me a 90% discount .
  10. Comp freezes?

    you have a memory leak . use "cacheman" www.outertech.com
  11. I am a mystery shopper.

    beware !!!!! today i made $100 doing a mystery shopper location. The store was not compliant . The store had 100 not compliants on the location. the store was dusty , smelly , and the cashier was not in uniform so i had to take a lot of points off for it. Best job i ever took . any one work in mystery shopper ?
  12. What Event Do You Prefer?

    i prefer star trek questions and answers .
  13. Joining Polar Bear Swimming Team Is Cool

    no no i join a group of people who swim in very cold water ( 1 degree Fah water )
  14. How Do I Make A Lot Of Gold In El ?

    so selling fruit for 0.6 gp is bad ??
  15. Why Was I Banned

    no no he say so listen